WATCH: Sanford Responds For First Time On-Air Since Trump’s Twitter Attack | Craig Melvin | MSNBC

Former South Carolina Governor and Congressman, Mark Sanford, announced his plan make it official. He's going to take on President Trump. Trump then responded by calling out the biggest scandal of Sanford's career in public service – when he went MIA as Governor to visit a woman with whom he was having an affair in Argentina. Mark Sanford joins Craig Melvin to discuss on MSNBC.
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WATCH: Sanford Responds For First Time On-Air Since Trump’s Twitter Attack | Craig Melvin | MSNBC


    1. Troy Stocker Sure he did, he pretended to be a billionaire, he pretended to be a stable genius, he’s pretending to be President, he pretended to be a meteorologist, he pretended to care about the middle class, Trump’s entire life is make believe.

    2. @Troy Stocker dear heart. He did. He said he didn’t sleep with Stormy. He says hes a Christian 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤮🤑

    3. @Troy Stocker “trump didn’t pretend to be something he wasn’t” Jesus 2.0 in chief sounds a bell to you???

    1. in reality Trump is worse than a stooge- he’s a pedophile stooge- a serial adulterer stooge- and the biggest failure in modern history to be a public figure let alone the President of the free world; his moral compass is all about a buck $$$$. and he will f__k anyone to get one $.

    1. @Dann Marceau 99% of your brain is damaged i DR.RUDY can install A healthy baboon brain in that scewed up head of yours.

  1. Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal should both enter the presidential race and challenge Trump in the primary. I would pay good money to watch them both debate Trump on live tv.😂😄😆
    Could you imagine the look on Trump’s face when they start asking him about the affairs he had with them.?😄

    1. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr Rachel Maddow is a Rhodes Scholar with a PhD from Oxford and a published author on military history.


  2. tRump shouldn’t be casting stones. SpankyPants is a self confessed serial sexual assaulter & whatever Sanford & Son did with his mistress pales in comparison.

    1. @snoop alert NOPE. James Dunn, obviously someone concerned with precision, even used the subjunctive tense in his sentence. Precision: certainly not something that you’re concerned with Mr Alert…

    2. @snoop alert Can you even speak English? No? I didn’t think so… Immigrants master the English language better than your thick and inbred brain.

    1. Trump screwed a dead pornstar once when desperate. Epstein was close freinds till he tried to BLACK mail trump.

    1. This guy hasn’t presented a platform or plan..
      Hes a never trumper
      Rhino spoiler.just trying to steal enough votes to cause a Republican loss. Question is who’s he owe?

  3. Sanford is another irrelevant loser … should stayed lost on the trail … Does the ‘ Party of Family Values ‘ have any candidate that isn’t a liar, an adulterer or a thief ?

  4. Remember this, GOP: You had the power to recover your party, but your greed got in the way. 25th amendment would have ended all of this disaster of a mark that you’re all now stuck with.

    1. Jewels Star As long as you understand the message, spelling errors don’t really need to be pointed out in YouTube comments.

    2. @Marci LK Oh yes they do…
      Particularly when they aren’t simply mere errors…
      MANY write “loose” instead of “lose”.
      I am merely providing them with a FREE education and a spelling tip.
      Some of them may be applying for jobs and “loose” them due to their sloppy approach to attention-to-detail.

      Education is IMPORTANT. Look what happened to the USA because they have been cutting education funding for DECADES now… Trump LOVES the uneducated… because they are too dumb to think critically and question his BS.
      TRUMP is poorly educated and lacks intellectual curiosity.
      He is a pumped-up reality star on The Appentice: POTUS Nuclear Edition.
      Educate yourself and others. It is HUGELY important.

      PS. Funny story: When I was recruiting for a job at the last organisation I worked at, I needed someone who got stuff CORRECT and didn’t make dumb errors. My favourite CV (resumé) actually mentioned “attention-to-detail” as one of their skills and then two lines down mentioned it again. It made me laugh but unfortunately that was not their purpose. Needless-to-say that was not my hire.
      Poor git probably *does* still think he has good attention-to-detail ‘cos no one taught him otherwise…

    3. Jewels Star I agree attention to detail and spelling are important on resumes. Since we are being so noble helping others out, I should point out that it’s “guy”, not “git”. But seriously, you want to consider whether your post comes across as helpful or as nit picky and self righteous. Most people know the difference but either aren’t paying attention and type it wrong, or autocorrect selects it. And there is a big difference between YouTube messages and resumes.

  5. t’rump’s afraid that if he had to debate someone in a primary, he’d get exposed for having done nothing in 3 years! 😆😂😝

    1. trump will spew out lies about what he has accomplished and it won’t matter to his base, but to the Independents that will decide the election, it will matter

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