Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: July 21st | MSNBC 1

Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: July 21st | MSNBC


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    1. 6 month old account that played semantics with the infrastructure issue that has affected the Lives of MILLIONS OF AMERICAN CITIZENS. @Florida Man

    2. If only there was documented series of events from American History to refer to in order to understand what tackling Infrastructure actually entails- oh wait there is. @Florida Man

    1. @David Hale; She is greatly respected for putting America over a seditious sick party. Are you paying attention to any of this. Things move fast, especially when you have a vile destructive greedy party trying to undermine reality. This is about holding on to Democracy at this point, nothing more.

  1. Jim Jordan…. open mouth ignorance just oozes out! Good choice to remove him he was part of the Insurection!

    1. @Gary Hart
      Nope. The getaway driver doesn’t get to be in on investigation of the bank robbers.

    2. @randall leboeuf Yes, Go Liz. She has been a life long politician and has made great decisions for the people and the country. She has helped propel America where it is today!!

    3. @Rita Fergusen yuck. She’s part of the problem that got us here. Her votes to deregulate, remove worker protections, undermine the ability to vote, & against fighting back against corrupt corporations draw a direct line to where we are as a country today. The wage gap & having multi-billionaires while blue collar workers can’t afford rent while working 2 jobs? All due to republican policy. Yes, thanks Liz. Sarcasm only.

      I’m glad she’s doing what she is now but no reason to misrepresent who she’s always been.

  2. Not saying Cheney is old, but she has the good old fashion Republican’s views. She knows how things work. I’m not saying I agree with her 100% every time, but the Republican’s Party needs more Cheney’s. Ms. Pelosi I do believe you made the right move.

  3. I’m glad they didn’t go after Tom Barrack until now, Trump would have pardoned him like the rest of the crooks.

    1. @NiNi J actually the president can issue a pardon before someone is investigated, charged or convicted, so yes it would stand up in court. And I’m pretty sure there are some pocket pardons out their but don’t think Tom Barrack was top of Trump’s list, I think they thought they got away with this one.

    2. I was just going to write that trump would have pardoned him. Then I read your

    3. That and a confession to the actual act that you seek a pardon from would end a lot of their thrilling careers….
      So it is a “lose lose”!
      Get “The Cuffs”!
      I just want to see “The Perp Walk of Shame”!!
      Gonna need some beer to go with all this popcorn!!
      P.S….. fucQ!

  4. I hate this so-called “logic”…saying Biden never left his house, so how could he win the election…bcuz everyone knew TRUMP was a catastrophic disaster. That’s how

    1. We don’t need cheap rally entertainment like Trump cultists do. We actually have lives. That’s the part they can’t figure out.

    2. Let’s not forget that Mike Pence honored the one police officer (Dave Underwood in Oakland) killed during last summer’s BLM protests at the RNC convention. What he left out was that Underwood was killed before the protests even started by white supremacist Steven Carrillo who was using BLM as cover. This was on national television. Pence was just as culpable for Jan. 6.

    1. There is no tribalism from the Left that outweighs any from the right, there is no political persecution from the Left that outweighs the right. There is no media hysteria from the Left that outweighs what the right-wing media has done. @Shane Alan you’re wrong on all 4 accounts

  5. McCarthy; “If we cannot come in and disrupt all this important work, we aren’t going to play”. Gymmy needs to be removed from Congress.

    1. @maxx Hanley nahh we’ll just vote them out, if they grab the house we’re in trouble. Things will never be the same.

    2. All he was going to do is deflect with Fox News talking points, like “whatabout BLM and Antifa”…Also throw in the standard “socialism, radical left, Marxist” fear mongering that fascist always use.

    3. I’m familiar with McCarthy’s district, and for better or worse, he does represent his constituents. Same with Joe Manchin: WV voted 70% for Trump in 2020. The 23rd district in CA has about the same demographics.

  6. It’s probably for the best that they sat on the charges until Biden arrived because Trump would have just pardoned the guy if it had gone ahead on his watch.

    1. Yes, they are not too bright when it comes to anticipating the future consequences of their actions. They are very childish in that respect (as well as others).

  7. To keep him is like knowing your dog has fleas and you do nothing to help him even when the fleas start to attack you.

  8. Those who are complaining about the Jan 6th committee should be and must be the first investigated by said committee for they seem to have the most the hide and the most to lose if found out.

    1. The ones complaining about the committee are the same ones who voted against getting a bipartisan committee together when it was on the floor.

  9. I am SO GLAD I can watch a serious discovery process without “No Jacket Jordan” doing his junk yard dog routine.

    1. Thank our fortunes he didn’t decide to do a singlet “back to his youth” wrestle the truth out of ’em, no holds barred wrestling match hosted by fox.

    1. they spent a lot of $ at his hotel it has been reported . No one stayed in the rooms they paid for tho. That’s an odd thing .

    2. One condition for lifting the embargo on Qatar by UAE was to shut down Al Jazeera news a relatively trustworthy news source and competitor of: . . .“Sky News Arabia displayed an Islamic State group backdrop when mentioning Qatar throughout Monday, while Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya also significantly intensified its media offensive against Doha.

      Also on Sky News Arabia – a 50-50 project between Rupert Murdoch and the UAE’s deputy prime minister – analyst Dr Mohammad al-Arousy openly accused Qatar of funding the Nusra front in Syria, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, extremist factions in Libya, as well as Hizballah and Iran – thus massively contradicting himself on which faction of perceived instability Qatar is even siding with. “

  10. All the people who think the election was stolen without presenting one iota of evidence backing their claims should go on a fact finding tour of leading dictatorships to see if that form of government suits them better. If they like it then maybe they should emigrate to whichever country they like the look of.

  11. “Foreign agents at the highest levels of American government.” How long has that been going on?

  12. It’s a good thing Gym Jordan and his fellow disrupters won’t be on this committee – this way they have a chance of coming to some sensible conclusions!

    1. I think Jim Jordan will bring the necessary balance like a music system where the Audio from the Left and Right speaker needs to be equal.
      At the moment its pretty much just the LEFT’s Speaker Pelosi that’s working.

    2. @Gary Hart Yes, and that’s what Dems wanted. The GOP was given a chance to look at the ISSUE with due seriousness. Dems bent over backwards for them, agreed to all their conditions. But they pulled the plug and voted down a commission, then tried to be disruptive by picking Jordan, then spat the dummy and did a little toddler-tantie when their “mind made up” active witness, enemy of the people and opponent of inquiry was (perfectly legitimately) rejected to serve on the inquiry. So they ALL then pick up their bat and ball and go home. They would never have participated in any real way. So now, they’ve cut off their nose to spite their face. Cheney is there to represent ACTUAL republicans (ie not trumpist traitors). All worked out pretty well. Might actually get evidence rather than invective.

      PS, please treat this as a reply to your multiple identical posts.

  13. Jim Jordan does what he does. His previous job is a wrestling assistant coach. He only knows how to scream, bully and fight but is unable to solve any problems that is confronting the USA.

    1. I think Jim Jordan will bring the necessary balance like a music system where the Audio from the Left and Right speaker needs to be equal.
      At the moment its pretty much just the LEFT’s Speaker Pelosi that’s working.

  14. There’s accusations against Jim Jordan by students in the school he was a educator, imply that not only he turned his back on responsibility, and students under his care, he’s has no issues turning his back on the constitution.

  15. None of those Republicans should be on this jan6 committee
    Because they are the ones who instigated this Insurrection.

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