1. @Armandhammer For now it is optional, but they will attempt to eliminate online classroom learning, that is where this is heading. It is not about the risk and health of anyone it is about $$$.

    1. I agree. Teachers should have the opportunity to be vaccines. Children have always been viral spreader. Look at cold and flu seasons. With parents that are retrumplicans that don’t believe in ppe

    2. Well, we know from last year’s experiences that the older school kids are going to strictly IGNORE social distancing AND mask mandates while they are mingling in the hallways, so the only conceivable defense the teachers are going to have IS VACCINATION.

    1. Journalists are forced to resign all the time if they are caught fabricating a story, that’s because media outlets don’t want to get sued, look up Jayson Thomas Blair. He worked for the NY Times, I remember his name because at the time it was a huge deal.

    2. Maddow is not journalist she’s a Democrat Hack Muller Russia Papadopoulos Papadopoulos Muller Russia Russia and the Lies of Doctor Baby talk another FAKE Doctor

    3. @Andrew Cass Ok there cultist… Shouldn’t you be hiding from the FBI or something? The people on the right have ZERO CREDIBILITY to talk on this AND MANY, MANY, other topics for the foreseeable future so, please shush, the adults are talking. You need to sit at the kiddy table for a while until you can respect democracy and not be traitors.. Turn that critical “thinking” towards a mirror until we say you are done with time out.

  1. Common sense tells me an older teacher, near retirement age, and of color black or brown, with a risk factor of pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, heart or lung problems,… this teacher would be at great risk.

    1. Kids always got to have their immunization vaccine up to date to be at school. Now with virus infecting anyone all teachers should be vaccinated. After all everyone is enclosed building.

  2. I can respect her professional opinion, but why not just get vaccinated and STILL practice all the safeguards to attend school…..

  3. Have you ever been in a poor middle school class ? Playground ? Bus ? Better vaccinate drivers , kids , shop owners nearby etc . . .

    1. Correct, these people are thinking out of their rears ends. They obviously haven’t thought it all the way through!

  4. Canada’s schools have been opened and closed depending on the numbers of Covid cases.

    All kids are signed up for online. Schools reopen when the numbers go down. If they spike, kids go home and do online. Worked really well so far, since September

  5. Teachers are in contact in person with every single kid everyday so if the teacher brings it from home she will be the super spreader… Better to get teachers vaccinated. Common sense please …hello…..

  6. Hi Rachel glad to see fox are going to get sued over liyin about machine’s that counted votes I hate lyers and I hate fox and I live in UK it’s not hard to spot dupisatly

  7. Teachers are a precious and limited resource. We can’t afford to lose them or the kids! One question: has your kid ever come home with LICE? How well do they control that?

    1. Yep, my kids have brought home head lice and every flu and cold out there. Teachers are an aging population, they and their families DESERVE to be kept safe.๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’

    2. @EmilyB Bernard so it’s not about education it’s about your daycare. Pretty selfish to risk our children because u don’t have a sitter

  8. Most kids aren’t in school that’s why it is showing lower numbers! Not too mention high schools students are the ones more affected than elementary or middle school. I get a call at least 1-2 times a month of a covid positive case in my sons classes alone. I live in Florida. We are putting money ahead of health once again! My son is not catching it and bringing it home to me – I am high risk. We won’t even allow kids in school who haven’t been vaccinated for measles or chickenpox! Bad judgement call – school will be over in May – 4 months! Wait until people can get vaccinated. Common sense. Wtf?

    1. SMH. So tired of this. Kids especially after quarantine aren’t going to maintain distance or keep masks on all the time.

  9. Solar panels for everyone, subsidized by the power companies, generate jobs, stimulate the economy, and clean the air, anyone? Vaccinate the teachers period!

  10. I believe the funding the school gets depends on the property value surrounding the area. If this is true those schools who are on the lower property value scale will not receive proper funding for masks, hand sanitizers , and soap. We should vaccinate the teachers. Period. The rich kids in private schools will be fine but what about the rest?

  11. They follow all of that here in the UK and teachers and pupils are still catching the virus, not in large numbers but itโ€™s all has a knock affect, that is why schools are still on lockdown here.

    1. We’re idiots. They’d rather have someone risk their health so their kids can have social distancing socialization.

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