1. There still delusional wearing there own street clothes an 1990s hand guns. Russia had to be biggest cult in the world what a bunch of brainwashed fools? Ya”ll ever been in Russia?? It’s a absolute dump

    2. Definitely not the greatest. Who knows? America is untested. They could be ONE of the greatest if Putin actually funded them with weapons and body armor. Remember napoleons failure and then hitlers failure. Both times both armies were completely decimated. Let’s stay humble, plus,I feel for some of these poor bastards.

    3. ​@Karl Marx Fan Club I save my sympathy for the deserving. These rubes are invaders suffering under a megalomaniacs delusion of ownership of his neighbors bounty. Somebody needs to punch Pootin in the nose. Hard.

  1. When you’re fighting for a just cause you don’t have to cover your faces and if you have to cover your faces because you’re scared of your own government I sure won’t be fighting for them I’d be fighting against them

    1. I disagree. I sympathize for the men who are forced too fight. Furthermore, Americans would treat their citizens the same way. Remember in WW1, thousands were imprisoned who spoke out against that war. After WW2 they imprisoned thousands who they deemed to be “communists.” That’s not freedom.

    2. Russian orcs are invading another country that chooses not to live under the boot of a tyrant. Ukrainians have home field advantage and the backing of the rest of the civilized world. It’s going to be a big L for the Russkies in this fight. Give up and go home!

  2. This is crazy no matter who it is I’m tired of watching people die but I refuse to give in to tyrants I pray for both sides and hope the soldiers know they can be the change

  3. If You’re gonna do journalism at least know the difference between a tank, and a armored personnel carrier… there’s literally no tanks in this entire video

    1. LOLOLOLOL & more LOLOLOLOL… they are barely the 2nd best army in Ukraine 🇺🇦

      I call them the 3rd best army in Ukraine, after the Babushka wearing partisans tossing pickle jars at drones.

      Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦

  4. Wait…did that soldier say ‘The greatest, strongest army in the world’ when referring to the Russian army? 🤔🤔
    He must of received a nasty blow to the head and is confused. 🤕🤦‍♀️

    1. Well, they appeal to higher levels of the structure, including their greatest strategist in the history of post-Soviet Russia.
      That would explain some kind of adulation.
      Eventually they say that an army of such quality is not supposed to operate that poorly.

  5. Love this propaganda despite Ukraine losing most front currently!! If you’re going to report the news report it correctly! One Ukrainian force is about to be absolutely surrounded because the president refuses to accept they are currently being pushed back 😂😂😂😂 the actual news would tell y’all this

    1. HE IS.
      it’s just that UKRAINE FREE-LOADS ❌
      and KISSES 😘
      too MUCH NATO 🇪🇺 BEHIND….

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  7. They need to stop this. I feel badly for their children being without fathers that love them only the way a father can.

  8. Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦 👏👏👏

    It’s said that the Russians have lost so many soldiers that it Rivals the amount of soldiers Americans lost during the Vietnam war 🤯

    And this war is only gone for one year ✌️

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