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Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: June 3 | MSNBC


    1. @brian woodward you are delusional if you think that,where is Dr Fauci and Dr Birx now because they told how the covid 19 is killing American’s,take some bleach or hydroxychroquine like clump, and where is Mike Pence,Mattis knows the truth and good luck to your Dictator NAZI CLUMP

    1. @Michael Gibson Bro NP..Most people come on here and Attack everyone who they differ in opinion with but your Comments were Solid..I had a question..What do you think about DefUnding the Police..Like They’re talking about in LA and $1 Billion for NYPD?
      Do you think more crime will happen and Less Response time?…interesting news about Fox..Didn’t know that

    2. @Bobby B Thank you. No I don’t think police should be refunded. Having said that I wish Trump had not reversed Obama’s policy on curtailing excess military hardware to LEO use without proper education and training. I feel too often this equipment is used by LEO as a show of force and is not tactically necessary. The mess at Branch Davidian (Waco) comes to mind. By increasing military apparatus in law enforcement civilians won’t help but feel they are being confronted by a military force and not agencies that should be seen by us that are here to protect and to serve.
      Training should be ongoing throughout s LEO’s career. Doctors, nurses, educators, and specialists of all fields train throughout their career. If an occupation is as important as one in which human life is at another’s call there can be no such thing as enough training.
      LEO’s are people too (as they point out) but they are VERY priveliged People in that they are final arbiters in life and death. They must ABSOLUTELY be held to the highest standards.

  1. I’m waiting for the moment that an officer or soldier has to look a family/protester face to face on the sides of the fence.

    1. My marine brother in law was called to DC during Vietnam demonstrations ,was ordered to fire rubber bullets into the crowd,always always regretted it and swore he should have deserted first ,after being hurt during the Tet invasion.

    2. In 1970 four students, peaceful protesters were shut by National Guard at Kent State in Ohio. It wouldn’t be the first time fascism takes the upper hand in the US.

    3. @Bobbie Angel and right there is the problem when you join the armed forces you take an oath to defend the constitution , and after that you are trained to follow orders no matter what even if it against the oath you took ( bad things happen when good people do nothing )

  2. Today the US had more covid deaths than the whole of Europe put together
    Another 1.8 million filed for unemployment
    America grew further divided as Trump hid in his bunker

    Tired of all the winning yet?

    1. @Doug Lowe What’s next?
      – Putin activates the assets he has in the US military.
      – Trump nukes the blue states.
      – November elections

    2. @itchydiscoman If you don’t put these into different categories, as well as subsets you’ll have no way of finding out how the disease works, and that informs knowledge, similarly with Male Femail deaths, Ethnicity , employment occurrence, incubation period, age, ? These need to be known. Don’t worry no ones going to ask you to do anything.

    3. @Garacha222 Lol! Bunker baby wanted to nuke a hurricane. No doubt he’ll suggest nuking California, not realizing MAGAtt Arizona is next door.

    1. Look what he’s done to his country.
      He’s Thrashing Worst now folks, it shouldn’t take much longer for our next episode of “Dark Mind”

    1. @Jules Nagbunga impotus turd45 was elected by the college. He had 3 million popular votes less than HRC.
      Plus who knows how much damage the kgb / Putin did to the electoral system, so bad things could easily recur.
      There’s lots of debauchery /corruption etc associated with turd45, one can see in caligula’s time…hey we saw horses outside the wh…& lots of horses arses in the senate moscowmitch, linseedgraham etal…two thousand years later caligula has reappeared a few thousand miles west of Rome 😷

    2. @Jules Nagbunga debauched young madman… Yes just like the impotus turd45 in the house…
      Caligula had a “thing” with his sisters, however that may be…sounds frighteningly similar to the evidenced, recorded tapes, graphic “things /liaisons” that this madman has for his daughter…unmistakable, utterances, direct from his filthy, dirty mouth.

  3. The 82nd Airbornes proud history has been smeared by Trump. Being used like a dictators private army.

    1. @April the Cat Esquire tell him that the military uniforn needs to be fitted and he’ll reject that idea immediately.

    1. Those cops are part of a cult, same people opening fire on schools ! Same ones encouraged w/ FOX news popaganda !
      Trump divided our country !

    1. Oh. I thought Trump was in the bunker eating wallpaper paste. He left after he licked it all off;Trump didn’t eat the wallpaper cuz it looked “vegetable-y”. 😈👍

  4. There was a crooked man who led a crooked life.
    He was a crooked husband with a some-what crooked wife.
    He had some crooked children and son-in-law–a louse.
    And they divided this great nation from their White and crooked House….

    1. Rachel, head heads up your hoohah if you actually believe what you just spouted off. Pathetic……

    2. Rock Nouveau Well, it was written by men and the Old Testament is all about fear of Gods wrath and full of death to the enemy stuff, the part that matters is not the Old Testament which is being followed albeit unknowingly by an ignorant wanna be Dictator. Those are the words of a more humane, compassionate teacher, one I imagine doesn’t hold any value to you.

    3. @Rock Nouveau Thanks but I’ll get my information from those I trust and respect. (Not you). I took Astronomy when Pluto was still a planet, have my Doctorate in the Healthcare Field and probably have forgotten more than you’ve ever learned. You are just another echo chamber for your liberal ideal of ‘We are All the Same, Awwww”. Go hug your trees, love everyone everywhere, donate to the New Green Deal, defund America’s police, bail out your beloved Antifa friends, make your way through life in your own special ‘touchy-feely way. I’ll be fine in my small community. It’s gated so you can’t get in, anyway. CHEERS.

    1. He used to be a Dressing Room Beauty Pageant Contestant Inspector of half naked Young Women as he Owner Operator

  5. Somebody please! Get this man to resign. He really needs to. The longer he doesn’t, the more destruction this country faces. Everyone is going crazy bc they want him out of office.

    1. Vladimir Putin and the leaders of all other countries hostile to the US want Trump to stay president.

    2. Eureka – we outside of the US – laugh and cry simultaneously, we cry because it’s not really funny and it has a domino effect outside of the US.
      The laughing – FFS even Mal Brookes couldn’t write a comedy this funny

    3. saying so on social media won’t do a thing; you get that, right? It’s part of the trap of social media (the other trap being 75% of what you see is Russian bot crap.)Try writing once more to your senators and reps to demand trump’s removal. Don’t count on being to vote in November. Hit the streets now, take your money out of the bank and protect yourself. Detach from the economic system as a form of economic protest. Encourage foreign friends to demand their PMs give economic sanctions to us. Probably won’t work, but it’s the best you can do.

    4. @Jim M I hope you’re not too close to Russia because Putin is going to be emboldened by all of this to pull more invasions.
      In other words, this is all going according to the plan Putin had when he helped get Trump elected.

  6. It’s kind of poetic justice that Drumpf, like Hitler, ends up in a bunker. I doubt, though, that he’d have Hitler’s guts to swallow a cyanide capsule and then blow his brains out.

    1. No, Donnie Dotard will spend the rest of his pathetic life howling “BEST PRESIDENCY EVER!!!” into the abyss.

  7. Word on the streets in DC is that Trump wanted tanks and the Joint Chiefs balked. Sounds like Donnie to me.

    1. Yes, that’s correct. He wanted tanks, and the bootlickers in his administration defended that request by saying Trump was just _”doing word association, and that’s just one of the military words he knows”._

  8. ‘Those that can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.’ Voltaire.

    1. So this is my very first time listening to this woman, it’s always about the narrative that lacks substance and fact.
      The focus on the superficial is intense. Rather than the focus on the truth and fact.
      Personal attacks against the president and using words like chemical gas, using the military against the American people, photo op etc…..facts are… set on fire president shows solidarity with photo op, … Military deployed to protect law abiding Americans against non law abiding ones, chemical gas =tear gas.

    2. To learn who rules over you, simply find who you are not allowed to criticize- 
      Ever heard Trump criticize Putin?


  9. He didn’t know where he was going? That’s means he lost his way. That means he needs mental evaluation.


    2. @Lily Powell – No, Lily, it means she reported the story as it happened and as it’s been reported. None of what you typed (in all caps) is true. Bye Felicia

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