Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: December 1 | MSNBC 1

Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: December 1 | MSNBC


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Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: December 1 | MSNBC


    1. @John N. So you just enjoy lying huh? You seem to forget all of the Trump supporting “counter” protestors at those supposed “riots”. Or the murderous terrorists that were plotting to kidnap that governor recently. It’s a good thing Trump supporters are just so bad at doing anything that they pretty much immediately got caught and shut down. You people are just natural losers I guess

    2. @zhuull1 Trump counter-protestors never looted, murdered, rioted, or committed arson. Fact. The alleged kidnappers were entrapped by the FBI. Many were pro-ANTIFA and anti-Trump. But I’m sure you didn’t know that because you’re here on MSNBC.

    3. His cult deserve to lose everything they own if they are that ignorant. As hard of times we’re having who can afford to give this grifter all that money…. trump needs to be jailed.

    1. Because ti for profit healthcare insurance corporations have billions to pay legislators and tv time to keep people from having universal healthcare! The Oligarchs put up
      A billion to keep Bernie Sanders from winning the nomination

    1. @Juli Grlee Off the hook for what? I haven’t done anything to require de-hooking. (Believe it or not, most of us go by the old “content of character” thing).

    2. @John N. Well, you are half way there. Show me the content of character. Don’t spew BS about content of character. I’ll know content of character when I see it. I haven’t seen much of that lately.

  1. Glad everything worked out well for Rachel and Susan, you could tell Rachel was scared and my heart went out to her! Wear your masks _AND STAY FAR AWAY FROM ANYONE WHO REFUSES!_

    1. If Republicans who are convinced that the Corona virus is a hoax. & don’t want to wear masks, practice social distancing or get the vaccine, then I say let them. But they also shouldn’t be allowed to get any medical treatment when they come down with the virus.

    1. @The Supreme Leader I know the fact the think it’s bad! I support good people, who know how to think critically!

    1. @A. Munoz I agree with most but I do not think he is a very good businessman legit or otherwise. I know bankruptcies can be advantageous in the right circumstances especially as tax write-offs, and loans can be manipulated with refinance and loan-bundling, etc. The fact is the financial and real estate communities in NY especially in Manhattan have known about his tricks since the 80s. There is a whole prequel of this with trump’s dad and Harry Helmsley the hotel guy that involved, mob money and strong arm tactics to move in on established building contractors in the middle with licensing and loan chicanery. His heavy handed often ignorant style warned off many but those stupid enough to be fooled by his hype and were primed with his tv shtick. All in all he’s no Bernie Madoff, Marc Dreier, Charles Ingram, and others. It’s just he had a whole lot of suckers just waiting for someone like trump to lead them to fascism.

    2. @Ben Carson all of AMERICA has answered your question with all mighty “YES! tRump you’re FIRED!” Barr even proved it was a legit victory.

  2. “Givе me ten years, and you will not recognize Germany anymore!”
    ― Adolf Schicklgruber @ last election slogan, 1933

    1. Well there’s the problem right there, he heard 10 so trump though he could do it in six.

    2. @Ionor Rea’s Tragicomic Channel – Is this *”Name That Tune (in the fewest notes)”* or *”Spot The Economic Collapse”* in the fewest tRump months?.

    3. Exactly why New Yorkers saw this coming. My grandmother was in Manhattan during the 1933 Madison Square Garden Nazi rallies.

  3. His cult deserve to lose everything they own if they are that ignorant. As hard of times we’re having who can afford to give this grifter all that money…. trump needs to be jailed.

    1. That’s what makes this so sad. Most of Trump’s supporters are poor, uneducated whites who already have it tough as it is… and they’re being conned into giving their money away for Trump to use as he pleases..

    1. @Betty simon George W put together the pandemic response team for just such an event as Covid-19. It was used for SARS and Ebola. The one you think should rule the world eliminated the teams who’s job it was to identify, isolate and contain potential threats. It went around the world because of his negligence and stupidity so yes I think he is responsible.

    2. @Barry Ulrich ya all are the ones who give him the power,look at your ignorant commits,trump is a murder, trump controls Russia, trump does this Trump does that. You people gave him all this power.lmfao

    3. @Barry Ulrich it went around the would because it’s a virus you idiots just like the flu, and if masks work why are people wearing masks getting sick DUH

  4. He’s set to take all the money he can from dimwitted supporters. He did before and they’ll help him do it again.

    1. Trump is far from the first or creator of this. The party of Reagan pretty much started this. White Evangelical pastors keep it alive for personal gain. All of it is coming from the Republican party. The real trick will come when Biden is in office. I suspect Dems will be shocked when Biden runs to the rescue of the elite Republican old guard. When I was in high school, thinking about what my future career path should be…Something said to me, I should be looking into political science. That’s where the money is. Of course, I didn’t listen. I hate politicians. They are all in it for the money. When they are not just in it for the money, you never hear from those people.

  5. Trump made 170 million dollars off of his suckers!
    They say there’s a sucker born every day, but this is getting ridiculous!

    1. And all that follow him now will buy his book he is planning to write ( having someone else state all his lies and assumptions down) his new million dollar venture!

    1. Oscar Award for the biggest con man in the White House ever he needs one more week then he will be the Biggest Con man in history

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