1. There was no enforcement They didn’t not care. To be clear I am a hard core conservative. What happen on the capitol was condemned. Trump did not do this. Trump never said to rage the capitol. We see the public media. Or the smart people I should say. What about the allowed the blm protests in the summer where they burned down federal buildings… that’s okay tho

    2. @Stone Men As opposed to the dispicable useless, lying, cheating Trump?

      Have you forgotten Trump saying more that a full YEAR ago…. ‘IT WILL GO AWAY IN 15 DAYS’ and WHO SOLD the stock of PPE from WHITEHOUSE.

      STAY with reality, good lad, IF you can!

    3. @Michael Mooney Are you going to be STUPID all of your life? Stupidity is one thing but to then parade it for all to see on a public forum is a different league altogether.

      Where is your pride, man?

  1. If the senators congressmen of the GOP can not vote to convict after hearing these police call for help during the insurrection then they should resign instead. It’s clear to all of us what happened. Trump is a traitor and he should be impeached convicted whatever.

    1. @Danaman62 you gotta keep track remember Trump had sign that last stimulus $600.00 relief checks not Biden.

    2. @smart knucklehead That’s exactly what I said Knucklehead. JoeBiden said we should have $2000.00. That’s the $1400.00 they are working on now. $1400.00 plus $600.00 we already received. Equals to $2000.00

    3. @Danaman62 why are you wasting your messages. Obviously his name speaks volumes. Why would you expect knucklehead to understand basic math? This person is a typical Trumpkin head supporter.👎😜

  2. The United States of America is presently under attack from one of it’s two major political parties. Cruz, Paul, Hawley, Greene represent the faces of the clearly dishonorable and traitorous GOP. If other GOP members remain cowardly , continue to put party at any cost over country, do not “do the right thing” by voting against Trump, there is a real, perhaps even imminent threat of extreme social unrest as the vile underbelly of American citizenry is emboldened and excused and renews it’s aggression on the rule of law and decency.

    1. Meanwhile, we all have forgotten that Joe Biden lied during the Georgian campaign for Senator Jon Ossoff and Senator Rev. Raphael Warnock regarding Americans needing help immediately in January 2021 of receiving $2,000 emergency checks. 😬

    2. @James Thomas They were white trump supporters, they put up with it for a little while, there lucky they left when they did.

    1. @smart knucklehead
      Just stop with the what aboutism! nothing holds up next to tRump’s inciting sedition. NOTHING The world is watching and we are unanimous in tRUMP’s guilt, GOP guilt.

  3. I saw this coming, before anything was changed. Dump was telling his wild crazy followers to follow him, don’t do your own rally. Trump needed to have all of the crazies available to do his work, his rioting, to be obedient to him. That’s what dictators demand.

  4. If ALL Senator’s don’t see how DEADLY trump’s words were to that crowd & find him GUILTY….
    then there is NO justice in the USA!

  5. Any senator having made a donation to Trump’s legal fee, like Senator Graham, should be disqualified from voting in the impeachment trial because of conflict of interest.

  6. still missing: a detailed examination of how installing Trump’s sycophants at DoD and Pentagon played into this.

  7. And that, people, is why I will always call 1/6 a terrorist attack. Not a protest, not a riot, no no no, a *terrorist attack.* And it’s also what I think of anyone who makes excuses for those terrorists.

  8. i still can’t understand how people sworn to protect the Constitution from enemies, foreign and domestic, would follow the man whose yellow-stained disdain for it, Democracy, and all of our laws

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