1. So a representative can be arrested…why are the architects of Jan 6th still walking free?

    1. @Jay Gibson That’s not true, aren’t you forgetting the woman who was trampled to death as all those treasonous people broke into the Capitol?

    2. I’m asking myself the same question- like always equal rights are not as equal a they should be. It’s absolutely repugnant what those right wing racists are doing.

  2. I want to check on cyber nazis audit in Arizona I’m guessing he lies just as much as nazi Trump

    1. If everyone called and emailed their political representatives, this could also make a great impact.

    2. Blacks have been voting for 150 years. 15th Amendment, passed in 1869, under a majority Republican congress.

  3. The arrest of these great women who were peacefully demonstrating, reavealing the extreme right wing, or in other words, fascist Senators, who were once Republicans, is very revealing.
    It revealed the utter hypocrisy of the Fascist Senators, and hopefully, all so called Republicans standing for mid term elections are all defeated.

    1. It’s totally uncalled for. All I can think about in contrast is all of the “armed” white men standing in the Capitol of Michigan and not ONE ARREST! Also, that was against the mask mandate a proven deterrent to the virus! RIDICULOUS

    2. Yep, trumps cultists smashed their way in , brutalising police officers as they went. Trashed the place, defecate in offices and stole federal property & they strolled right out .. A handful of black women singing as a peaceful protest get cuffed & carted off, it’s absolutely disgraceful & epitomises the two tier justice system between black & white Americans..

  4. Is it a Dream to see this voter suppression happening in America, hand cuffed congresswoman for speaking out… wow…unbelievable..is America going back to the uncivilized ,authoritative regime…☠️

    1. America never left that stage. We were only sleeping. That frightening beast has been awakened.

  5. We shall overcome; remember that saying over 40 years ago! This feels like groundhog day; when will it change? Before or after America is taken over by another Tyrant. The Repugnant party takes power again?

    1. RepugliCONs the “I Must Have Free Kool-Aid” party. I think that before Thanksgiving Chumpy will be arrested and Manuchin will relent, on time and on cue. The Dems agenda will move on forward. And hopefully a R wing Scotus dude will do the correct thing and retire!

    2. Too late. You’ve already got your tyrant.

      Daily reminder: Joe Biden is currently violating his sworn constitutional duty to protect the United States from foreign invasion, as are the members of his administration and the military who are aiding and abetting his illegal abrogation of our democratically-enacted immigration laws.

      He also threatened the American people with nuclear weapons a week ago, something no president has ever done before.

    1. Until Republican controlled states make it a felony and then those who matter lose their right to vote, black, brown, yellow, red and YES poor WHITE voters.

  6. Joe Manchin isn´t sincere on voting rigthts, he look more like a republican in the dress of a democrat, because he is blocking along with others democrats all action for others real democrats.

    1. He is very clearly helping the R with their agenda to suppress the voting rights to help them win in the next election! That is the only way they can win and they know it. The probably hired him to do so!

  7. “Positive” Manchin statements have about as much validity as “thoughts and prayers” after a school shooting.

    1. @A F Why do you all always go to worst case terror scenario? You must live in shear terror all the time.

  8. Insurrectionists walked away from a violent attempt to overthrow govevenment and women of color peacefully protesting are arrested. SMH.

    1. @Carolyn Edwards “Race is a Social Construct” Toni Morrison It has always been used to legitimize the economic oppression of all the indigenous peoples of the world. Slavery became an institution and Democracy compromised with slaveowners to avoid the contradictory phrase “And justice for all” and therefore their own Constitution and Declaration of Independence convicted them. This is why CRT is a challenge because it exposes our country’s hypocrisy. Remember it took 600,000 lives through the Civil War just to ratify the 13th, 14th, and 15 amendments. And they (GOP) are still denying that systemic racism still exists and was mainly their tool to obtain power. Even to this day maintain power. See The Compromise of 1877 and the History of the Fillibuster and how Strum Thurmond used it to stop the Civil Rights Act of 1957.

    2. I really don’t understand. What were they arrested for? I thought we had the right to peaceably assemble and protest. I would really like to know what the charges were.

    3. That’s America for you. Sorry but we watch in horror most of the time. Solidarity from the UK for our peaceful direct actioneers ! ❤

    4. @Günther Are you listening to yourself. After January 6th Conservatives have lost all credibility

  9. If I was a total jerk and had no conscience, I’d start soliciting funds from stupid conservatives for some fantasy I just made up.

  10. Amazing, they were arrested, but January 6, go home now, you are special, you’re all patriots and we love you 😒

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