1. it’s heartbreaking how we can’t be this peaceful and Co-operative working towards a common goal for the betterment of everyone on earth as we do in space.

    1. If SpaceX had US military budget or at least NASA’s budget from 60s for a few years they can dramatically change everything

  2. I really hope as a species we spread. As a man i would rather see boots on mars than on the ground in some war.

    1. I hope we won’t spread because look at us. we’re bugged version compared to other living beings on this planet. cruel, reckless, self-destructive, pompous, wasteful. real plague for this poor planet.

  3. I really don’t understand why everyone as a species doesn’t get excited about launches like this…compared to Dancing With the Stars and The Kardashians. I guess I’m just a nerd.

    1. Some good news, I ordered a tshirt with NASA print about 3 years ago because couldn’t find at stores, and later I started noticing tshirts with NASA logo at almost every custom print store and brands such as H&M, and number of people wearing space themed clothing is increasing. This is inspirational

    2. “Appreciation for knowledge” Is watching someone else accomplish anything really make you more knowledgeable when you understand nothing about it?
      And it’s not like this is the first time this happens.. people have seen it before, so the expectation is instead that of success. Akin to “diminishing returns” in economy.
      Finally, people are currently more interested in more personal situations.. not something that doesn’t particularly benefit them directly. Not everyone should care about everything.. and thinking otherwise only shows how close-minded people are when they are incapable of seeing more than one point of view.

  4. Equal parts majestic and nerve-wracking every time a launch happens. Hoping for a safe journey and that they accomplish many things.

  5. Ya think the announcers could keep quiet while mission control and the craft are talking but no. Cheers to the Captain and crew, you too Ruskie. All together.
    Cheers 🇨🇦

    1. This isn’t exclusive, you don’t have to watch the CNN launch if you don’t want to hear them talking.

    2. @Gaetano “u don’t have to play that game u don’t like micro transactions. U don’t have to live here if u don’t like the politics HERPDERP” same old asinine argument that doesn’t mean anything.

    3. This announcing isn’t too bad. They didn’t start talking until a couple minutes after launch. I’ve seen a lot worse.

    4. @Bean Season no but it’s true though. NASA and SpaceX will have the non commentary streams, no need to get butthurt, it’s true.

  6. Dream Catcher.
    That would be a catchy name (pun intended) for a new Space X drone ship, if they plan to build more. Pretty apt too!

  7. Flawless launch. Right on time, too. Good work Space X!
    The Boeing-SLS-Artimus-Orion-Whatever thing? Eh, maybe next year. Or so. Need to throw another $100 Billion at it.

  8. The most amazing is that SpaceX does this REGULARLY, for a FRACTION of the cost of NASA and the typical defense contractors.

    1. @Will 1st the shuttle and buran could and did it’s first flight crewless by remote automation.

      You cant fairly compare falcon9 and shuttle without a vehicle atop the falcon9. Thats why I gave you dragon cargo numbers. That way you have a complete launch system vs complete launch system… If you want to lanch cargo, it would need to be in the dragon2 cargo vehicle, theres a reason spacex make 2 dragon variants; One for people, one for cargo…. Do you think you can just boost cargo in space and let it float there ???. Cargo missions arent like satellite launches.

      Even falcon9 satellite launches uses a payload fairing which you forget to account for. And after your 1st stage and 2nd stage burn your payload has a fixed trajectory. Shuttle and dragon can redirect so say they can meet with a destination for the cargo.

      Again your comparison of F9 and shuttle is like comparing hydra70 and aim-54 pheonix missle…

      You cant just isolate liftoff capacity without considering launch location, final orbit, mission trajectory, payload return req., orbital maneuver req., etc.

      You brought up/commented f9 vs shuttle. Maybe it would be more fair just to compare things like:
      Falcon9 vs Atlas V
      Falcon9 vs Delta IV
      Falcon9 vs R7
      Falcon9 vs Ariane 5
      Falcon9 vs Energia

  9. Historical moment!!! I have a cousin that works for NASA!!!! God bless 🙏 them as they travel 🙏 through Space!!!!

    1. An American was launched into space on August 5th with two cosmonauts on a Russian rocket as well. The media didn’t give it much coverage.

    2. @Bitchslapper316 The astronauts prepare for years to launch in a Soyuz. As the war broke out recently it would be such a waste to ditch the astronauts. However I doubt we will see NASA/ESS people in a Soyuz in the coming years.

  10. One one hand, I’ve always watched with awe the display of power required to push the incredible amount of weight directly upward off the surface of Earth and into space. On the other hand, especially after the disclosure by the U.S.Navy of unexplained aerial craft repeatedly performing unbelievable maneuvers with no visible means of propulsion, that our method of using huge rockets to achieve spaceflight is very wasteful and crude. We could use some assistance from those who’ve been visiting us on this planet.

  11. The most amazing isn’t the launch but that SpacX can calculate the precise landing coordinates of the launch fuel rocket. That’s insane!

  12. So cool! My husband went to high school with Nicole Mann, in Rohnert Park,CA. And it was a pretty big deal in our city today. All the schools watched the launch live in their classes today. My youngest son didn’t quite get why it was such a big deal until the teacher told him Nicole is from our city❤

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