1. Dogs : I’ll defend you from robbers
    Owner : And I’ll defend you from bears
    Dog : Sounds fair.

    1. Dogs: I’ll defend you from robbers
      Owner: I’ll defend you from bears
      Bear: Sounds fair, I got babies too.

    2. Bear: Holy sht! That didn’t work out well! Damn, and those oranges looked so good. C’mon kids, we’re outa here.

    1. @BigES14 Yeah, I’m sorry but dogs can be replaced That dog can get loose and run in the road and get hit. I have to be here for my kids and wife!!!

    2. Bravest thing you ever saw? Just off the top of my head what those passengers did on 911 to make the plane crash in a field rather than the White House seems a little more brave to me, or maybe the cops and firefighters who ran into the towers as people were running out. She pushed a bear off a wall.

  2. She was passing through with her cubs and was just defending her own. Cuz them dogs had em shook at first. Glad it worked out for everybody

    1. they come down from the san Gabriel mountains looking for food …and on real hot days…swimming pools they love the water..

    2. @TheRivrPrncess But it’s their natural instinct to defend their territory and chase away intruders. Very glad it all worked out as well as it did.

    3. Well Momma Bear was just looking to feed the family.
      Brave young girl just looking out for her fur balls.
      Even the bigger black dog said ” Oh Hell Nah” after it got swatted at

  3. This is why it is important to judge someone according to the way they act and not their appearance. This woman demonstrated more courage in a moment than some will do in a lifetime.

    1. This is a 17yr old CHILD that made a brave, yet reckless decision. Hopefully they use a small portion of whatever they make to get the dogs trained to respond better to commands.

    2. @Gaming God Forever maybe if those people who built those houses didnt built them there,it wouldnt be a problem,cutting down animals habitats surely makes those animals come near.But it is what it is and she defended her pets how anyone who loves their pets would,I would do the same or worse to any animal who comes near my pet.

  4. I consider her lucky. She shoved an already defensive and confused bear in a bad position off a narrow ledge. I commend her for her bravery, but luck played a massive role in this.

    1. @John Clarke Thank you. Finally, a man willing to at least entertain the idea that a young woman was able to sort through all the threats you just listed and come up with the winning strategy. The kind of man to treasure. Wish there were more of you. For you

    2. @Immortal Asirpa Uh… are you being sarcastic? I sincerely do not know. But I agree with your earlier comments. I’ve seen bears in the wild and so I have an instinct about how they’ll react. But this girl probably didn’t and her lightning fast assessment of the situation was pretty awe-inspiring.

    3. @John Clarke Lol…we Americans are eternally sarcastic so it’s hard to tell, eh? Nah. It was a compliment. I genuinely appreciate men who are willing to at least entertain the notion that female instincts aren’t entirely useless. Might quibble a teensy bit about our zoomer heroine and her experience with bears….

      It’s not featured here, but there’s another Tik Tok video where the girl explains what happened, and it’s just as entertaining as the actual bear footage. She tones it down a lot for the CNN crowd. These are Californians. Orange tree in the front yard, brown bears in the back yard. Not her first bear encounter. The California Grizzly is featured on their state flag after all. Meh. Up here in Washington State, you’re more likely to be running down the street after a bald eagle that’s got your cat than going bear tipping.

      But I’m happy to defer to your experience with bears. I’ve only seen the smaller black variety from the back of a quad. Had a deer jump over my head last fall, which is exciting, but that was actually the fifth time in my life, and it’s just so over before you realize it’s happening, I’ve never managed a single reaction on any of those occasions. Not really a predator encounter, but I always wonder if I’ve narrowly missed a powerful kick to the face.

      Meh. I’m rambling. But genuine good will, my friend. Thanks for the fun conversation

    4. @Immortal Asirpa I just watched it. The girl is hilarious. “I just pushed an apex predator, man!’ Thanks for recommending it

  5. As people push wild animals existing habitats into a corner, interactions like this are going to become a common theme.

    1. @sun_pony21 ikr as if cave men didnt get eaten by saber tigers, and squash by whooly mammoths. As if lions and hyenas didn’t eat ppl in villages in Africa when our human ancestors were in their primal state.. these wannabe Tarzans love animals so much but don’t recognize we are ANIMALS —the king of the jungle and king beast eat or be eaten, the law of nature.

  6. Bear: _”It’s over, human! I have the high ground!”_
    Teenage Girl: _”You underestimate my power!”_

    1. That was a stupid risk to take and her parents are irresponsible for not having a katana sword and teaching her how to safely use it and also long nunchuks. I’m sure it’s not uncommon to see bears in her neighborhood. Also maybe just screaming into a megaphone and/or yelling as loud as she can “THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!” would’ve made the bear drop the dog and go away 😛

  7. I loved it when she said “I couldn’t “bear” for anything to happen to my dog! Gotta to love a good unintentional pun……

    1. *If you look carefully, first the bear was defending its’ babies and himself..then you can see that the puppy’s belt is caught in the bear’s claws. The bear gets upset and confuse because of that .. The bear climbs back up the wall but retreats because of its’ babies. If the bear had been alone, the situation would have been worse.. !!!*

    2. CNN is running the story in an attempt to try to distract you from Fauci’s emails being released and showing that he got together with Facebook and Bill Gates in order to lie to us about the effects of the disease.

    1. That stupid little mut put itself in danger by trying to attack a bear and it’s Cubs. Stupid animal. should of let it get eaten. Survival of the fittest

    2. @DirKa187* Dogs naturally defend their territories, so their actions weren’t “stupid”.

  8. She probably saved the bears life. If it had gotten a pet, chances are it could have been put down, for just being a bear and eating food. She kept both her dogs and the bear and her cub(s) safe

    1. Fair point. If the bear had fallen forward though that could have been a bloodbath with a lot more than a little dog being hurt. Very lucky this wasn’t a worse outcome. Whew is all I can say to this video.

    1. @Paco Raban erectile dysfunction what is that? I never heard of that word. What causes that and what’s the cure.

    2. @I can see clearly Now it means a man’s genitals dont work
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    3. @I can see clearly Now as for the cure, something called ACE inhibitors I would imagine, but I’m not qualified to say that
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    4. All the wolves die eventually, The Lone wolf leaves the pack to not be a liability to them, he has no fear of death..Sounded real good on GOT though.

  9. I joke about wrestling bears all the time and I’m an old guy. This high school kid made the joke a reality. Impressive.

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