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  1. Anyone concerned about the, “politics,” of Covid, one word of advice. ASK YOUR DOCTOR? Get a NOT-POLITICAL point of view from an EXPERT? The Grim Reaper don’t vote. ✌️

  2. The actions of Governor DeSantis suggest that he has allied himself with the enemy against the people of Florida.

    1. @Florida Rocks it would’ve been shutdown if you hadn’t swallowed the dear leader’s propaganda, and refused to save your neighbors by getting vaccinated. Fun fact: your tin god got vaccinated in January.

    2. We saw that coming with the Maralago situation where the city didn’t even listen to the wishes of the people in that community. Such a disappointment.

  3. Before de Santis trying to school Pres. Biden for the border, he should pay attention to the reason of his election. So silly, selffish, ignorant that he is letting his constituents die. Pretty convinced that he hid himself and got the vaccin. Hope people from Florida will “flush him” at the next election. He made Harvard & Yale universities embarrassed for sure

    1. Reptillians are letting there voters die. Why? They have no jobs for them in the future, they will never pay for education to get better jobs. These people will be a drain on the public coffers. They need these poorly educated people to die!

    2. How come people ( himself) had graduated from Harvard so stupid? Now I’m realizing that don’t trust schools only trust the honest people

    1. Me, too. Its disgusting, especially the conspiracy nuts. Had no clue there are so many nuts who believe anything! Can they not think for themselves? It’s ridiculous and scary!

    1. Apparently he doesn’t believe the government should mandate articles of clothing. He must be angling for the nudist vote. As if Florida isn’t ugly enough, wait till they all take off their pants.

    2. @My Perspective and what about everybody that you come in contact with?…… would you feel the same about a leper sitting next to you on the bus?…… infantile fool.

  4. De santis is still a clown…and no one cares if you want to hear a blip…..Biden is correct on this one!

    1. @Mark T it’s all about controlling us and staying in power the transition into a socialist, communist America has begun

  5. How sick do you have to be to sacrifice your own people to score a few points on the popularity contest! Well he’s definitely a Trump kind of winner as his popularity is sinking!

  6. This evil wicked man should be arrested for attempted murder he’s killing the people if they listen to him.

    1. This is the irony, and also demonstrates the mind-numbing stupidity running right through the republican party right now, that they’re backing up the death wagon for their own voters! They’re basically saying ‘hey republicans – drink this kool aid – that’ll show em’

    2. @My Perspective “He should be praised and elected president 🇺🇸” – why are you putting ‘US’ at the end of your statement? I thought you hated the US now?

  7. I’m a Texas parent of an 11 and 9 year old and the only way I can describe how I feel is a seething rage of a degree I have never felt before in my 46 year life. Governor abbot has decided my girls are front line soldiers in his weaponized stupidity culture war. It is a denial not only of science but observable reality and his “Christian values” he claims to care so deeply about.

    1. @Dale B Hang in there. If we are lucky, more and more districts will just say no to Abbots death cult. My girls are grown, but if they where school age and this was happening to them I would also be livid with rage also. Abbot is a POS.

    2. Sending good thoughts from Canada.
      I hope things get better for you and your family
      What’s coming out of your country is mind boggling…
      Just as I am writing this, I’m listening to the radio and this man JUST said “All storms pass.”!!!
      He is right!!!
      He is also talking about saving his elders’ stories, I think it’s important to keep diaries at this time for future generations.
      Anyway, take good care of yourself and be safe!!!

    3. Fellow 46 yo Texan here, as well. I’m an RN and I take care of medically fragile kids. I cannot stand many things Abbott has done, like lying about how the windmills were responsible for the power out during the big freeze, but this culture war about masks has to be the worst decision he has made. He is truly a disgusting individual. I have received the vaccine, always wear a mask in public, and pray others will take precautions and be safe. I’m really, really angry about what Abbott is doing, but hoping most school districts push back! Stay safe!

    4. @Erica Reyna Stay safe Erica. Same here for masking and vaccine. Seems like Abbot is determined to be on the side of the virus.

    1. @Amadahay – Bundy charmed his victims to go with him with a fake broken arm. He did not break in anywhere. Your point is well taken though. Both are mass murderers.

    2. @Goldcic Vibefel his kills in Florida he broke in!!! Except for Kimberly! He kidnapped her from her school! Read up on Ted Bundy in Florida!!!

    3. @Goldcic Vibefel he did very much break into the building in Florida, where he bludgeoned those poor college girls. And he had broken into houses before in Colorado and Utah, too. Ann Rule told lots of it afterwards, because she had been his colleague at work.

    4. Calm down there spark plug Godzilla isn’t coming to Florida it’s a virus that’s 99.5% survivable

    5. DeSantis might be breaking in. Did you ever lose a mask? It could be DeSantis break in to steal them and sniff dirty boxer too.

  8. I can feel the PTSD creeping in already. I can’t be the only one – this is going to have long generational effects

    1. I feel like I was in an abusive relationship ever since Trump was in office. I got out of the abusive relationship about 1 year ago, and he is still stalking me. When he’s locked up,, along with his Republican GQP cult members, everyone will feel better.

    2. One post suggested that some survivors can have long lasting cognitive impairment or even permanent brain damage. Yes, PTSD is a very real possibility as well.

    3. @Sue ZbellYes, the Psychiatric Times is reporting Post-COVID Stress Disorder is Another Emerging Consequence of the Global Pandemic. Lots of info online. I take mental health very seriously. I think smart people do.

    4. @Sue Zbell Yes – I saw it on NPR and threw the link at FB. A research doctor has been studying like, 400,000+ post-Covid cases. It was amazing, and more than a little scary.

  9. That DeSantis comes across like a thug selling dilapidated used lemons. Florida can really elect some “lulus”.

  10. A political party that can turn a blind-eye to trumps many crimes has NO right to be in power, EVER! Vote Blue in 22!

  11. I’ll never understand how killing off your base is advantageous. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    1. @Rich Sackett Natural selection playing out before our eyes. Unfortunately many kids are paying the price because they trust their parents– and their parent trust nonsense.

    1. That’s exactly what I’ve being thinking for some time now. These trumper republican’ts graduated from Yale and Harvard?
      Then I’m better off sending my kids to community college!

    1. @Sara Pulford Ronald Reagan said the most terrifying words were “Im from the government and Im here to help” Then I say in response, no help from the government.

  12. Are we aware that a large number of Florida voters were once “illegal immigrants” from Cuba? Is this the border he wants “secure”?

  13. “Ventilators’ sounds a lot like “blip” when you need them, amirite DeSantis?
    De failure of DeSantis is deplorable.

  14. Deathsantis: “I don’t want to hear a blip from you about Covid.” Deathsantis later that day. “Pst hey Biden, can I borrow about 200 ventilators?” What a freaking tool.

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