Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: August 9th | MSNBC 1

Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: August 9th | MSNBC


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    1. @skalyuzhny Thanks for your perspective. And for treating me like a human. You’re wrong about YT censorship. As you can probably tell, I’m very, very careful to not cross lines. I had two accounts suspended and YT didn’t even give me a warning. For my last account, everything I wrote got erased. Even “I agree with you.” would get erased. People would write things like “Why don’t you storm the capitol so you get shot dead.” I would respond “Are you making a death threat?” and MY response was the one that got erased! No, I’m not a victim. If I wrote “I hope every republican gets covid and dies a horrible death”, YT would not censor that. There are times when I might be in the wrong, but I’m careful to not break rules. Or to make anyone feel bad because not cruel. When YT flags your account, their intent is to make it impossible for you to post. That’s censorship. I guess it’s like racism- if you haven’t experienced it personally, you may not think it exists

    2. @skalyuzhny As for sticking in my lane and only watching The Hill, what’s the point? I have no interest in an echo chamber. Opinions should be challenged. I’m learning that a fundamental trait of the new Left is that anyone with a different opinion is seen as the enemy. Be it a Russian, or Q, or an anti-vaxxer, a Klan member, a secret Trump troll, etc. The msm (CNN, MSNBC) does not have the right to go unchallenged. That’s fascism. Ignoring Biden’s shortcomings as president and obsessing over Orange Man is not acceptable. Shifting the conversation from Cuomo to Gaetz is not acceptable. Saying red states deserve to die is not acceptable. If you consider what I’m doing to be trolling, I guess that’s your right. But that’s not how I see myself. Have a nice day

    3. @Stefan Jakubowski I meant you go to the toilet and pick up your brain to find the correct Rachel’s court case sued by Congress Nunes.

    4. @milomilo55 Are you destroying Amendment#1: FREEDOM OF SPEECH? Sorry what you said is unamerican or you live in communist country and don’t have that right protected by our constitution. Also, do you know: MSNBC = MSDNC???

    5. @bryan bui oh, the cow guy, who sues everyone and gets thrown out of court, whose lawyers gets slammed to pay for frivolous law suit
      That Nunes
      so you blame others because you are too incompetent to actually state what you are talking about
      Oh, you ARE Nunes aren’t you

  1. How a country like USA voted to a man like trump .
    It’s beyond.
    And the guy wouldn’t believe that he lost.
    It’s normal ,because the unbelievable become believable.
    I’m under shock since he became president of USA.
    I thought it was a jock.
    But unfortunately yes this stupid person was leading the world.
    He’s a joke.

    1. The out right hate propaganda directed at Hillary and others convinced the GOP voters that TRUMP was their great white hope. The only hope. “The only one who could fix it”. It is so fascinating to study the manipulation and devices used here. The Mitch money pay offs are astounding too. So much is happening behind the scenes that would turn the stomach if it were understood, as with intelligence. No wonder so many are turned and so many are sickened by the rot. We, the People need some intelligent speakers who can articulate, and still maintain the attention of enough of the easily bored masses. If we think we know, we are better to be the first to have doubt.

  2. Rachel we really missed you. A whole week without you was like a full year. Your point of view matters more than you can possibly know.

    1. @Stefan Jakubowski Go find your brain in the toilet to see the fake news Rachel spread out about Congressman Nunes.

    2. @Mary Lynne wrong case. Go find your brain in the toilet to see the fake news she spread out about Congressman Nunes.

    3. @Mary Lynne What you got from Rachel is BS…then crying all the way to the toilet to find your lost brain

    4. There are a tremendous amount of functionally illiterate idiots out there that have problems understanding Rachel ‘s analysis. They do not have the required educational background to do so. It’s a pity.

  3. Referring all of this to DOJ “SHOULD” result in legal actions against the orange-a-tan but, as history shows clearly, he is never held accountable. There’s always a snag or consideration or flaw or something and he skates away enabled.

    1. I call him the magarrhoid orangutan but that might just be an insult to orangutans. The orange-a-tan seems more appropriate.

  4. Are they going to get all this before the January 6th select committee and expose all the congressional members, federal and state, that plotted against the United States of America?

    1. That is what needs to be done. Anyone, and everyone, who attempted to work with trump on overturning the election needs to be dragged in front of the select commitee. Anyone who abused a government function to contribute to a seditious conspiracy needs to be put in prison forever.

    2. @Elliott Boomsluiter everyone voted for Biden needs to go to jail for voting for a pervert… Every BLM and Antifa Nazi’s needs jail top rioting and looting and dummy only person killed was a patriot … Get ready for the conspiracy coup about to come.. TDS is real so is democrats racist….

    3. @Elliott Boomsluiter you and your government needs jail and are being jailed as we speak the jail you plan for Patriots will be the jail you rot in…

  5. Don’t forget the man Trump put in charge of the postal service who slowed down the mail to untimely slowdown mail in ballots.

    1. @S C YEP! I use “CAPS” too, to emphasize what I am saying or trying to get into people’s FAT HEADS?! LOL 😀

  6. I understand that Clark showed his letter around the DOJ, proving that he was in a conspiracy to overthrow the election. Why didn’t anybody call the FBI and get Clark arrested?

    1. FOR 1 THEY’RE all RACIST COWARDS….like Rosen….Pal ….Kemp and all REPUBLICANS who KNEW but withheld it til now…..I think EVERY POLITICIAN has an ADVERSARY ON THE OTHER SIDE THAT LEAKS & or whisper in their ear….which MEANS a LOT of them knew or heard about it…..imo

    2. @Martha Harnish YES.. exactly.. I posted this last night, but it seems appropriate to comment the same here .. What I find SO infuriating .. well ONE of the things .. Is this: All the people who KNEW about this .. and WERE SILENT ! Didn’t say anything at the time.. didn’t make a peep during the impeachment hearings .. Those who stay silent, knowing of the crime, are complicit !

  7. Just saying- seems to me that if a certain segment of people tell you that the stock market is more important than grandma, they might not be your best choice for information to keep your children as safe as possible..

  8. The Trump DOJ was well below the “barf” when it drafted the letter. The letter states an opinion without citing specific details of facts.

    1. Like the Ukraine fraud, Trump was not interested in making any case. He just wanted an investigation announced.
      Another one of Trump’s frauds. Trump needs to be aggressively prosecuted for fraud, especially the big lie. The fines from his relentless wire fraud and racketeering offenses just in the past eight months will bankrupt him forever, and send him to prison for 25 years, and we won’t hear any of his lies until he is dead, when he will be permanently disgraced. We will have the last word.

  9. And Conald Caligula told us he would do this. “Must be fraud if I don’t win.” “Stand back and stand by!” Next time arrest the candidate on the spot!

    1. When Trump said that order in front of the world to hear. Was an explicit public declaration of being the chief and commander of his brown shirts. An open threat on democracy and the American people that few were willing to point out as proof of the dangerous threat he represents. Downplaying Trump by Biden and the many media and politicians is equivalent to downplaying the pandemic . Just like Trump did with the virus with Trump America did.

  10. I am so ready to hear that Trump and his bunch are behind bars. Am so sick of knowing what they’ve done and not having anything happen to them. No consequences for them it seems.

    1. The slow motion assault on democracy is a strategy of shock and awe . there has been so many assaults on the rule of constitutional law by the GOP , Trump and his cabinet that the courts can’t by the way had been chained keep up with it. The journalists themselves can’t hardly keep up with the storm of systematic dismantling of the establishment’s apparatus of safeguards. Trump was an excellent distractor divider in behalf of the GOP assault on democracy. Bannon was honest when he announced that the Trump adm. was the beginning of the end of the administrative state. They advanced in that goal significantly.

  11. Its so wonderful to see all the MAGATS tuning in like clock work when it was announced she’d be returning…Lol
    Enjoy MAGATS Enjoy.

  12. Imagine if Al Gore was 1/10000th of a big baby as Trump, back in 2000, when the election actually WAS stolen…

    1. For Gore I would have stormed the Capitol but my passport had expired at the time and well I don’t like to travel in the US at any time.

    2. The world would be an entirely different planet and a better one than it is now if mr. Gore had been rightfully recognized as the elected president in 2000.

  13. This is very scary. The idea that the integrity of our country’s government potentially rested on the moral decisions of just a couple people…

    1. That is the consequence of the systematic assault on the rule of law by the hands of the GOP and those behind the years of legislative chains and locks on the constitution. Democracy is in danger of becoming an extinct species.

    2. @ilovejesus you are wrong. The coup is ongoing. It has been a gradual , slow motion and painful struggle between the wealthy with his many allies and instruments of power in a systematic, daily but determined replication of the playbook of fascism. Calls to violence and assaults are the new normal by the GOP politicians. Defiant challenges to Congress became the normal with Trump demanding absolute immunity. The streets of the us were invaded by brown fascists armed on long weapons and threatening the politicians of the DNC with even kidnapping attempts. Trump organized his brown shirts ordering them to stand by and stand back. The protests were weaponized and satanized infiltrating them to appear violent. It is in action on a daily basis. The strategy is to overwhelm the present status quo old guardrails in order to undermine the establishment of the new deal state. It isn’t easy for many and most to comprehend this but it is a fact. Fascism is real and it is in the process of becoming normal. The normalization of a daily assault on the norms of political correctness and polite behaviour by calling to violence by the representatives of the GOP on the platforms. The 01/06 event actors and promoters are on the open challenging what has been on real live tv and still free makes it an unbelievable thing just 4 years ago. The Trump campaign broke the normality of the past period to become a new normal the calls to violence and kidnappings and brutality as part of the daily life in this nation. Absurd that this nation adapted to criminality as if it’s ok. All because the GOP made Trump untouchable and gave him permission to break the law constantly. The GOP broke the nation and is in danger of getting worst.

    3. @ilovejesus your better movie is going to have a tragic ending for the followers of such lies. Trump will pay and his wealthy friend as well. His poor ignorant followers are useless cannon fodder without value for most of concern sensible and rational people but more for Trump and friends.

  14. This was the orange baby depending on his followers being sheep. Get someone to agree and the rest will follow. That’s how he started; he hired people as props for his first rallies and sure enough the sheep fell into step just like he knew they would.

  15. GEORGIA: once again, thank you!!
    STACY ABRAMS: thank you!
    Now let’s “clean house” and get the traitors and criminals into the courts, because JUSTICE MATTERS!

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