Watch The 11th Hour With Brian Williams Highlights: August 11th | MSNBC 1

Watch The 11th Hour With Brian Williams Highlights: August 11th | MSNBC

Watch highlights from Wednesday's The 11th Hour With Brian Williams and get the latest news and commentary from Brian Williams weeknights on The 11th Hour.

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    1. @Wark Mahlberg And it seems that you are not alone! Lots of people are clearly fed up with listening to smart guys, like scientists, doctors and nurses, and are now paying for it with their own lives or the safety and well-being of their families, especially children . Thankfully most of us listen to experts, rather than some idiots on Facebook!

  1. My grandkids are wearing masks at school because as my 6 year old granddaughter said to me I don’t want to bring any bugs home to you grandpa.

    1. @Please Do Tell What a jerk grandparents do have visitors / babysit.
      I know 14 grandchildren 12 great grand children.

    2. @Dolores Reynoldsyou mean like the fact the masks don’t work at all.. yeah I think kids do recognize that
      Unfortunately 90% of Democrat voters are easily swayed with fear tactics and fake science

    3. @Please Do Tell Masks do work, now please do try and get your facts straight, wearing masks is one of the best ways to contain the virus.

    4. @Please Do Tell Bet you’re not so brave in person.
      Why be vile? Why assume that the child’s parents are still living with the grandparents?
      We’ll have our grandchild for an hour or two after school, her parents work a normal working day.
      Go take a good long hard look at yourself, would your gran and grandpa be proud of you if they knew what you wrote?

      I doubt it.

    5. I’m tired of 6 year olds who convert their grandparents to support their liberal agenda. What? My reasoning is just as good as any random member of criminal pedorapist Moby Trump’s Death Cult (formerly known as the Republican Party)

  2. These people in Tennessee are perhaps too emotionally unstable to make reasonable decision about anything

  3. Do these “people” think inoculations for polio,measles, is child abuse? Making them brush their teeth? How about child restraints in automobiles? These fools are so easy to manipulate. Fools will always follow fools. Feel sorry for their kids.

    1. Tra la la – you don’t need to be an expert to realize people are sick & dying in larger numbers in areas where people are unvaccinated & don’t wear masks.

    1. @Charles A Smith they should not be allowed to know a vaccine exists
      it is not for them
      they are not worthy
      they should not even have the choice… let them pass from us

    2. @Nota Cent They deserve to be allowed to protect their children by getting vaccinated. Maybe their children will grow up better educated and informed.

  4. Ask any republican: “Why do you follow the extreme leftist agenda to wear pants in public?”
    We do that to not hurt OTHERS FEELINGS. But we won’t wear a mask to NOT HURT OTHERS LIVES???????

    1. they should not be allowed the option
      they should not be allowed the knowledge a vaccine exists
      it is not for them, they are not worthy
      stop trying to convince them, you can spot the, they wear no masks… keep away from them, wait for them to pass from us

    1. They should not be allowed to know a vaccine exists.
      With no mask, they are s0o0ooo easy to spot…
      Teach your children how to spot the enemy, they wear no mask.
      They should not even be allowed to knowledge a vaccine exists, let alone the ability to chose to take it, it is not for them.

    2. The courts will weigh in soon. It already happened in Texas. Can’t wait to see Destoopid to get dope-slapped into next Tuesday

    3. Absalutly! What is dormant in there brains of adults is these kids are the future adults and the negitive example displayed by the parents will clearly show since the fruit will not fall far from the tree.

    4. Wait, wait! I know what they will say. “Whatabout” _____ . Fill in the blank with whatever “Red Hats” will say. I am a smoker, I understand (begrudgingly) that it isn’t all about me. My freedoms weren’t taken away, my no longer smoking in the bar was the right thing.

    5. Also rude and bullying behavior…why is that ok?? I was not raised that way. What is wrong with these people??

    1. The government should not be allowed to advise me to wear a mask, it’s an invasion of my personal freedom.

      The government has the absolute right to forbid a woman to stop a pregnancy because not doing so would hurt my god and so what if some old men can dictate a woman what should happen with her body.

      -said by each and every republican christian right wing nitwit

      The stupidity in some people is so bad that more and more the movie “Idocrazy” looks like a prediction.

    2. @PDVism Exactly, every sound society has a set of rules how you live together in a society. We have that here in Europe, you have that in the US. Your freedom ends where you endangering the health of others. You are not alone and you can’t rule alone.

    3. they should not be allowed the knowledge…
      they should not even have the option of a vaccine
      let alone the knowledge of its existence
      they are easy to spot, they wear no mask, cross the street, walk on…

    4. @Nota Cent Anyone who wants to protect their children should be given the vaccine. If you don’t support protecting children, you are NotD Cent.

    5. It is a case of amass Psychosis. They are actually on the side of the virus and death. Their Free-Dumbs are sickening and killing others. The ReTrumplicans are doing the work of our enemies Russia and China etc. The leaders of that Fascist movement are traitors and are a part of this mass bio attack upon the nation, whether they know it or not.

  5. we already know we are the most undereducated bunch of human animals on the planet… right here in the good ol US of A

    1. This comment is a 2020 Democrat reaction just plain nasty! Par for the course ! this is one of several reasons why I am not a Democrat any longer!

    2. @terry harker You’re probably right, most people who are unable to accept the truth and are unable to tell the difference between reality and conspiracy, find that it’s a lot easier and more comfortable to be a trump supporter.

    1. And that being said, Vaccines and wearing masks to protect one from covid is a “no brainer”. Amazing that the protesters didn’t come up with mask mandates on their own,seeing as how they seem to ooze”no brainer” mentalities. LOL

    2. @scren99 What is in part happening is more evidence that our public school systems have failed. What happened to civics, what happened to science, what happened to simple logic?
      An amazing, yet stupid specie.

  6. A political party that can turn a blind-eye to trumps many crimes has NO right to be in power, EVER! Vote Blue in 22!

  7. Not a peep from republicans for four years about the budget and deficit. C’mon already!! GOP stinks!

    1. @William Stall thanks to Bush over spending on by lying and invading a country based on those lies, besides crashing the economy! Obama fixed it and Trump wrecked it again.

    1. Matthew 15:8 This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me.

  8. Exactly! Freedom ends when your life choices effect others. A mandate for masks is minimally needed if not vaccination requirements

    1. The Libertarian school of thought is supposed to be to allow personal freedoms of every kind EXCEPT if what you are doing is unlawful and or is harmful to others. When your personal Free-Dumbs impacts the rest of the population especially children, you loose that right.

    1. @Steven Gauge If, that’s a big If, that is true we are back to square one. Masking, etc and new vaccines. According to verifiable news reports, the current pandemic, serious illness and deaths are among the unvaccinated. Your view is counter to that. Your view I take with a grain of salt.

    2. @Steven Gauge hello Steven. You and I have freedom to believe what we want. I am not here to convince you to my beliefs. We can exchange views nevertheless. MSM reports a covid 19 pandemic. So, you don’t believe there’s a virus pandemic?

  9. Recall desantis he is willfully and knowingly endangering Citizens sending them directly into danger solely out of political spite!! The worst type of leader is the one who doesnt even attempt to keep you safe.removing desantis will “literally ” save humans lives.

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