1. It is just a shame to see that a presidency has to end this way. I am raised in Germany and since I was young in the 80ties I was looking towards west and I embraced the US way of handling things. But since 2016 I feel that this is going down quicker than ever. I cross the fingers that the American people choose the right way and keep the peace in the country.

    1. @eliza washington , Daryl Johnson at Dept of Homeland Security warned about these radical groups in 2009. I just learned about it in an article on NBC News online. It鈥檚 an eye opener.

    2. @EbbN Flo I’m talking about terror cells not institutional racism. Also I’m not white, so kindly fuqq off, madam

    3. It is only a shame that even this impeachment may not remove him from office or the possibility of future political office.

  2. Land of the free…oh n home of the bullet proof vest if your a representative of the people? Wtf?

    1. That’s the purest sign of ‘American style freedom’. That you can execute your politicians whenever you feel like it.

  3. In the end, Trump takes everybody down. All those Republican’s that lied to their voters need to be afraid. You are no better than Trump. You literary wanted to steal the election. Watch those same people/voters turn on you. It’s just a matter of time. Republican’s, you reap what you sow…

  4. I know a lot of people say it as a joke, but this is what happens in a banana republic. Tweaking closer and closer to a autocratic tyranny. Trump doesn’t give a F about anyone but himself.

    1. @PJ fitter I dont need a president to tell me he loves me. I’d prefer he not, actually, and just do his job. I get some people feel a lack of love and therefore search for it in some really odd places. But a President is a super weird choice to go looking for a daddy.

    2. @PJ fitter I know that Biden cares about democratic rights. The same cannot be said about Trump without lying.

    3. @Stop Racism Yet he refused to activate the NG when much needed. Finally Pence did it , skipping the first link in the chain.
      Trump enjoyed the show a lot and said he loved the insurrectionists. You heard him. He praised the men and women chanting “Hang Mike Pence!”!They had brought a gallow with a noose. What do you think had happened had they found him? They wanted to take what? Hostages? Prisoners of war?

    1. @TruthSeeker08 Trumps r gonna see what its like to see Daddy get locked up. The way these people that supported him b bk stabbed by their Great leader who didn’t walk with them. He though I won’t go so I can’t b blamed for it.

    2. @TruthSeeker08 Trump doesn’t get paid. He doesn’t deserve it. Donny go get unemployment n food stamps or food pantries so he can see what people go thru. Or what its like to lose ur money, home or belongings. Eviction from the White house.

    3. @wuvlee no unemployment Bcz he was “FIRED”!!

  5. Narcissistic individuals one is incapable of learning. Its always someone else’s fault. Impeach and prosecute. He will have the distinction of twice impeached , first to be jailed.

    1. @IMPROV FILMS Dman. . . You represent tyranny, oppression and fear of the truth. You are the opposite of a free society.

    2. The vote count day and its details are required by the constitution. The entire mob committed seditious conspiracy by attempting to stop it by force, up to twenty years in prison for seditious conspiracy alone.

      They murdered a police officer during the commission of the felony of Seditious Conspiracy… Which adds the charge of felony murder onto anyone involved in the seditious conspiracy. Up to another twenty years or more depending upon the severity of the murder charge.

      If you we’re one of the idiots involved in that crime scene, your best bet is surrendering yourself and submitting as many details as you can remember to the FBI, before they arrest you and you face a lifetime in prison.

      Don’t know the years for insurrection, trespassing, looting brining weapons to the Capitol or attempted murder charges, or those for planting bombs, and building a noose while chanting to hang the vice President. I’m guessing its a bunch more felony charges, and god knows what in DC charges.

    3. @IMPROV FILMS Dman If you’re so scared, maybe you should leave the USA. Run now. Run fast, before “they” get ahold of you. I hear Mexico is nice this time of year. And you won’t even have to scale the border Wall, because your Marmalade Messiah forgot to build it!!!

    1. @Nobody Knows COMRADE, YOU ARE NEXT. 馃う鈥嶁檪锔
      BREAKING: GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to Introduce Articles of Impeachment Against Joe Biden on January 21 Over Abuse of Power

    2. @Nobody Knows Dennis Prager: Capitol Siege Was 鈥榁ile鈥 but Left鈥檚 Suppression of Free Speech Is Worse
      ‘The left in the United States is totalitarian’

  6. I grew up in a republican family at a time when there was less division among parts and my parents were open minded enough to vote for person over party if they felt the need to do so
    I am beyond sickened by what has happened to this party and will never vote Republican again

    1. @Nobody Knows But they did not vote him out. 74 MILLION of them voted for him. Republicans have been going down this path for way longer than 4 years.

    2. I’m glad you’re not mired in a cult of personality. Despite being a lifelong Democrat, I genuinely believe that 20, 30 years ago Republicans had values. Were they values that I ever agreed with? No, 0% of the time. But did they have them? Yes. What we have now looks like a dry husk of what the Republican party used to be.

    3. @vsedai I mean, the 81 million people who voted for the other candidate obviously voted him out. 74 is a really high number, sure–but it’s lower than 81.

    1. You are so stupid, how dare you you pile of trash. How smart to boast on someones disgrace you are a great person!

  7. He was just trying to slow things down . Hoping someone would think of how to bail him.out. didn’t work. Bye Donald .

  8. Donald J Trump Sept 2020… ” Can you imagine if I was to lose to that man”.
    Well yes and you did by over 7 million.

    1. @PJ fitter sorry Donald Trump has made a disgrace to this country let’s give BIDEN a
      change if you’re good America

    2. @Kent O sorry man, but that sounds absolutely ridiculous. It also reeks of patriotic brainwashing.
      If every generation has to fight for their freedom you have a big big problem that needs to be met head on and corrected.

    3. @Dorientje Woller…perhaps, but they’ve built their brand on a demographic with the memory of goldfish and the maturity of teenage vandals.

    4. Never did never had any. Only pure firepower. Ask about five million Middle Easterners, even more housing in dirt and refugee camps. Look to lybia which wasnt just your fuckup but also france and uk. Chickens coming home to roost, enjoy your very own democratic revolution.

    1. @Jerry Kinyon which is exactly what is going on with trump atm and im not a believer my self.. but. that is the right answer

    2. @Iann Vezeau Why are all these people in a Cult of Delusion? Believers do not use Objective Truth which requires common sense. I’m not a believer as well.


    1. I think he may have several other charges made against him as well. He has many debtors out to get their money back. He may have legal trouble with his taxes too.

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