Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: July 15 | MSNBC

Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: July 15 | MSNBC 1


    1. @Peter Bills Yes, they also went the way of letting the virus burn through the population and their illness and death rate was at least 3 times higher than nearby nations.

    2. @Street Outlaw this pandemic is seriously much worse than any flu we have had. In 41/2 months it has killed over 130,000 people. Not from a flu but a very dangerous virus that was and still is not being lead to stop by Baby-man doing his job.

    3. @Dave Sthe anti Satan I believe is a bot. Also if he/she is prolife then how do you square allowing 130,000 people dieing due to WH squatter telling lies about the virus and still not doing anything.

  1. Mayor Steven Reed is wise and knows what is best for his people.

    Wearing a mask without politicising the whole thing is a sure way of preventing the spread of COVID-19!

  2. Wear a mask or you don’t get treated why waste a hospital bed on someone who won’t listen

    1. Unfortunately if they have covid19 they’ll infect others even those who are wearing a mask in public. It’ll have to be wear a mask or get locked up in a separate room with other non-wearers at your own risk

    2. I agree… people that REFUSED to put a mask on should be sent back home. If they survive they’ll have learned an important lesson they can share with friends & family.

  3. Trump still being the kid who pulls the bed covers over his head, waiting for the monster to go away.

    1. @Rabble Wolf sorry. I didnt mean to make you cry. What kind of a wuss are you? The crying on the outside kind I suppose.

  4. Orange Con Man and Princess Ivanka are promoting beans instead of masks. Orange Con Man: “Covid? Let them eat cake, er, beans.”

    1. @rant404 VOTE BLUE, America! The joke, Sparky, is ‘BEANghazi’ is a real ethics violation-among many-by Trump scum vs. ‘Benghazi’ , the bogus GOP ‘scandal’ that failed to discredit Hillary.

    1. timber_beast China at least handled the pandemic response intelligently. Trump has totally failed and many Americans will die because of Trump’s failure.

    2. timber_beast do you wonder what’s up with that, or do you think Trump is just imitating dictators in the hope of becoming one himself?

    3. If he hates China so much, why is the US still trading with them. Aren’t they supposed to be evil???

  5. Biden weak on China? Who has all their products made in China? And whose daughter got 11 trade Mark’s from China?

    1. Rachel is probably taking some well deserved annual leave…..try and be nice you Republicans who replied also. I’m Australian and I cannot believe how USA republicans are so nasty & narrow minded.

    2. @Aussie Ruthie it’s incredible how dumb the Republicans are here. I’m like tearing my hair out because of their idiocy. I’m thinking of moving out of this God forsaken nation. 😭

  6. What has trump done on the Corona Virus? A travel ban from China. Holding campaign rally’s disguised as Corona Virus Press briefings. Any 12 year old could have done that. Great Job!!!

    1. A travel ban from China? No, it wasn’t really a ban, just a restriction, meaning that flights from China could only land in certain airports. So flights from China were STILL COMING IN.

    2. The weakest generation. You can’t wear a mask for a store visit or other short duration. Nobody is asking us to storm the beaches under machine gun fire.

    1. @Inspired Clarity I’m lying that I live in New York and that crime is gone through the roof shed more than two and three children have been shot?not only in my neighborhood but East New York the adjoining area are you kidding me you need mental help. And next time know your history before you start calling me a liar

    2. @Inspired Clarity it’s amazing that everything that I stated you do not care about regarding people of color, riot steel and loop and destroy your own community that’s what you care about.smh clown

    3. @Inspired Clarity are 1.1 I don’t you dare ever called me a communist again my family fought for America we don’t play that communist crap you take that back to the gulag

  7. I congratulate the 45th, the 45th’s Administration and the Republican party for destroying leadership in this country.

    1. I’m thinking Russian disinformation being pushed around the world, especially at Democratic governments for decades created the person who votes against their own interests. VOTE🌊🗳💙

  8. It’s mind-blowing that some “citizens” would refuse to wear a mask. …
    It’s not asking for the end of the world. It’s just a freaking mask for a few months and do our part. It’s ridiculous.

    1. I wonder why it’s mostly Republicans that are dropping the ball?🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤔Republicans are the ones making this a scandal and prolonging the recovery they want

    1. Don Post yes and it appears Russia is a big donor to high profile GOP candidates. Wonder why their voters are willing to support a politician who works for Russia?

    1. Noneshere there is no medical excuse for not wearing a mask; this has been confirmed by many medical professionals. Oxygen saturation remains the same when wearing a mask. It is also a ridiculous statement to say that masks don’t hinder the virus, it is just fact! Please don’t spread disinformation.

    2. Americans failed in compassion for those who don’t have the means to pay for health care. For profit health care means no money no hospital treatment.

    3. @Noneshere You’re incorrect and what evidence do you have for mask wearing actually reducing oxygen saturation levels in your blood? My understanding is all the research so far shows that except for an incredibly small slice of people who have seriously reduced lung capacity, etc. no one in regular health is at all put at risk medically by wearing a mask.

    1. Bwahahahaha you look sick. Trump derangement syndrome is live and well. Have a nice day 😊.

    2. GOP killed 35,000 in Vietnam after Nixon quashed Humphry’s Paris peace deal behind LBJ’s back. The death toll was 23,500 in ’68 when the deal was ready but GOP wanted the courts to legalize the sale of the country via K Street. All sides wanted to sign but Nixon told them to wait until Nov and he will give them more.

    1. As several doctors have said…if you are out walking around and shopping..and yelling like a child that you can’t wear as mask…you are more than healthy enough to wear a mask.

    2. Yes there is maybe you should do some research. But sheep 🐑 only follow# living rent free in your head.

  9. I’m not going to patronize any businesses that DOESN’T have a face mask requirement and hand sanitizer available. And I’m still only patronizing essential (groceries, gas, necessary retail) businesses until infection rates drop dramatically. PERIOD! If tRUMP and the GOP want to see the economy improve, then they better do their jobs and quit playing politics with public health. Still arguing about mask ordinances and enforcement is just plain stupid!

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