Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: June 28th | MSNBC 1

Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: June 28th | MSNBC


Watch highlights of Monday's The Rachel Maddow Show where Maddow points out that the spectacle around the ballots and voting machines in Maricopa County, Arizona has become a magnet for grifters. Rachel also talks with Jerod MacDonald-Evoy about expectations for how the pro-Trump Arizona Republican election spectacle will end. Watch the top news stories and highlights from The Rachel Maddow Show, airing weeknights at 9 p.m. on MSNBC.

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    1. @Nick fascism: an authoritarian political ideology based on the promised return to a utopian past, contrasted with a dystopian present (“make America/Germany/the Roman Empire great again”) – Trump, Hitler and Mussolini respectively), creating a paranoid siege mentality by persuading followers that they are surrounded by enemies. The Leader claims that “I alone can fix it”, that only he Leader and his Party speak the truth, while others are “the enemy of the people”. The Party is whipped into line by punishing or expelling dissenters. Elections are rigged (while deflecting by accusing the demonized “other” of doing the same). Violent rhetoric, violent militias and terrorist acts serve to stoke the flames (again, deflecting by accusing the demonized “other”). It’s a well-proven playbook used by all dictators to seize power in a democracy. It is not very different from Soviet-style Communism, except that Communism promises a utopian future, not a return to an idealized past.

    2. @Nick
      They somehow don’t seem to understand our questions…
      Did we ask for the definition of fascism?

    3. @cervellone Cool, no problem. You asked ‘what fascism?’ so I lined it up for you. If you wanted to know who was getting fleeced you would get better results asking about that.

    4. @cervellone He must mean that it’s not just the Trump supporters who are paying the price for the continual promulgation of all this QAnon nonsense.

    1. @Tracy Rowe And, btw, if you wanted to scream about drump or his filth, you’re in good company. We won’t mind, we all do it.

    2. @SkyGemini I don’t want to scream. Screaming is just noise. I want to make a point. When I see a paragraph of all caps I’m immediately turned off and I don’t pay attention to the message, no matter whose side the screamer is on. Rational debate is not screaming.

  1. Just remember guys the only reason why that they’re putting all this out there like that is so that way you can put money their supporters put money in their pocket to get them out of lawsuits in and out of court I say let them fall on their faces

    1. Explain how this is your fight.
      This is at least the third time you’ve been out here policing comments Karen
      @Tracy Rowe

  2. Nah I don’t think I want to retire to Arizona anymore or Florida think I will stay where I’m at . not that it’s much better why jump out the pan into the fire.



  3. Lol!!! Rachel!!! You’re FUNNY!! … and WELL informed!

    Thank YOU for being the best representation of our Nation!!! Your unfailingly commitment to defend our Democracy; is beyond appreciated! Gratitude is putting it lightly.

    Keep up the good work!!!

  4. People around the world make a jokes about our country I know that for a fact but no one ever brought more shame upon ourselves like Trump did.

    1. absolutely true. people around the globe wonder how people in the USA can be so, SO stupid. trump is the only the symptom. stupidity of so many is the disease.

    2. The problem with many Americans is that they don’t consider themselves to be a part of ‘The World’, they think they ARE ‘The World’…

    1. ? The only reason of trump to perpetrate the big lie is to grift.
      He knows he lost but he desperately needs the money.

    1. We are only ‘crazy’ bc you are told we are. We are only conspiracists
      bc you are told we are. The time will come when the truth comes
      out. Back up your computer files/phones etc. We are going on
      a new internet system. It’s QCS and will knock out all others.
      What you will learn will break your hearts and souls. Unlike ppl
      who call us every name possible we will be here to help you
      through all of the info that will be learned. Have 14 days of
      food/water etc. As the 3 gorges dam breaks many things will follow.
      Bitcoin=zero. stock market crash. BUT THERE WILL NOT BE A WW3
      NUKE WAR. It’s being set up by all countries. Don’t worry about
      anything the msm is saying. There is world peace. The buildings
      being blown up need to be. 34 in total. We are almost on a new financial
      system. Look up NESARA/ GESARA. GESARA has started. the best is
      yet to come.

    2. @Paul Copland i understand the first ammendment, but it is exceptionally hard to convict anyone over that sort of speech. many precedential trials over this sort of thing have set the bar extremely high. i think for good reason, you dont want the government to prohibit more speech and rights than they already do illegally. they are loons and they have done a lot of damage, physical and otherwise. i hope the people responsible are punished for inciting people but it is looking unlikely at best. i dont know much though so take that as you will. im pretty sure the 3 senators(?) involved with the jan 6 insurrection are going to trial maybe? mo brooks and others. i saw he was served the other day but i didnt follow up with it.. hoping

    3. If you champion censorship for those you disagree with, you are only championing your own eventual censorship. This is their playbook.

    4. @Paul Copland Hate speech — as vile as it is — deserves First Amendment protection. This is America, right? You should read the posts at Gab. Some of you would have a conniption. LOL!

    5. @Paul Copland
      That is how old school conservatives used to roll. I used to respect that.
      It kinda worked.kinda.

      Check the rules. Check for antidotes to noxious behaviors. Apply antidote as needed.
      No need to add new rules if the old ones work. Avoid rules building more rules.

      This approach had some utility to it, before everyone developed a doctorate in sleazonomics.

  5. If that was a REAL recount/investigation, and they actually FOUND a huge problem with ballots, we would already know about it. Not have to wait a month or two for the results.

    1. @SE Texan because 3 audits had already been done. Numerous recounts, manual recounts, and no sign of mass voter fraud. No evidence was ever produced, despite them having overwhelming damning efraud it. Them searching for Chinese bamboo fibres on the ballots. Thats why we know it’s a fraudit.

    2. ​ @SE Texan Cameras and looking through binoculars – Ridiculous! A real audit has a representatives from both parties on the floor working with the ballots. There is nothing credible about this so called ‘audit’. You guys are just doing Putin’s work. All because you are mad because you thought the virus was going to stop Democrats from voting.

    3. @Boa @1 disappeared. I assume you got that there is a court case that you can google for yourself. The problem with their argument is that all they are looking at is the part where it basically says that she is an opinion host like they all are. That is just a category. Nothing to do with what she was sued for. Then they ignore the part that said her reporting was accurate. Google Maddow court case then look for – ( Herring Networks, Inc. v. Maddow, 445 F. Supp. 3d 1042 …) Make sure you Get it from the casetext sight. Because others are just opinion/hosts with their own agenda.

    4. @OldManGhost yeah I remember the Tumplicans biggest arguement is that the virus will magically disappear after the elections….

    5. @OldManGhost, That’s so amazing. Putin is quite brazen. I hadn’t seen that episode. Gonna watch it now. Thanks.

    1. @saralea smith because everyone in the country has unfettered access to this type of voting…right?

    2. How about republican politicians? And presidential candidates should pass a security clearance

  6. Isn’t is so oddly coincidental how so many who are even remotely in DJT’s orbit are 1) grifters and 2)convicts?

    1. @Oakley Moodie I guess you want to get off track of the issue like all you dumpsters it is a fact that the dump did and is still doing what the educational site from u tube on how does a country get a dictator it is not news it is educational I guess the Dump has all you dumpsters blind and thinking one sided

    2. Or should I say dump has all of his dumpsters turning into dogs licking the bottom of his feet hoping they will get a treat but to no avail your not getting it cause I just bought it for my dog he sold it to me for a dime dump said you are not worthy of it

    3. @Greg Spohn Exactly, I don’t know any Trumpster that can actually have a proper, educational debate and prove things. It’s a waste of time like the last 4 years.

    4. @C B that is why dump repeats himself over and over so his dumpsters will believe him so dump can get more money out of the dumpsters

    1. @toodles oops He’s just an illegal immigrant Oompa Loompa who is all against immigration due to that whole weird complex where people who are doing something scream loudest against it.

    2. ​@toodles oops The Insurrection happened late on the evening of the 3rd and during the morning of the 4h of November 2020 and the few days following that.

      Did you check the timeline of both the Trump Rally vs the Capitol Riot of 6/1.
      When you do your research be sure not to watch the spliced CNN video that went viral and was shared that came out later that day and treat it as valid evidence.

    3. @Kerta Drake It,s called projecting. Not a weird complex, a really common ego defence.

    1. @Sue Zbell Good one. . It,s not the anti vaccers that concern me as much as those that persuade others not to get vaccinated. That,s just evil.

    1. @BB Sal What open border? Please show some evidence that which ever boarder you are talking about is suddenly open and explain what you mean.
      is the southern boarder open under biden?
      Perpetuation of kind of lie actually makes the migrant crisis worse – record numbers have been caught – yes caught – So that would suggest that the boarder force is actually doing a better job now than before catching people trying to cross – If the boarder was indeed ‘open’ why would record numbers of migrants be CAUGHT? Think about it!

    2. @Jack Gillies
      There’s a number of them. I just watched one on ABC News it was a week ago title The border crisis.
      I don’t want to fight with anybody it’s just a big concern and we all need to be aware of it, it’s very dangerous for the people coming across and our country.

    3. @Jack Gillies
      The southern.
      The border patrols are not able to keep up, the cartels have the upper hand if you search there’s a number of news clips about that.

    4. @BB Sal Yes and this has been the case for many decades. It is untrue to say that Biden has suddenly opened the border. It is simply untrue.
      There has been a crisis at the southern border for many years due to economic and social deprivation in South and Central America and it will only get worse with climate based migration.
      It is not somehow ‘Biden’s fault’ because he as ‘opened the border’ as you were suggesting. I’m not fighting – just not accepting lies and misinformation as fact.

    5. @Jack Gillies
      Well then we could agree that we really need to get the border under control, at this point it might take some very serious steps. It makes me sad to see what is going on especially with the children and whatnot. I truly hope that things can get better for this country because I believe that we all love it the same that’s for sure.

  7. All these conspiracy actions are greed-driven – Once Greed sets in – Conscience flies out the door.

    1. Reminds me of: “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. It seemed “45” at least thought he had absolute power.

  8. Whoever thinks the fraudit in AZ is legit and aren’t worried about the ballots taken to a secret “lab” is just letting themselves get bamboo-zled!

  9. The GOP would leave everyone behind and roast to death, while they fly off to Mars or some space station. Just ask Jeff!

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