Watch The 11th Hour With Brian Williams Highlights: August 12th | MSNBC 1

Watch The 11th Hour With Brian Williams Highlights: August 12th | MSNBC


Watch highlights from Thursday's The 11th Hour With Brian Williams and get the latest news and commentary from Brian Williams weeknights on The 11th Hour.

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  1. Trump supporters and certain GOP members are literally playing Russian roulette with the lives of Americans, because their logic is if you don’t know what chamber the bullet is in…….. Then the gun must not be loaded! Madness….

    1. That is true as a former Trump supporter I may never take the vaccine and there is some roulette. Masks are overrated really BIGLY. The odds, cumulative since Mar 2020 a little less than 1/500 have died.

    2. @Bryan
      “In other words, the reasons that low vaccination rates among Black Americans are not somehow a counterpoint to low vaccination rates among Republicans are as follows:

      Black people are much less likely than Republicans to say that they refuse to be vaccinated.

      There are about four times as many Republicans as Black people in the ranks of the unvaccinated and a slightly higher proportion of Republicans among those who say they won’t get vaccinated.

      Vaccination rates among Black Americans also reflect structural problems that often overlap with income.

      Oh, also? Trying to rebut a largely partisan opposition to vaccination by blaming a historically disadvantaged group as the real problem without actually exhibiting any curiosity about the distinctions is not a real testament to intellectual rigor.”

      Also in some of the southern states, Hispanic, and even black vaccination rates are higher than white, and where they aren’t they are gaining. But there are many factors that play into this. But it is primarily white Trump supporters who make this a political issue, who have leaders spreading false ideas about masks and vaccines, and encouraging their sheep to resist all the common sense measures to end the pandemic. So this is just more whataboutism.

    3. @Sandi Harris
      Stop lying about masks, and 1/500 is TERRIBLE odds! A person’s odds of dying on the beach on D-Day were only about 11 times higher than that! And the other problem is that you are playing roulette WITH OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES! And it is not JUST the deaths – many people get serious, even lifelong health issues from this. And then there is the issue of hospitals. For example there is a 19 COUNTY area in Texas that has only two ICU beds left. If you have a stroke, heart attack or car accident, etc, that causes you to need an ICU – plan on dying. And it has happened several times in the past year – in a way, those too are Covid deaths. Then there is the staff – when my friend volunteered to go assist in Detroit during the worst of last year, one of the first things the Chief Resident told him was to keep his eyes open – because the staff was overworked and fatigued and possibly making too many errors – since Mike was fresh, and experienced he could hopefully catch some of these. But how many people (Covid or something else) are dying because the staff is dead on their feet?

  2. What about the interpreters that were promised safe haven or even citizenship. More allies to screw over?

    1. Run a search — that is a different issue and the Biden admin has indeed been rescuing them with the aid of the Americans/allies the interpreters helped.

  3. The US keeps trying to modulate the Middle East paradigm and always unleash unintended consequences AND intended consequences

    1. If there wasn’t a lot of oil in those areas,the US wouldn’t be there or even care. That applies to Democrat
      AND Republican administrations;if countries don’t have resources to exploit,they aren’t as important. Duh.

  4. Republicans = don’t tell us what to do. No mandates. Also Republicans = you can’t implement safety measures to protect the students

    1. Some people are literally taught from birth the willful ignorance of accepting information and direction from their chosen leaders with unquestioning blind faith. These are people who have so much contempt for or outright hatred of people not like themselves that they believe those “others” will be — and that it is entirely appropriate that those “others” should be — tortured for eternity. The greediest of the wealthiest among us are the actual owners of the Republican brand, a minority, who use their wealth (especially dark money) to enable and encourage their political puppets to stroke hatreds to move large numbers of voters to the polls to vote contrary to the voter’s own economic best interest.

  5. Figures Amy Coney Barrett would be against a mask mandate…just another Supreme Court judge SHOVED down our throats, without a proper investigation..Just like Brett Kavanough!

    1. I have no use for ACB, but you should LISTEN better – she ruled in FAVOR of allowing Indiana University to mandate that all their student be vaccinated. She ruled the RIGHT way.

    2. @Pat Doyle Judge Barrett, was on the Court and rejected Trump’s claim the election was stolen. She has been un-biased on several decisions. I admire someone who goes against their party to do what’s legal and right.

    3. @Linda Estoll
      I can’t say I admire her, but I cannot fault much of her decision making so far, so I respect that. Admiration will have to wait until she has built up more of a track record. BTW she never rejected the claim that the election was stolen, though I think she would if she had to. She just voted not to hear the Texas case based on standing.

    1. TOTAL FAILURE!! DeathSantis & Abbott have just proven how UNFIT they are for any public office. The world is watching how incompetent and corrupt they are. I guess he paid Harvard for his fake diploma to cover up how low his IQ is.

    1. @Marcie Phillips
      The democrats are trying to stop y’all from committing suicide and killing your family and friends. But yeah you and your whatsboutism as usual.

  6. It looks like the Florida Gov, is wearing a bullet-proof vest. Ahhh, the cause of freedom…to be so hated that you have to wear a vest in public.

    1. Mo wäre one on Jan 6th too. Interesting, isn’t it? I am glad I live in Germany. America is scary

  7. Trump’s psychiatrist told him: “You’re going crazy”. Trump told him: “I’d like a second opinion”. The doctor said, “Alright, you’re ugly too”.

  8. The Grand Old Pandemic party of rinos with X-potus covid-orange and Florida’s very own governor-delta.

  9. The problem the Afghan military has is this. Even if they win they will have to fight to win again next time and the time after that etc.
    But the people of Afghanistan know that if the Taliban win the Taliban threaten to massacre as many supporters of the military and maybe their families too as soon as they take control.

  10. Well I got my vaccine because I want to be ALIVE to vote for the people who are smart enough to run our country. That’s not the republican nut jobs that don’t even care about there own.

  11. No one is mentioning the J&J vaccine when talking about needing additional doses/shots? What about those people?

  12. How tragic the Republican are sacrificing their base to continue political posturing. How can this not be a criminal act?

    1. Proverbs 10:13 – Intelligent people speak words of wisdom, but fools must be punished before they learn their lesson.

  13. Gov. DeSatan is a fine example of results of living life in a cocoon of privilege. Unprepared, ignorant and indifferent to the plight of his constituents. Let them die in their pseudo freedom and breathe of misinformation. This is murder

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