1. @Al Thompson it’s more like the dnc buying cnn so that they can make both warren and sanders self implode and let a Biden/buttigieg win

    2. But when CNN bashes any republican politician you guys from the Left cheers like hell. Now you have a little taste how it is

    3. valgehiir We aren’t a cult following blindly. We kno policy and argue on facts and logic. Throwing facts at ignorant attacks isn’t bullying it’s responding.

    4. Suco de Farofa Down Actually no, we on Bernie’s side kno this about MSNBC or CNN and many many times independent left media has begged em to stop laser focus on everything he does, even typos, and every tweet he sends out. We kno it only builds his case for any story he doesn’t like bein ‘fake news’

  1. CNN: We’re not biased at all

    Also CNN: Senator Sanders, why are you a terrible candidate that wants to destroy this country? You have 5 seconds to answer

    1. something like 70% of tv media is funded by pharmaceutical commercials who have a direct incentive to make sure he loses

    2. It reminds me of the reporter who interviewed Bernie by AOC and asked her as a strong woman how come she chose an old white guy over Warren and it was just as cringe as Bernie is like wtf?

    1. @Bad Bird those are some massive claims with no justification or back up. Canadian healthcare is definitely flawed no health care is perfect but if you have cancer in Canada they take care of you … with the best treatment available. And you don’t become bankrupt afterwards. You need an elective acl year repair get in line ..

      At this very moment I have a patient 22 years old, whose constantly coming into the hospital with diabetic ketoacidosis because he cant afford insulin… we’ve told him that he will die young if he continues doing this, he has no choice.

      (im a Canadian medical student and I’ve worked in both American and Canadian health care systems).

    2. @Bad Bird stupid idiot we dont wait 2 years and we dont pay for it .get your fact before you trash are system .we might wait in emegency long but we dont pay the service idiot yankee . before you comment get you stupid fact straigh

    1. @William being native american thats one lie. Thats enough for me to realize shes a culture vulture so she can enhance peoples perspectives of her.

    2. Slick Rick But she is though. Maybe she didn’t know the extent on it but she has Native American ancestry. And before you talk about the amount she had it’s actually more like that she’s have none at all. My great great grandpa was Native American. That means AT MOST I could have 6.25%. But that’s only if my great grandma or grandpa(not sure which of her parents were his child) gave my grandma the full 25% and then my grandma gave my mom the full 12.5% and then she gives me the full 6.25%. That’s outrageously unlikely due to random assortment and cross over. I have 2% native DNA. If we went based off that you’d think that would mean it was another generation or two back but I know from my until recently living relatives that he wasn’t that far back.

    1. Holy crap, maybe the left and right can unite! (We are crazy powerful and effective when we do that) down with CNN !!

    2. All corporate funded news, including fox, has a priority of keeping their advertisers.
      Drug companies pay for the majority of ads for all news media so obviously they attack Medicare for all.

      Btw, fox is corporate media too. And they are even worse (although they all hate Bernie, because he would bring attention to corporations buying mainstream media through ad revenue, and buying politicians to make policy that increases their profits while convincing the American people that its for them

    3. CNN sucks chant at Bernie Sanders rally-
      Is a video from 3 years ago. Way before Donald came up with Fake news quote

  2. CNN: “Bernie, how many times do you beat your wife? Why do you deny it?” I’ve lost all respect for Warren. I’ve never had it for CNN.

    1. @lead deposit Is there lead in your head as well? We’re celebrating the fact that Bernie is the most popular statesman with both the young and the Independents, who make up the largest voting block. The future is ours. We leave the crying to your deluded kind.

    2. @Northern Charles Manson made sense once in a while also. But he is being used by the globalist elites to help destroy America.

    3. @Albert Morris Most Democrats are not socialists, they will not vote for a far left Sanders. Either stay home or vote for Trump

    1. @John Ames
      Bernie is gone. Obama already put in the knife with the Super Pacs. Bernie is too socialist to win and the Dems know it.
      It appears that Biden has been anointed and will be the nominee much to my disbelief, but that’s how the Dems operate.

      Imagine another term for Donald! His buffoonish stupidity can only get worse! I’ve never been so entertained by politics. 😆


    1. ​@Johnny Casserole I’ve literally heard thousands of Trump supporters say they’re gonna start a war if Trump get impeached. Who cares?

  3. Chris Cuomo: “We’re having a big debate about what qualifies as a journalist”

    Me: “Oh is he gon be the voice of reason rn?”

    Chris Cuomo: *immediately reports hearsay as fact

    Me: Oh yea nah, this is CNN…

    1. man….you and everybody else who’s not a Warren fan or Women I guess. I get a kick out of Bernie despite disliking him tremendously…he’s a good show, But Can’t see him saying such a thing let alone thinking it. most honest, blunt one up there. So what a piece of sht warren is. Not even shaking hand at the end trying to Display Power??, or just weak bullsht

    2. considering the result will largely depend on the states in the midwest i don’t think a woman nominee will higher your chance

    1. @S S A
      LEL. Truer words never spoken. The CNN feces smear machine tries so hard to manufacture outrage and drama for clicks and views.
      For-profit news should be outlawed because it manufacturers consent, sentiment and doesn’t serve to inform.
      Viewership is rebelling, cutting the cord (by cancelling TV/satellite/cable) and $upporting independent journalists who have actual integrity.
      The only way forward is non-profit / viewer-supported / subscriber / donation journalism without the perverse for-profit corporate incentives.

  4. Elizabeth Warren: we need to unify the party
    Also Elizabeth Warren: lies and throws Sanders under the bus and refuses handshake

    1. noleftturnunstoned awww you don’t like the way CNN baited this incident into making Bernie look bad huh??? Welcome to the conservative side, now ya know how we feel! Suck it up!

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