1. Idaho: the death of expertise.
    Also, kind of sick of lawmakers getting in the way of science with their GOP majority rule making LAWS that will not mitigate this virus. Just get out of the way.

    1. @Kiti Karina I say it’s a failing of the species. Some of is aren’t smart enough to get to the next level. It was out of our hands, but now it’s a choice.

    1. @Mash Code That’s a cute line. I’ll never be old enough to stop learning. Now respect your elder, young whippersnapper! 😀

    2. @Margaret Wordnerd Of course I realize that Margaret, but why would anyone who is born again spend all of their time with those who have also been crucified with Christ, save for encouraging them? These messages are for you, and for all those who do not know Jesus Christ as Lord yet. This is one of the ways He calls the lost to Himself, it is one of the ways that He shows them that He loves them. “Seek ye the LORD while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near:” (Isaiah 55:6)

    3. @Borrowed Truths If you believe in the Golden Rule, should I presume you want me to explain why my spiritual source is superior to yours? I suspect I know far more about your religion than you do about any other choice.

    4. @Margaret Wordnerd There is no “golden rule” in the Scriptures, this is about as close as one might understand it. “He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.” (John 3:36) Even though I know that you’re referring to Luke 6:31, that verse will avail you nothing when it’s a few moments after your last breath. (Eph. 2:8-9) But, if you need to expound on your belief structures, or desire a debate, please, feel free to do so. I will be happy to accommodate you.

    5. @Margaret Wordnerd May I extend my gratitude for your cogent, concise and eloquent post, a post that serves as an oasis amidst a desert of incoherent, illogical, coarse comments that attempt to compensate for their dearth of facts with a surfeit of vulgarity, emojis and some manner of shorthand textspeak understood but by few.

      Stay safe. Take care

  2. Your Supreme Court selection process is flawed. How on earth can a nations top adjudication authority, be politically biased???

    1. Right?! It’s horrible. It’s illogical. Justice should not be partisan. Unfortunately, it is right now. The majority on the SCOTUS is incapable of making any fair interpretations of law and the Constitution since they clearly can not put their bias aside.

    2. Peter Harms
      We have in the U.S. ONE judge impeached. The reason… partisan ruling.
      But, corruption is not new, that judge was allowed to keep his seat…much like Trump has repeatedly done.
      Today our misbehaving SCt has nearly hit 100 partisan decisions…and Congress does nothing, despite the Constitution clearly saying judges only hold the position in good behavior.
      100 partisan rulings are complete violations of their rules of conduct, i.e. ruling per the law, not party.
      Our nation has sank as deeply as possible into the Trump swamp.
      It is hard to imagine a recovery.

  3. It makes more sense to regulate men’s reproductive systems with laws forcing vasectomies and castrations to prevent pregnancies.

    1. @Lillian Matthews LOL. The DEMOCRATS. REPUBLICANS do STUPID sh!t then blame and seek help from DEMOCRATS ( Black AMERICANS preferred party )
      LOL. The 50 WHITE REPUBLICANS IN TEXAS made this mess. But “the DEMOCRATS” are bad.

    2. @LIT Well I doubt Republicans are going to put vasectomies and castration into law. So if that’s what Alias wants get the Democrats to do it. Or maybe she’s just insane and no one will do it. I’m thinking it’s the latter

    1. @David Cohen sure he makes an appearance. He held super spreader events this whole time. Why change his M.O. now? LoL 😂 😂😂😂😂

    2. @Ken Kw
      Oh yeah. I see the “Mostly Peaceful Protests” in the democrat run cities.
      Crime is out of control. needles and fecal matter in the streets, homeless everywhere.

      I see your handy work. Good job their buddy.

    3. @Parnel Pospahala
      Ummm. Yeah “President” Trump did pull out of Syria and didn’t have any problems unlike Woke Joke Biden and Afghanistan. What a train wreck that guy is. And it is only been 8 months.

      Just remember. You voted for this guy.

    1. Every parent there, each school administrator, should sue their representatives and government
      for child endangerment. I sure wouldn’t send my children to a school where educators weren’t vaccinated, where not everyone wears a mask. I would insist that any healthcare worker/ Drs, etc who would possibly be in close quarters or contact with me or any family member be vaccinated and wearing masks. Work places that don’t protect their employees from this deadly health hazard certainly don’t deserve to have any employees at all.
      Quite the reverse course for a
      ‘party’ which proclaims they’re
      ‘pro-life’!!! 😧😳

    2. I totally agree. All these nut doctors, pharmacist, nurses, teachers all need to lose their license. They need to be unemployed to keep people safe.

    3. @Carleen Martin soon many people will be unemployment because they won’t get vaccinated or get tested every week. Good luck to them finding another place to work. There are regulations from Osha. Companies by law have to have safety in the workplace. Labor Department will be issuing their plan soon. I say it’s about time.

  4. I just sat around a campfire with people and it may as well have been a little Idaho. It amazed me how little information they brought to the argument to only justify that ignorance with conspiracy. No one was thrown into the fire? But one person did fall in it.

    1. You’re wrong there. The one thing these idiots know how to do is breed. They breed not only hate, lies, and xenophobia, but also more mini-me’s to continue the cycle.

  5. The G.O.P. wants to keep the pandemic alive through the 2022 elections so they can inact greater voting restrictions.

    1. Well l will just do what l did last time….call in for my ballot….fill it out at home. Get my bank to notorize it and dont forget to sign the envelope and be done with it…..easy breezy.

    2. They are deliberately creating chaos to keep Biden from enacting meaningful and necessary legislation. McCarthy now wants to sue the Biden administration. Just tie up the administration with ridiculous unworthy legal claims and keeping Covid front and centre to destroy any chance for economic recovery.

  6. Unvaccinated patients should not take up space for legitimate other issues, put them in crisis care, such bull’:&*,

    1. @Em Andem Just to add to what you said:
      COVID also kills pregnant women and leave many already born babies and kids orphans.

    2. Mr Lobo 1776, they are endangering every baby and child by refusing to protect them and tossing them into a lions den of schools without mask mandates or vaccinated school staff. Your relationship with reality or caring about life is completely absent!


    4. @MrLobo1776 oh please the republicans don’t give a crap about children, oh never mind they love unborn children!!! Stop the hypocrisy read your bible please God himself killed unborn and children!! So stop with your false concern and quit telling other people how to live their lives!!!

  7. “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.” – Isaac Asimov

    1. This one is better “Never leave a man behind” And Mr Biden commanded the American Warriors to abandon American Citizens and allies then in a daring Drone attack killed American Supporters for the Taliban. Mr Biden is doing a great job surrendering America to ever force we have since 1800 fought against

    2. @Amercan Made well huh I believe it was trump’s administration that let the leader of the taliban out of a Pakistani prison and started the talks to leave Afghanistan!!! Go back and watch Pompoa having talks with the taliban! But now you’re upset, huh!?!? And at the same time remember trump also had a ban on Muslims. So please quit trying to just blame Biden!! Oh ya but I forgot you just can’t hold trump accountable for anything!!!

    3. Democracy only works when one person concedes in defeat. Trump has not and probably will not concede defeat to Joe Biden. This country is more divided than it has ever been and you can see that with the growing number of cases of Covid everyday.
      I believe Joe Biden has good intentions and really wants to unite the country but he’s dealing with a level of ignorance that’s not willing to concede to actual fact and reason.
      I commend his resilience to try to bridge the two parties together because in the end of the day, we’re Americans. We rise together, we fall together. A house divided cannot stand.
      I believe the Idea that was the conception of this great country will never be erased. This is hurdle or a filter to test what the founding fathers created and this is the time to to remain strong and not be dissuaded by the false information. This is the time we have to show that America stands for more than the self and it stands for everyone.

    4. @Linda Brown President Trump NEVER Commanded American Warriors to Abandon American Citizens to Terrorist. The BAN was needed and we need it again till AMERICA knows every thing about anyone coming into our Country. you may be for Open Borders a Vast Majority of Americans are 100 % Against it. Yes he had to pull out but on Terms that were Favorable for America and those that supported us. Not bowing down to a bunch of Terrorists. America is less safe now then it was in 2020

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