1. Trump spent his entire life trying to convince the world that he was a success, and his name will now forever be associated with failure.

    1. @Cleaster Britt Oh your too funny!!!!!!!! As Biden spends trillions, makes Cartels Rich as they sell kids into Cartel Slavery. Gives in to the MOB really you a friend of Hunters sort it up big boy

    2. @7thpilot All administrations spend as if there was no tomorrow. It is the nature of how our economic systems have been designed which is another discussion.

      Regardless, any government will require the spending of capital. What are we spending on and how does spending compare with interest rates?

    3. @The Truth Hurts You! Jealous of a morbidly obese loud mouthed litigious bully who wears orange makeup and dyes his hair neon yellow? Who has to pay for his wife to stay with him? Jealous of a moron who says Belgium is a beautiful city, Finland is part of Russia and there were airports in the 1700’s? Leaders around the world laughed in his face at the U.N. when he began bragging about himself? tRump lost the popular vote twice, the house, the senate and the executive branch all in one term! 😂🤣😅

    4. @The Truth Hurts You!tRump has the lowest overall approval rating of any President to date.

    1. Dont know if anyone cares at all but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girlfriends Instagram account using InstaPwn. Just google for it if you wanna try it yourself

  2. The godly thailand undoubtedly file because august fortuitously bounce onto a unadvised mitten. odd, yielding river

  3. All the prosecution hast to do is get a volunteer from the jury and have somebody lean on their neck for nine minutes

  4. My sister and brothers here in GA, there is a certain party within our state and federal govt constantly attacking us. I don’t think the GOP is getting the picture about democracy-we going to show them the power of the people!!!

    1. @Diana Hulstine hahahaha. Just because you deny it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.
      And it’s true he killed three adults and two children.

  5. Drugs or NOT He was BEGGING for his life! Also people around him was also doing so! JAIL THIS MURDERER NOW AND ALL OTHERS THAT DO THIS! NO MORE IMMUNITY! IT’S CRAZY!

  6. Cant wait to find out what it will be like for Gaetz in prison. Of course the governor of CT went to prison and they had tennis, nice walks outside… no real punishment more of a poor man’s resort. But still, cant wait.

  7. I love how republicans pretend on that they can’t win with universal mail in ballots but Romney has won every election that way.

  8. Enacting new voting laws after a free and fair election has nothing to do with guaranteeing a free and fair election but quite the opposite.

  9. So if somehow black voters are able to meet all of the requirements what is stopping The governor and his cronies from flipping an election result?

    1. Diana, IKR? But still a little hard to forgive him for the trouble he caused the Obama Administration.

  10. People have the power at the end of the day, move your feet, move your money move your vote, make a change for the country

  11. The knee pressing yhs neck against the pavement is just like strangling someone with your bare hands or hanging someone with a noose. This former officer should have used common sense now he has been proven that he committed homicide now he’s gonna pay with life in prison

  12. “I like Ted Cruz more than most of my other colleagues like Ted Cruz. And I hate Ted Cruz” _Al Franken_

  13. did he just Brush over the fact they can just switch county election supervisors ? THAT is STEALING an election!! Forget the suppression when you can just change the totals at the county level!

  14. Boehner catches no slack from me. He helped this whole thing develop, starting with the tea party. And he kept trying to use the developing craziness to work his own power.

  15. The defense attorneys should be sanctioned for presenting false evidence to the jury.
    Hopefully the members of the jury aren’t as dumb as Chauvin’s lawyers obviously think they are.
    Good thing the prosecuting attorney’s were ready for this underhanded trick.

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