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    1. @llcooljay520 “This is not a way of life at all, in any true sense. Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron.” President Eisenhower, The Chance for Peace. 1953. Let those disappointed in the end of war call him a coward.

    2. Biden took a knee to impress the Taliban — >Social media users have criticized President Joe Biden in the past for taking a knee and have linked him to a social justice movement started by now-former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick – kneeling during the national anthem. Biden took a knee when he saw an American flag USA TODAY Joe Biden took a knee during the national anthem at a campaign visit in Miami. In July, USA TODAY also reported about Biden kneeling during a meeting with Israeli official

    3. @Mark Johnstone Joe Biden refered to his black senior advisor, Cedric Richmond, as “boy” during a FEMA conference. No man wants to be called “Boy ” we all hate that. What do you expect from a Democrat.

    1. @Joe Mama Amazon, Wal Mart, Google, Apple, Microsoft are actually corporations, not rich Americans. The majority of wealthy Americans are Republicans. Of the 50 richest families, 28 mainly donate to Republicans, only 7 contribute mainly to Democrats. And 15 support both parties. The Walton family(Walmart) traditionally donate to Republicans. So there is that. The top 10 richest families:
      1) Walton – Republican
      2) Koch – Republican
      3) Mars – Republican
      4) Cargill-MacMillan – Republican
      5) Johnson (Fidelity) -Republican
      6) Hearst -Republican
      7) Cox – Democrat
      8) Pritzker – Both
      9) Johnson (S C Johnson) – Republican
      10) Duncan – Republican

      So 8 of the 10 are solid Republican, 1 solid Democrat, 1 both.

    2. @Keith Edmonds so these you put here some are corporate also and koch is Democrat. Very bad list. Where you get that from CNN?

    3. @Keith Edmonds the corporation’s I mentioned because I don’t know every owners name. Bezos Democrat. But you can’t be both. You can give money to both that’s why both parties are corrupt. Both sides bought by corporations. I’m neither.

    1. @Chaser of the Light I asked you a easy to answer question. Please answer it. How does the Mass Migration of illegals help the American Black man ?

    2. @Chaser of the Light How does the unrestricted out of control printing of money helping Americans on fixed incomes. Produce has Doubled in Price over the last six months ? Gasoline is $ 4.65 a gallon where I live. Inflation , recession ,depression. ?

  1. The real reason the Republicans are mad, it is not because Americans were left behind, it because non white Americans and afghans were rescued..

    1. The F card! I don’t want to argue with you or try and change your mind, but I also don’t want to share a country with you either.

    1. @Dolores Reynolds Also true. My point is that many people don’t take health advice seriously (especially with trending misinformation)

  2. Finally the debacle brought to you by W. and his band of warmongers is over. This war was never justified. You don’t invade a nation state to fight a small band of terrorists, you use covert operations.

  3. Trump supporters cry about the Afghans we left there but when asked if they could come here they are against it. The hypocrisy.

    1. @w kahn
      “Lied” about what, exactly?? Please~Be~Specific–don’t just toss out incendiary accusations that you cannot corroborate..
      Both Afghani civilians and U.S. soldiers died as a result of the bombing attack. About what part of this incident did he allegedly “lie”, and how did any statements made by Pres. Biden cause anyone’s death, since doing so would **have to** mean that he had foreknowledge of an impending bomb attack?? Again–be soecific…not just vitriolic..

    2. @Wayne Wright The Biden Crime Families LIES are all documented on Hunter’s LAPTOP..
      Where is Colonel Vindmann and Adam Schiff’s Whistleblower?
      Nancy Pelosi and her Democrats wanted Trump impeached
      over a PHONE CALL

    3. @w kahn
      Sooooo–you essentially have nothing substantive that you can point to as an example of actual criminal or ethical wrongdoing on the part of Pres. Biden?? All you have to keep repeating are a lot of hot air sloganisms. Well, I have dinner to prepare, and this one-sided convo with your accusatory slogans is a circular waste of time & words..Ciao..👋👋👋

    4. @lucky3026 Lucky My criticism of Mr Biden is unfortunately based on facts. Yours is based on hope that he may possibly still rescue the thousands he left behind.
      As for not blaming Mr Trump. That is the one person he actually has the right to apportion some of the blame to..

    1. Without wars, a huge chunk of the US economy drops. The USA need wars, preferably far from home, to justify huge defense, tech and research budgets, drawn from your pocket and pouring into corrupt ones. To bring this to an end, you need moocho muscle and thick kevlar around your chest!

    2. @Management Consulting it’s governments and elites who make the wars, then they send our boys halfway around the world and the powers that be sit in their ivory towers, safe.

    3. @Richard Batchelder there was a “police action” in Vietnam from 1954–1975. I wonder if that’s counted since it was called a police action, probably not.

    4. 67, same here. Only brief 2 years when Clinton was in office and the military industrial complex Eisenhower warned about, screwed that

  4. You can not force political ideas and belief system to another people or country. And that’s what the US tried to do and the power in DC and military contractors had to keep the money coming in. And when were we going to leave if not now when. The withdraw was ten years over due, and even though the pullout was chaotic what military withdraw is not. Biden unlike the three former administration failed to do.

  5. Admiral Mullen was right, we should have left Afghanistan 10 years ago. Don’t listen to the war mongers or war profiteers who own loads of stock in defense contracting companies.

    1. @aegisgfx Agreed, just add Afghanistan to a VERY long list of countries the US should have never interfered with, starting with Mohammad Mossadeq of Iran etc etc… and then they whine about parts of the world not liking them!

  6. Two trillions in Iraq senseless war, two trillions more for no-plan war in Afghanistan would be more than enough to fund the infrastructure building for the US that can last 50 years.

    1. Never mind that Biden has his been involved with this war as a senator and 8 year Vice President and he still couldn’t get us out any better than he did. It’s like moving, you first throw everything outside the house then you order the moving van. Everybody knows that’s the way you do it. Lol

    2. @aegisgfx “…China…”?! ROTFL. Sure pal. If any nation is currently deemed as being looked up to, it’d be Germany.

    3. @aegisgfx widdle donnie played right into China’s hand by pulling out of the Paris accords and belittling the danger of of the Covid – 19 pandemic which is STILL convincing his minions that (his vaccine ) people shouldn’t get vaccinated. The leadership that the USA had exercised has now shifted to Communist China. Meanwhile every card carrying Republican demonizes anything that Democrats try to do for regular people. Pitiful.

  7. I was a hardcore Republican voter , but after year one we didn’t leave I changed , I’m still registered as right but due to local elections ,the party hasn’t allowed a Democratic party here since the 70s so it still lets me vote local , but I wouldn’t say I’m left but most of my views are and I guess I have that to thank to a 20 year war ,it opened my eyes and heart. Also it really messes with trumpalumpkins that I’m registered Republican and voted biden by mail lmao!

  8. I’m glad Joe Biden brought up the endless deployments, 2, 3 or even 4 deployments we put our troops through with the war in Afghanistan; that was the main news story for years. How quickly they forget!

  9. That 2 trillion that could have been used here on our infrastructure and other issues. UNBELIEVABLE ! Then they got the nerve to complain about Biden’s 3 plus trillion American rescue plan. Sometimes this country makes me sick, but it is still better than other nations.

    1. except that spending bill will inflate the economy even more then it already is and make everything more exspensive then it already is. while they use most of it to fund more ways to divide the people even more by race and political views. do you not realize how scary these ppl are running are country and what there doing?

  10. I left SC barely a day before Hurricane Irma with my small dog, a purse and two suitcases. I had barely cleaned up from Hurricane Matthew. It was not as bad as Louisiana today though. I can just witness this tragedy and imagine the survival challenges. At 71 my nerves could not handle it. Blessings to my Reggie family there and all others.

    1. even if thats true they should of went about it better. biden says it was an unexpected outcome? thats the biggest cap ive heard in my life he knew what would happen months ago and he still did it. and if he really didnt know then hes literally senial

    1. @VAVRO That issue is above my pay grade Sir. I believe I only commented on his interview, and not an specific portion of it. I only said it was one of the best I’ve seen. Not that I agree or disagree with the content is not up for discussion.

    2. @VAVRO The equipment that we SOLD TO AFGHANISTAN was not ours to take. On the other hand, we left the vast majority of it unusable.

    3. @Dolores Reynolds sold to whom exactly, the Afghan president who ran off the next day? The “usability” of the Arsenal that was left behind remains to be seen but something tells me it won’t be a pretty sight…

    4. @mountman01 I don’t know who he represents. That was not the point of my comment. I have no idea of the intricacies of any of it. I merely pointed out that it was a good interview.

  11. When Desert Shield was going on, I with my son were at the Orlando Arena sitting in the farthest up two seats to watch the Magic play against the Chicago Bills. The announcer came on to announce that we were now into Desert Storm & asked for a couple of minutes of silence, of prayers. A completely packed house hushed and tears fell from my eyes. When will we ever learn?

    1. Neat story. The democrats abandoned the floor for the moment of silence honoring the 13 service members and innocent afghan children Biden just murdered

    2. @Noeleen Barry

      The liars in the criminal Republican Party: Crybaby false grievances.
      Unhinged false accusations,
      crackpot lies,
      sleazy slanders,
      superstitious snake oil.
      That’s all they got.

      Useless clowns
      Kick every Republican out of office

    3. @Surfing soul Is dead if you’re dead, how can you comment? Amazing you neglect to mention all the other presidents murders. Including the last one who murdered Americans due to incompetence. He’s the one who surrendered to the Taliban, not Biden. Biden has had to clean up All 45’s messes.
      Too many people have to blame the wrong person because of a cult of personality. Y’all act like 45 was God

  12. Well if we’re all in it as a “Country Together” then a 10% Wealth Tax to get 1% & Corporate Elites (>30M) to pay their Fair Share should help with recovery from this tragic hurricane event and other Income Inequality related issues (debt burden, infrastructure, R&D, education, health care, etc.)!!! That are long, long, long overdue in the USA…

  13. Does anyone remember General Swartzcoff, he said that if we got involved that we would be like a dinosaur stuck in a tar pit! There’s your answer 20 yrs of loss

    1. I don’t think the private contractors employed by Bush & Cheney care much what Schwarzkopf thought then or thinks now.

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