Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: November 9 | MSNBC 1

Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: November 9 | MSNBC


Ali Velshi guest hosts for Maddow. Watch the top news stories and highlights from The Rachel Maddow Show, airing weeknights at 9 p.m. on MSNBC.

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Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: November 9 | MSNBC


    1. @Kavik Kang

      Your grasp of your first language is less then mine on my second.

      As an informed European I probably best you at American history and politics as well.

      Don’t get me started about logic.

      And that’s just silly ol’ me.

      Imagine intelligent fellow countrymen.

      75 million of them smarter then you.

    2. @Mr B. Scaremongering doesn’t become you. 2008 was caused by “big people” and banks rigging the stock market and inflating it. That is nothing like this. If anything Biden will keep more control on the bank rorts. Biden a centrist and the “big people” will still invest because they still have a better gig in the US than most other places in the world. Learn something about economics.

    3. @Cheshire Kitten

      You don’t pay your electric bill and/or service provider. You don’t have bot.


      Nothing in life is free besides the things you don’t own but love.

  1. Homeless people in UK have better healthcare system than Americans.

    Let that sink in, while you find out why. .

  2. Question: Is New York bound by the DoJ “memo” that says sitting Presidents can’t be indicted? If so, why? If not, what are they waiting for!?!?!

    1. @William H I know many liberal men and I have to say none of them spend much time wondering about the sexuality of other men, maybe that is a conservative man hobby?

    2. @Tobias Birmingham , remind me when democrats issued a multitude of motions to challenge the vote totals? Because there were none. Tell me again, when Obama refused to aid the Trump transition team? Obama never did refuse the Trump transition team access to the WH. You are another of those republicans with very short memories, and forget that the Mueller investigation was started by, headed by, and ran by republicans. Bottom line is this, you lost, get over it.

    3. @Jack Clarke Transition From Barack Obama to Donald Trump Turns Tense – WSJ. The Obama transition to Trump presidential White House has been one of the messiest to date! -The Wall Street Journal -writers Peter Nicholas and Carol E. Lee.

      Democrat Al Gore against Republican George Bush – 2000.
      Decided by the Supreme Court!

      Mueller worked under the Obama administration before leaving office. Andrew McCabe was a Obama selection as well!! Democrats.
      We will get over it – the same way you did 4 years ago!!

    4. @garyoa1 Hunter Biden??? Joe’s son who profited himself and Dad from illegal deals with China and the Ukraine- which Joe denied repeatedly!
      Only thing is there is a Laptop recovered out there with hundreds of emails detailing the deals and hundreds of pornographic pictures and videos of Hunter participating in them – and a Witness has come forward to say he witnessed Joe Biden as being involved in this scandal! Pictures, emails, a witness- far more than the hearsay, booking writing liars that accused Trump of being involved in scandals- by un named anonymous sources!!!
      Such hypocrites!

    5. @Jack Clarke the power goes to Biden. Trump can’t resign, he wasn’t re elected. But if it was a month ago or longer The only way for VP to take power is if Trump is in a coma or somehow unwell or unfit to do that duties as president. Does that answer your question?

  3. Covid Trump is beaten, thank goodness! It won’t bring back the dead, but it’s already a first step in the fight against the virus !I can’t wait for the Biden administration to come to power!

    1. He was already doing it! Didn’t ever listen to president Trump? Oh ya couldn’t that wasn’t allowed on mainstream media!!!

    1. Prager was touting HCQ a few month ago as a treatment for Covid. And as you know Dotard was swallowing it religiously as he had stated.

      But, Trump got Covid.

      He’s a bit more than your ordinary right wing kook. He is dangerous too.

    1. @Berry Turner I didn’t have to log in but I didn’t read all the articles so don’t know her point either.

    2. “We choose truth over facts”
      “Poor kids can be just as bright and talented as white kids”
      -Joe Biden
      (Greatest president elect ever!)

  4. Everything that man TRUMP touches die. Herman Cain lick every booth Trump walked in until COVID took him. Benny Carson now he sick with COVID and probably wont get the good health care the other white folks in GOP got, but they worshipped him. ” Common Atlanta get out and show out Jan 3 so we can win back the Senate.

    1. TRUMP did not mention Ben Carson name when he died. And he DIED grinning at a TRUMP rally. But this was his choice. And some BLACK PEOPLE SAY HE IS FOR US. PLEASE! HE WILL WATCH YOU DIE AND SAY SAY THEY WERE LOSERS AND SUCKERS.

    2. @Marie Singing Cain, not Carson. I agree. Dude dies not wearing a mask like a true Neocon, Donald Dufus doesn’t even pay his respects publicly. 🙁

    1. We really have millions of stupid people who just can’t make the connection. All they care about their stupid rights. Congratulations! The US can learn a thing or two…

    1. Yes Ireland supporting president Joe Biden president Joe yea that really sounds great I’m hoping to go over to see president Joe in January

    2. Yes it was heartening for sure. But I have a terrible feeling that evil trump and his criminal gang are going to carry out the coup, negate the election and take over the government.

    3. Your allies never stopped supporting the US, it was just one or two people in particular we had issues with.

    1. We in the USA love Biden and the hope he has given us. I don’t know anyone that disagrees with the results! I live in a Trump supporting area too. Signs are gone and people are just going about their business, talking about the virus. Thank God the mega spreader is leaving soon.

  5. Biden will not take his eye off the ball ! Forget anything Trump is trying or wanting . Take Trump off the news !

    1. Thats not entirely true – Trump’s administration signed a deal with Pfizer agreeing to buy $1.95 Billion worth of vaccine doses should it get approved for distribution- Pfizer announced that incentive alone could be akin to participating in Operation Warp Speed-

    2. @Tobias Birmingham NYTimes reports pfizer tried to distance themselves from trump after trump’s promises of a vaccine before election time.

    1. @Robert Steele Easy Nancy – we’ve been enduring your cryin and complaining for 4 years!!! You couldn’t let it go!! Get ready for the most annoying ride you’ve ever been on!!

    2. @Tobias Birmingham I FEEL, for you & your kind! Losing hurts, I know! But tomorrow, the sun will come up & life goes on.
      In 70 days & he is……..wait for it………FIRED! That made me smile!

    3. “We choose truth over facts”
      “Poor kids can be just as bright and talented as white kids”
      -Joe Biden
      (Greatest president elect ever!)

  6. Woot! Canada will no longer have a toddler with the temperament of a raging bear as their next door country leader! 😛

  7. Moving towards NOON 25 Jan 2021:
    *The POTUS power of President ELECT will INCREASE to ABSOLUTE and LAME DUCK President will DIMINISH to ZERO*

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