Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: June 23rd | MSNBC 1

Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: June 23rd | MSNBC


Watch highlights of Wednesday's The Rachel Maddow Show where she shares details of a report from the Republican-led Michigan State Senate Oversight Committee that thoroughly debunks all of the election fraud fantasies promoted by Donald Trump and his supporters. Plus, Senator Elizabeth Warren talks with Rachel Maddow about the bipartisan compromise infrastructure deal. Watch the top news stories and highlights from The Rachel Maddow Show, airing weeknights at 9 p.m. on MSNBC.

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  1. WOW!! Just when I thought there MIGHT be a decent retrumplican in Michigan!!!
    If we lose our beloved Democracy in America, do these Slimy Senators actually think they will have a job?????
    They will be thrown under the bus and run over!!! The GOP monster will eat its young…

    1. @Puggles McWardog You seem confused, do you still think you are the silent majority and trump had a huge number of supporters because of rallies or some boat parade? In reality, only a tiny number of idiots want to see voting rights restricted and SR1 has overwhelming bipartisan support amongst the populace, conservatives, and liberals alike. The overwhelming majority of Americans are sick of this childish bs and pathetic whining.

    2. Not if your right to vote is removed. Not if an election result can be overturned because the trumpublicans don’t like it.

    3. @Jay Rodster The majority of Americans agree with the Republicans. You should need an ID to vote. How is that supression?

    4. They will still have a job, because the senate has no term limits and all these senators have to do is not promote BLM since they’re destroying the neighborhoods

  2. Ok, I’m European. Here we try to make that everyone votes. The problem is not only an US internal problem. It’s also the US loosing stand in the world arena and with the allies.. that’s insane!

    1. @SiriusGD What’s going on is people are being paid not to work for no particular reason still, the “border Tzar” isn’t doing jack until Trumpf says he will do her job, police officers are quitting at unprecedented levels, job growth is not happening as everyone expected it would, and Biden is wanting to spend 6 Trillion of god knows who’s money of a bunch of non-essential cra*. I’m not in the US, but lots of my family are and some of them already got jobs in Canada and will be moving shortly. The States have to do what the federal govt should be doing with border enforcement, Biden can barely put a sentence together, the squad is gaining more and more sway, DeSantis is pretty much the only rational governor, and I could go on, but I bet you that Putin and Xi are happy about the state of your union at the moment. And kids as young as 8 should be able to make the decision to change genders? I had to watch Joe mutter that a few times to believe my ears. You’re American, I’m sorry with what’s happening, for you, and for me because I live in a western-allied nation to the US. 90% of Australians think Biden and Harris are jokes. I hope you guys either get a solid dude next like DeSantis, or if you want a Democrat, at least get a decent coherent one- or else it really will be too late if it isn’t already.

    2. @A V thank you for your answer. Yes, democracy is an old form of government. Many of the old city states of Greece had a democratic form of government. Of course woman didn’t participate and the “votes” were probably from some selected man. Only the more enlightened could be voted. It was considered a public service.
      Independently of being a republic like in the Roman empire with the senate or in a kingdom like the British with the parliament, they are forms of democracy….
      I think you like to read. Have you reed the Idea of justice by Amartya Sen? It as nothing to do with this but is a very good book. I think you would like it.
      Best regards, Rui

  3. Concrete evidence the main goal of the proposals of the Republicans is not accurate elections but voter suppression.

    1. @Duramax Dad it was never the issue of voter i.d . nobody has an issue with voter i.d except in texas they want ur ssc on ur ballot during the age of identity fraud and the most important threat is that the few ppl(repubs) in current power can overturn a election by just saying there was fraud or miscount with no evidence

    2. @Duramax Dad voter i,d was never the issue its just that the repubs spent millions on focus groups to find a slogan that sticks and it was voter i.d

  4. Another thing is health care, social security, paid holidays leave and parental leave… free school and university… Guns … Sorry but socially the US is in the stone age….

    1. Rul Ferreira: Do you say works and Taxes? Or I just claim I am a non-US citizen to get everything without working?

    2. @Chw N those who can afford pay taxes. Overall it’s less expensive. We might spend less than 1/3 per capita in health and we have globally better health indicators than US. We also have some private health insurance but it is not significant or competitive. If you have a real health problem the NHS is there for you. Your income, taxes or the lack of it doesn’t matter. For example, it’s impossible to be pregnant in my country and not be properly follow up. All the deliveries are done a proper hospital with new born ICUs just in case you need it. And no you don’t have to pay anything. If you need a surgery, a cancer treatment, anything, that’s provided to you no matter your social or economic status.
      The same with education. It’s free and mandatory to the 12 grade. You also have public and private schools. Actually the best teachers are at the public schools. Those that can’t find a job at the public schools go to the private schools.
      I’m fortunate to pay almost 50% in taxes. And yes, my country, Portugal, is not a rich country, so my kids went to private schools so the public schools could have their resources less strained. University is a different matter. Public universities are far better and so my kids went to the public universities. There’s a national exame and you choose the faculty you want accordingly to your grades. Social or economic status doesn’t matter. You have to study to get good grades.
      There might be a lot of discussions in my country, but overall I’m happy to live in a solidarity country were we take care of those that need the most. For example with the pandemic Portugal gave automatic residential permission to all foreigners living in Portugal, so they could profit from our HNS. Morally is correct but economically is also correct. It’s better to have all those people vaccinated and treated if they get sick than having them spreading diseases. Usually what is morally correct its social and economic correct. That’s why they become moral standards, they have endured the text of time. I really want to believe this . what do you think? Take care

    3. @Diane Owen Diane, even so, every body loves America and Americans. Overall you are very nice people. It is a big country with a big potential, it is worth you fight for it to became an even better country. It’s really easy you all just have to believe it. Came on, Europe after two WW with some direction by the US and some money lended by US did it. I’m sure you can do it. Be proud of your country and make it worth your pride.

    4. @Dea I think you are right. And you use your brain unfortunately we can’t say the same of every one…
      Go and fight for a better US. The world needs you.

    5. @bomkata I’m from Europe. Thera are many countries in a worst situation than the US. We all can improve. And I really don’t give a thought about living any were in the world because with what I do I would have a nice life any where, but in terms of security, I wouldn’t trade Europe for any other location, excluding Canada, New Zealand and Australia.
      Any way I really didn’t want to put down the US. It’s a great country. It has accomplished many great things. It’s time that we, all together, do even better. In the US and abroad and in the US with those that come to find a better life. As it was always the characteristic of the US.

  5. It will not matter how much intelligence, common-sense, fact or evidence is offered, the red hat trumpPets will continue to slavishly follow their leader.

    1. @Behr Willsonn yeah all shows that are not straight anchor shows are branded entertainment including tucker Carlson and Hannity. The difference is i can find a lot of verifiable sources — such as republican governors and trusted *republican* election officials and the report the GOP Michigan state senate just issued that there IS NO ELECTION FRAUD. THERE JUST ISN’T ANY. In fact, fox and OAN had to stop claiming that there was because they were being sued. So come on. This isn’t about right or left it’s just about the truth.

    2. @Kristine Levine So zombies can vote? And TRMS marketing is that its news. Opinion shows market as opinion shows. Otherwise why did an Obama appointed federal judge have to rule that TRMS is not news? And the claims that election fraud stopped because things have to move on. So what else is does your phone tell you?

    3. @Behr Willsonn ok did you miss the part where I explained that almost all pundit shows (shows that are not just anchored news delivery) are ruled that way by judges including tucker Carlson and Hannity. These are opinion shows and you should not take any as gospel.

  6. So, where does that place the criminals in the Federal Senate? How many GOP Senators are there? Not one of them with a backbone or a moral compass. And they want to run the country.

    1. @Chw N I’m left and I do not want communism. Nor does anyone I know. If your correct name 1 US senator or Congressmen that is pushing for or is openly communistic. Give me an example using a RELIABLE source (not Fox news, or News Max, no tabloids). Their are not any. No one is calling for that.

    2. @Sheeple Hunter Antifa doesn’t have members. Its a bunch of different groups. That’s like saying white supremacist’s have members. Now you could say the proud boys have members, or you could say PITA has members because they are actual groups. with actual members.t Show me where to find an actual picture of a known member of Antifa. Give me a name of known Antifa Member. You can’t because like unicorns they don’t actually exist.

  7. The committee dares challenge the authorituh of Mike Lindell? He is a successful sleep equipment business owner! Next thing you know we’ll have a failed casino owner running for President.

  8. This has been part of the GOP playbook that Trump perfected to circus levels. Create an absurd distraction for the ‘debaters’ and then pass laws while they debate and protest.

  9. Everyone should vote. We should have the day off to do so. We should be able to vote on our smart phones. Dark money should be no more. Gerrymandering should be removed.

    1. Oh, that’s exactly the system we have in Australia. Its not perfect but compared to your USA system it is heavenly. Democracy is not easy. The GOP don’t care about democracy. They only care about power.

    2. Why would you need the day off if you could vote from your phone? What about people with burner phones? Do you turds think before spewing nonsense from your gobblers?

    3. I commented on the fact that voting is compulsory in australia and I was subjected to insults and vilification. What are Americans scared of?

  10. I think any Republican elected official who participates in interfering with any person’s right to vote should be prosecuted.

    1. Hey genius,its about regaining the integrity of the the way we vote which until the 2020 election was on relatively stable ground.
      Every nation that cares about free and fair elections will require a (WAIT FOR IT) a valid ID.
      Imagine that.
      If i were contemplating moving to this country as an imagrint,i would take a long hard look at the current administration and what they are trying to do and say no thanks.
      I really pity everyone who have been conned by the likes of Pelosi,Schumer and the rest who obviously believe there are stupid people to buy this nonsense.

    2. What about democratic officials who interfere with votes? Do they get prosecuted? Or do they have immunity because they put a BLM banner on their social media?

    3. @Brandon Smith that’s not what the laws Republicans are voting into place in the states are about. They’re about restricting access and make it harder for citizens to partipate in voting. The laws already in place are supposed to safeguard against this.

  11. It’s really frustrating that the DOJ is not doing anything about it. These guy should be prosecuted and thrown in jail

    1. A judge recently declare Maddow isn’t a real news program and a normal person recognizes its just entertainment

    2. @Lou Payne so I’ll look for her official court transcripts but I did find Fox News and Tucker Carlson. And it says Exactly what you just said. I’m going to pull the official transcripts of the lawsuit. And that was their answer to the lawsuit that he was so ludicrous that NOONE can’t actually believe him and take anything he said as fact. See I don’t believe Any of it until I research it myself. And not just from sites I think would support my agenda. I want the truth and will follow it wherever it leads. I don’t care about what race, political affiliation, none of it. And after the truth is exposed those people should be prosecuted.

    3. @Joyce Lago yes that’s true about Tucker Carlson as well but now that’s true about Rachael too lmfao

  12. michigan republicans : “there was no fraud… the election reflected the true will of the population… so… we need to eliminate enough dem voters… before they vote us out” 🙂

    1. @Helene Flamand Obviously, you misunderstood my humor.
      The Republican CHURCH is DAMNED until they repent their MANY ERRORS.
      Borrow + Bomb = the False Profit we the people still follow today, since 2001, when that Born AGAIN CHRISTIAN President saw an Angel riding a whirlwind.
      Jesus NEVER taught war. But we wage war in the Name of God.
      And NEVER, EVER, has a Chosen One been revealed in all 1,991 years since Jesus was crucified in the year we now call 30 AD.
      It’s really too bad that the Progressives have so thoroughly rejected God — just like a full third of Trump supporters, who HATE religion. It’s an unusual coalition. Another 3rd of Republicans follow Ayn Rand and her Virtue of Selfishness and Faithless Convictions.
      Epochal Eclipse a CROSS the US on April 8th 2024. Exercise faith if you want to “SEE” anything besides an eclipse.

    2. @Danny Freedom Yep. 10’s of millions deceived by that Zorastrian Psy-Op, Q.
      ALL ABOARD the Q-Q Choo-Choo, as it steams along the cryptic tracks, laid by an anonymous source, to the big crash and burn at the end of this line =========

    3. @humboldthammer I misunderstood you, apologies. And you just found a practicing Catholic who is progressive. There are more progressive religious than you think. We just think of our faith as private matter and make no fuss about it.

  13. Thank you once again, Dr. Madow, all Republican ‘Leaders’ who support “The Big Lies” are unpatriotic liars and should be voted out of Public Office!

    1. @Aaron Is that what you snack on while watching fox “noise” (not “news”). And listening to Breitbart? Alex Jones? QAnon? Or any of the other fascist, insane and loony right-wing NOISE out there

    2. “I know you are but what am I” argument from captain d. I’m not defending fox but you mustt not have seen the judges verdict that this isn’t a reliable new source either. Back to the fields, sheep

  14. When any lie is told and that lie is the basis to gain any benefit, that is fraud. Charge them, try them, convict them and jail them as you would any fraudster.

  15. It’s about fricking time! Start prosecuting those who spread lies and push these ideas! Every state should do this and END ALL those who question the results!

    1. There is no question, zombies voted. What’s wrong with that, why do you want to hinder their vote?

  16. The judges need to stop this foolishness. The judges can throw voter fraud foolishness out. Shame on the judges. They are releasing the insurrectionist.

  17. I love Liz. She’s upbeat and astute. And she never fails to remind me of an Auntie who knows the best cookie recipe.

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