Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: July 22nd | MSNBC 1

Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: July 22nd | MSNBC


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  1. The only benefit to come out of the fraudits will be a huge financial boon for voting machine manufacturers.

    1. @Sue Ann Smith bc they were building up to a fraudit recount knowing daddy will.lose the next election

    2. Yeah and more garbage in the landfill what a waste. These Republicans should have to pay for the new machines.

  2. So, Trump’s “Save America” PAC should actually be called “Pay Trump to Keep Lying to You” PAC.

  3. Our country has been reduced to a laughingstock…the embarrassing and dis informed have been released on the general public. This is literally the “Night Of The Living Dead”!

  4. Sounds like the prosperity gospel TV evangelists, his spiritual advisors, have taught him well.

    1. @Pamela Feeney no ,did you see it when feeble Biden made all others look like Goliath, poor old Joe Biden had to promote billions of dollars in side to foreign countries and pay people at home to like him , can’t even talk a his own Americans to take a vaccine to save their live, it has been said the American public would rather die than to be known as an American ruled over by dementia joe

    2. @Dan Alexander Audio I knew that was coming if you aren’t a. Joe Biden supporter I a mm not black and I am a black racist, actually I am a proud black American that graduated top of my class in high school , Enlisted in the united states marine corps, spent 11 years as a 2nd lt.rstired and now an instructor ROTC at my alma martyr high at highly high school here in north Carolina, so tell me about your accomplishments son ,are you even out of Jr. High yet.

    3. @J. Wright meanwhile Republicans under trump administration fought to keep child marriage legal

  5. Oh Rachel- you are my most favorite. It brings me joy when you just straight up laugh at the stupidity running rampant in this country

    1. Yes, The stupidity in America is grossly, grossly OBVIOUS!! Thank GOD that we have such intelligent cute laughing journalists!!

  6. Let those retrumplicans pay for the equipment out of their paychecks and personal finances. They f’d it up.

    1. @#Not my PEDO if the right wing infiltrators that caused the damage are brought to trial and gun rights advocates pay for the care and upkeep of all people harmed by shootings

    2. what if they’re ruining the voting machines because the next phase of the repub plan is that there will be no new machines available for the next election?

    1. @MA hahaha sorry your the ones that have been scammed, you’ll see next month, 5 million dollars to prove mike lindel wrong so we will see in August, you all need to investigate cause you sound like idiots

    2. @Shirley alison forsyth You and the rest of Trump’s gullible minions are the ones who don’t get it. Trump lost, he’s the biggest loser.

    3. @Shirley alison forsyth ma’am, please learn how to spell before you continue calling anyone else stupid……LMAO

  7. Take Them Too has me sobbing. It’s our responsibility to get these patriots out of Afghanistan.

    1. I think they should protest and demand the Republicans replace the voting machines on their dime

  8. Regarding Missouri Republicans, it is one thing to ignore and neglect the people, but it’s an entirely different thing to be an enemy of the people.
    You apparently made the choice

    1. You live in a false, lying state government that cares NOT ONE WIT for you, friends or family. The GOPs only care about money and power, just like their rotten donors.

    2. And how about the Capitalists they are crony to? Don’t THEY get any of your ire? You know, when people get run over on a ROAD, they legally CHARGE THE DRIVER, not the car or the victim… here, Big Business is driving the car of those “crony-capitalists” (pols?) you cite, and we and our culture, and our very peace of mind and stability, are the victims. Had enough of the Church of Capitalism?

      Join the club.

  9. This scam sounds oddly like a grifting Televangelist preacher who is ranting for his congregation to give money so he can get his private jet and mansions, even if his followers can barely pay their rent.

    1. That’s because the preachers are so much better than the congregation and deserve the free money. It’s what God wants ya know?

    2. Not just “oddly” like … “exactly” like. Evangelical methodologies are a brain wash.

  10. How much did these “Audits” cost? Why aren’t there laws about what PACs may spend money collected on?

  11. The cyber ninja is just another con man making money off the big lie. He knew that he wouldn’t find anything but would still make a lot of money feeding into the lie with the fake audit.

    Speak the Truth
    “Peace be with us all”

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