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    1. “Barr’s continual insistence that he was not aware should be reason enough to remove him from office.

    2. Jim Fortune Donald J. Trump
      Ignorance is inexcusable; it’s the surest way to fail. No acceptable reason exists for not being well informed.
      4:24 PM · Apr 26, 2013

    3. If you go back to former Attorney general Jeff Sessions ‘testimony’, you know the one where he committed Perjury…. Barr basically followed the same script.” I don’t recall, ”I don’t remember”
      ” I have no memory of that” He believe that denying a Fact will excuse him.

  1. As a former Republican, I can most assuredly tell you that… Bill Barr will go down in history as the most corrupt AG to ever hold that position! He is an American disgrace and I want to know, where is the Republican party’s outrage over the possibility that Putin is having our American soldiers killed? I don’t give a s*** if it’s a 10% chance that it’s true…. Who is looking into it!

    1. *How Obama Destroyed Black Wealth*

      The nation’s first African-American president was a disaster for black wealth.
      Dec 2017

      The Obama presidency was a disaster for middle-class wealth in the United States. Between 2007 and 2016, the average wealth of the bottom 99 percent dropped by $4,500. Over the same period, the average wealth of the top 1 percent rose by $4.9 million.

      This drop hit the housing wealth of African Americans particularly hard. Outside of home equity, black wealth recovered its 2007 level by 2016. But average black home equity was still $16,700 lower.

      Much of this decline, we will argue, can be laid at the feet of President Obama. His housing policies led directly to millions of families losing their homes. What’s more, Obama had the power — money, legislative tools, and legal leverage — to sharply ameliorate the foreclosure crisis.

      He chose not to use it.

    2. As a former Democrat, the murder is our consul and several of our great special forces in Benghazi and lying about it made me wanna barf on Hussein, Hillary, and Suzy rice

    3. DEMOCRAT oath of office

      I do soullessly swear, I will menacingly support and defund the Institution of Public Safety of the United States; against all humanity, American and Patriotic; and that I will induce true evil and alliance to the same; and that I take this psychological manipulation freely, without any mental awareness or of common sense; and that I will, well and faithfully discharge the duties of the swamp in which I am about to enter.

  2. Funny how the only case of actual wide scale voter fraud was done by a Republican and cost them a governorship.

    1. Projection? Or “the best defense is a good offense”? Either way Repugs are truly deplorable.

  3. Bill Barr not being “aware” is a lie. He was very well aware of what was going on in Michigan. He was very well aware of what’s going on Oregon. He chose to act on Oregon.

    1. Republicans are the party of loons and buffons, religious bigots, racists, white supremacists and traitors. I reclaim my time@YouRuse is A leftist org.

    2. @Ronda Leistiko slowing down?

      After 52 days and millions in destruction?

      Take a look at all the minority owned businesses destroyed in Minneapolis and Chicago. You cost minorites tons of jobs and millions of dollars.

      And YouTube footage of protest riots doesn’t back up the white supremacist theory beyond a few broken windows. $500 million in damage in Minneapolis alone and most in minority neighborhoods.

  4. Belly barr is the fixer for trump….he is a disgrace just not one thing honorableaspect about him….he is aware of everything that goes on ….don’t kid yourself ….selective awareness…..

    1. Democrats are vicious. A.G. Barr volunteered to answer questions in House Hearing. Instead Democrats attack and berated him, not permitting to defend his ground against their vicious unfounded accusations.
      True to his character A.G Barr postured Democrats’ insults with complete calm and collectedness as he dismantles their narratives.
      With over 1,000 law enforcers hurt, around 40 deaths, and billion dollars of properties destroyed, all Dems Cities, the Democrats maintain their position that the rioters are Peaceful.
      Democrats’ desperation to get rid of Trump led them to unable to condemn violence and destruction of federal buildings, and attack people who attempt to restore law and order.

    2. @C Bryce no its the hallucinations of people with fireworks and helmets ,,,flower kids really no gas bombs

  5. Why wasn’t he put in handcuffs and whisked away by unmarked officers in an unmarked vehicle to an undisclosed location?

    1. This Administration is so afraid they will be treated the way they’ve treated other people, if they lose. That’s why they are trying so hard to stay in office. No matter if it takes lying, cheating, stealing, distracting, deflecting, just whatever it takes. Citizens beware!!

    2. Because democracy is ill suited to face polititians (and their crooked henchmen) acting in bad faith. When it comes to Trump party, they all are acting in bad faith. It has been nauseting to witness.
      Vote 🎽🥏🦋🧢🚙🚎💎💙
      Ps. No vote = a vote on Trump.

  6. Well we’ve known it for a long time you got him to say it stop talking about it and do something about it impeach him now

    1. Trump was impeached. But not convicted. Since the Senate – the ultimate arbiter in the impeachment process – is controlled by the Republicans, convicting Trump of impeachment failed again.

    2. @Jim Reily he was impeached but not removed… anyway, the house can charge and hold Barr for contempt of congress.

  7. I’m trying to understand what is “honourable” about the “honorable william p bahh”. A title, but not earned.

    1. @Gene Viève My comment was intended to be glib. Unless you are a Lawyer yourself, you shouldn’t be offended by it.

    2. @RUDYARD MAGPIE Barr is a Trump-sucking bag of crap, and his reputation was no better when he worked for Bush. The Democrats were no more vicious in their dealings with Barr, than the Republicans were with Clinton during the Benghazi inquiries … watch them – tell me I’m wrong.

    3. RUDYARD MAGPIE What are you talking about. They’re not protecting federal property. Do you live in Portland. Did you see them protecting federal property. No you did not you’re just speaking on something you have not seen with your own eyes because you are listening to trump news.

    4. Trump has the right to hire and fire as he sees fit as long as he can remain unhinged. America can hire and fire as they see fit be our own police. Vote out Trump clean up our government. Vote Biden 2020 and remain law bidding citizens in spite of Trumps government!

  8. Thank you Rep. Jayapal. I deeply appreciate what you are doing for Americans – for the world actually.

  9. At Nuremberg Trials they all said “I was not aware”! Disbar Barr! Charge him with Criminal Negligence!

    1. @Bert Johnson “without proof”? Have you been lasered all over your body to be so blinded?

    2. @eva camille thoroughman I have not seen any proof put forth, have you?? Just because they opined that it happened does not make it so! You actually trust these clowns? Lying to the American people for 3 years about Russian collusion and not one stitch of evidence to back it up, then the unconstitutional impeachment that was an epic fail, again without evidence.. we live in the United States, here you are innocent until proven guilty, not guilty until proven innocent..if you want that kind of thing move to Venezuela their Government is all set up for you and these pukes that call themselves members of Congress..

    3. @J M yep! BJ is a Troll. Sounds like a FOX news watcher; “Everyone is lying, except FOX”. LMAO, Sucks tp be him.

    1. @C Bryce yeah Carl Sagan has an excellent quote about that.

      That’s how I feel the left cornered itself. You fell for so much media bs and don’t notice the billions of dollars they are making off of you the last 4 years. They can literally print anything and lefties will click on it if Trumps name is in the headline. Worse yet is the lefties don’t see the game at all.

      When it’s fox news and Limbaugh colluding you see it but when CNN, MSNBC, liberal radio, huffpo, Washington Post collude it’s consensus is enough to fool you and now you’re trapped with your captor and confused why others aren’t on your side.

    2. Barr will be held accountable for the oath he took. Saying he doesn’t know is a farce. It was all reportable to his office. Barr has one blind eye and one shifty eye on purpose. Americans can see his betrayal he failed us on purpose. Hes full of bs when confronted.

  10. How can I, someone who lives across the Atlantic know more about what’s going on in America than the US Attorney General Bill Barr?

    1. we all seem to know more than barr, from his responses he must only read what is put i n front of him which is obviously censored so it never includes anything said or tweeted by trump and he never reads any newspapers or watches any news programs or political discussions. so the AG of america does what exactly during the majority of his life? only ever watches re-runs of the dukes of hazzard and the apprentice? maybe the odd episode of bonanza? never tweets, never visits youtube and even if he is shown footage from places like portland manages to miss the tall gentleman being beaten with sticks then getting peppersprayed because he refused to fall down, he obviously saw him give the feds the finger which is a clear sign that he is a terrorist. i’m on the other side of the atlantic too so how do i know all the stuff barr doesn’t? i’m obviously overqualified to be an american given i know the difference between facts and rumours borne out of conspiracy theories

    2. Thanks for hanging with us to witness, America is under Trumps haulocast, we are dying. We need the United Nations helping us with Trumps war crimes.

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