1. Say what you will about the Dems, but they can manage the bare minimum of keeping their fucking caucus in order 🤣

  1. This is pure entertainment value! Watching the Republican “civil war” go on and the sell out McCarthy see his dreams of Speaker of the House slip away.

    1. @Stogie _Lover Oh this is cheap, yet great entertainment. McCarthy is the first one who hasn’t become speaker on less than 2 tries in 100 years…and I seriously think he won’t become speaker.

    2. @Thomas Godfrey The flip is a lie. No evidence. None. Zero.
      It’s actually quote amusing that you’d think the party’s played musical chairs without any evidence.
      We’ll mark you down as feeble-minded.

    3. @Robert Hartford Yet, it’s actually true and happened with Lee Atwateer being the brain child of the strategy, then really hit things with the Neshoba Fair in Philadelphia, Mississippi. So yeah, there’s plenty of evidence it happened. We’ll put you down for brainless rube with the IQ of dirt. And it’s spelled “quite” not “quote”. A quote is when you repeat what someone said.

    4. @Thomas Godfrey out of 535 members of Congress, name 5 that switched parties between ’68 and ’75.

  2. McCarthy saying “I’ve earned this job” is both comical & true. There’s no one more deserving at failing to earn enough votes to become Speaker than McCarthy.

    1. McCarthy needs to head back to Trump village. He did nothing to show he has any leadership abilities. Can’t help but laugh at the clown show TrumptyDumpty left in his wake.

    2. McCarthy can envision his own portrait hanging in the same Speaker’s Vestibule as those recent GOP greats before him; Hastert the Child Molester, “Weepy” Boehner who had his own personal bartender back home at his Ohio country club (Yes. Look it up.), and Paul RINO who was so jealous that the Southern Border would one day have a wall bigger than than the one protecting his Wisconsin Mansion that he could not find with all of his cross-fit fortitude a measly $5 Billion out of budget of $4.2 Trillion for it’s outlay.

    3. ANY Republican does not deserve the job, as they stood by and twiddled their thumbs while Trump tried to burn the country down.

  3. Thanks, Republicans, for showing us how you’re going to lead the house and represent the people of the United States. We see you.

    1. As an independent taking trump and Biden away. The republican administration did a lot more good for the country economically than the democrats have by far

    2. @Gran Prix thanks to the Dems we got a year of BLM riots, Antifa riots, the May 30th Insurrection, a incompetent President that has been lying about his competence since he was 29 years old, fascist mandates that only helped big Pharma, a new war that could lead to WWIII and Nancy Pelosi who lead an impeachment against Trump because he found out of Biden’s corruption with the Hunter Biden scandal. Oh and the Democrats are Fascist for paying off Twitter to censor speech.

      Dems and do nothing Republicans are the uni-party and the 20 that voted for Jim Jordan are the only Representatives that have a backbone to fight the machine.

  4. As Glenn Kirschner would say, with an ironic glint in his eye, “Only the best people…” . The GOP really needs to purge itself of these nauseating creatures, including anyone who was complicit in Trump’s coup; which, is pretty much all of them

    1. perhaps you can explain your support for the party of corruption, slavery and treason? The only political party that’s had 19 of its members expelled from Congress, 3 for corruption and 16 for treason. The party of the Klan. The party of Jim Crow laws. The party that unanimously voted against the 15th Amendment. The party of raging racists like Wallace, Johnson, Duke and Byrd. The party that now embraces communism but hides behind the socialist veil while attempting to change the laws that prevent them from coming out of the closet. (California Assembly Bill AB22 – 2017)

      While you’re explaining yourself, perhaps you can find the missing evidence of a flip.
      Your party started a war that killed over 630,000 Americans, just to preserve their right to own other human beings.
      You have to be feeble-minded or morally corrupt to vote democrat.
      Which one are you?

    2. …………………………….One PERVE
      Nomanates another PERVE
      Bring Back Madi Cawthorn……..haha.
      “Safety in Numbers:” “Birds of a Feather Flock Together”~

    1. @MK Self Your party has a long and well documented history and there’s no evidence that the party’s played musical chairs. None. Zero.

      You must have conveniently missed this on one of your trusted sites called Wikipedia: A September 2022 Washington Post article reported that career prosecutors have recommended not to charge Gaetz in the sex-trafficking investigation, telling Justice Department superiors that a conviction is unlikely in part because of credibility questions about the two central witnesses.[8]

      Oof. Your friends left you an out though..they said ” in part”.
      The only problem is that they conveniently left out the “other” evidence because like your flip, there is none.

    2. @Patriotz Finder So they look stupid for having values…. Remember when the Dem woman said they won’t vote for Nancy Pelosi unless… and then they voted for her anyway. Now that was funny.

  5. Anyone remember when Jail Bait Gaetz, jacket – off gym Jordan, and Kevin were known for their integrity? Me neither

    1. Yea I do a least it’s not like Hunter and Joe not even seen the grandchild from the stripper Joe assaulting seven women in honors laptop. At least Joe used $30,000 a month and taxpayers money to protect us from that that’s what I call integrity.

    1. I spoke with George Santos a couple years ago. Real nice guy. It was an honor to shake the hand of the first man on the moon.

    1. @Francisco Bassi don’t answer. Just wanted to make the point that life experience can sway a person’s viewpoint incorrectly due to internal biases that are 100% correct in having.

    2. @Paul Harbron Huff Post: Now 6 Wrestlers Say Jim Jordan Knew Of Doctor’s Sex Abuse When He Was Coach

    3. @Francisco Bassi now I’m starting to think you are getting paid for your online comments. Godspeed in your efforts to help smear Jordan’s character. It’s a losing battle but hey, you believe in the reasons why you should right? Keep at it.

    4. @Paul Harbron nope, you are the one paid to defend the indefensible. Just one look at the progression of your posts and anyone can tell. Jordan is a creep, and very likely a traitor. The infimous stuttering spectacle of him aswering the simple question about speaking with the orange lard bag on insurrection day defines him. What is he trying to hide? Rethorical, we all know what.

  6. I thought Gaetz would nominate himself. lol! So generous of him to nominate Jordan. This is so entertaining.

    1. Jordan would be worse than McCarthy because every time he stepped up to that podium it would be nothing but a clown show and circus theater

  7. Gym Jordan? Only Matt Gaetz could make such a horrid choice, the thought that he’d be 3rd in line for the Presidency makes me physically ill!

  8. Jordan’s Inside Voice: “Folks forgot that I’ve always hated McCarthy so i love that folks are voting for me instead of him but I’m going to pretend to support him publicly.”

  9. Is he talking about the guy who was stuttering like a fool when asked if he spoke to Trump on the 6th? That guy would be perfect for the job.

    1. The same guy who threw wrestling team under the bus claiming he knew nothing about the abuse of team. Yep that’s him.

  10. 😂🤣LOVE IT! GOP going from semi-sanity McCarthy to Bat-S**t-Crazy wing, Jim Jordan – perfect, as are Gaetz, Taylor-Green, Bobert, and Ron Johnson.

    1. One with under aged girls and one with college aged boys. And the maga freaks love these guys.

    2. @Andrew Page … seriously man, you mean love of ones self because they want to F the country.
      That’s what people like Jordan and Gaetz want to do, bring the USA to it’s knees but make sure they get plenty of the spoils when it comes crashing down.

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