1. I had a nephew who went to try to get a covid test.even after insurance they wanted $ 140.

  2. Noticed Roger Stone in one of those photos with Gaetz… wonder if FBI is also looking at him (again)🤔

    1. @Len Black Athlete’s Foot Face Dementia Joe Fingers Kid Touch Smell Cage Corn Pop

    2. One of the funniest lines I’ve heard regarding Frat Boy Matt and his scandalous sexual involvement with a minor – *”Pizza Gaetz”.* Priceless. 😂😂😂

      @Tim Duggan – I loved your humorous references as well. 👍👍👍

    3. @Tim Duggan Roger Stone was only pardoned for the crime he committed and was in prison for any crimes after that are fair game

  3. Those citizens in Florida sure do know how to pick winners when voting people into office.

  4. If your child takes a poison that kills in 20 minutes and 5 minutes later your child’s friend pushes them off a 10 story building, are you
    ok with that friend going about their merry way? Do you understand the question Mr. Chauvin?

  5. I wonder just how young he really likes them?, well the FBI will find out and tell us just after they arrest him!.

  6. That chauvin better go down. I’m so sickened that anyone would even consider that he died of an overdose! I will have lost all faith if that’s taken seriously by any jury member. Chauvin was not under threat, he was acting out of passionate anger. Sociopathic.

    1. @Stair force one Big guy so let’s say he overdosed, why did the cops not render aid* and instead continue to restrain a man who wasn’t fighting back? Why did the cops continue to lean on a man’s body while he slowly passed away? That is negligent homicide!

    2. If it was an overdose why wasn’t Narcan administered? Three autopsies said Floyd died from neck compression. Why wasn’t CPR done? Chauvin wanted Floyd dead.

    3. @Stair force one Big guy Three autopsies stated Floyd died of neck compressions.He was also handcuffed behind his back laying on his stomach making it difficult to inflate his lungs. Hard core drug addicts build up a tolerance to drugs, enabling them to metabolize large doses. Floyd was murdered.

    4. months before they met, floyd had massive heart problems, two blocked arteries, myopia , disfigured heart,

    5. @ray bon Three autopsies have concluded that Floyd died from asphyxiation, caused by the knee on his neck. He did not have a severely damaged heart.We watched Chauvin murder him. Floyd was handcuffed and should have been turned to his side. Also there is absolutely no reason for the knee to be on his neck at that point. How stupid do we have to pretend to be to excuse this sadistic cop?

  7. That congressman has always gotten my hackles up every time he speaks.
    Creepy to be polite.😎

  8. A Tribute in Memory of Mr. George Floyd

    Don’t close the door please let the light shine in.
    Whispering sounds that echo off the walls.
    Straps laced too tightly no room for me to move.
    A blinding glance confuses me.

    Words can’t express the pain of false bravado.
    Piercing stares from the tormented few.
    All sides suffering
    Can’t take this life no more.
    Nothing to chance for a man to break free.

    I only need one eye to be open.
    One ear to listen to what I’m trying to say.
    Just take a moment to come inside and stand with me.
    Everyday’s a nightmare
    I need someone to come save me.

    As I lay distressed pleading please help me mama.
    I see no beacon my life’s growing dim.
    Robbed of tomorrow can’t help those who were chosen.
    It’s up to you where we go from here.

    If I could rise I’d speak up for my freedom with every breath I take that God has given me.
    Come take a chance and take a stand in harmony.
    There will be no tomorrow if we don’t unite to be free.

    The violence that follows will only fuel their hate.
    Take the path that carries your voice of change.
    Let’s lay to rest and and put an end to this shame.
    Be the hope your children need you to be.

    If I could rise I’d speak up for my freedom with every breath I take that God has given me.
    Come take a chance and take a stand in harmony.
    Everyday’s a nightmare I need someone to come stand for me.

    There will be no tomorrow if we don’t unite to be free.

    Rest in Peace Mr. George Floyd

    Watch “Tribute to Mr. George Floyd” on my Humble Driver YouTube Channel

  9. Sir Brian you have gone all out of your way to be fair to all kinds and all colors. Some of us classics out here appreciate your service. Thank you Mr Williams .

  10. Cop or not. This is murder. Imagine those days when smart phones were not available. This murder was self evidently absurd.

  11. Brian Williams is one of the best news professionals in Broadcasting….period!
    Brilliant and compassionate!

    1. I need to add for a serious number of decades. His career has brought us many places. I will be grateful to Mr. Williams for showing me the world outside my borders.

  12. It would be weird if a shady group tried to blackmail a senator and then a weird shady country moved aggressively against another nation almost like they felt they were caught and were like whatever let’s go.

    1. What would be weird is; if you coconuts found the courage to put down your neverending crack pipe conspiracies.

  13. Could anybody concieve of the vast evisceration wrought in this country if Chauvin is somehow aquitted?

  14. Matt The Molester’s defence gonna be “The Lizard People Framed Me” & Marjorie Taylor Green can confirm this, & Gym Jockstrap Jordan can corroborate.

  15. How terribly sad my heart goes out to his girlfriend, but the Sacklers will sleep comfortably tonight

  16. I’m a recovering heroin addict. I couldn’t imagine my addiction being used as a way to justify my murder. How must his family feel hearing that defence? How must his family feel after all the vile things people have said about their loved one, with no evidence other than they hate him for being black. My heart goes out to them.

    1. According to toxicology he had a lethal dose of fentanyl, the pusher who sold him the drugs needs to face charges.

    2. @Colonel Angus we will never know if the dose was lethal because he had a knee in his throat for over nine minutes and choked to death🤨

    3. @Lalo we do have a toxicology report that indicates a lethal dose of poison. It’s up to the jury to sort out what really happened.

    4. I am a clinical psychologist and have worked in the addiction field for 40 years. I know a tremendous amount about fentanyl. I can say with certainty that George Floyd did not die from fentanyl. It is a narcotic/anesthetic. Addicts that die from it, die almost instantly because it is so potent in minute amounts. People are found with the needle still in their arms. You cannot walk into a store, buy cigarettes, and then die. I was given fentanyl for a medical procedure, I was out in less than 3 seconds. It is used for surgery because, unlike barbiturates, . you can reverse the affects with a narcotic antagonist in case the patient is overdosed.

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