1. @Zen agree but you gotta keep track by remembering that Trump had signed that last stimulus $600.00 relief checks it’s wasn’t Biden administration.

      Biden not only had campaign in Georgia for the $2,000 stimulus relief there wasn’t any mention of $1,400.00 checks around that time frame.

      There even a few Democrats who opposed heavily against Joe Biden cut down versions of $1,400.00 stimulus relief checks.

      Isn’t kinda strange the only time you heard about the reduced stimulus of $1,400.00 when both candidates Jon Ossoff and Rev Raphael Warnock had won their Senators seats. Talk about weird timing hey? 😬

    1. check with your local hospital. most have agencies that are connected with the hospital and will help you with tests, etc. for free through state funds.

    2. Trump never did introduce a health care bill, remember how many times he lied about that. Still wanna see his taxes to. Bring on the investigations.

    3. @Bill Simons true, how many times did he say they will “reveal their health care plan in 2 weeks and it will be better and cheaper than obamacare”
      trump is such a liar!

  1. The Reps. fear that they have no party to gain votes anymore!, they are right if they stay with Trump and the nightmare!

  2. The real question isn’t whether Trump is guilty. Everyone knows he is. The only question is whether Senate Republicans want to be complicit with an insurrection that directly threatened their own lives.

    1. @Baruch Ben-David The only reason I brought it to your attention is that these news channels never raise the issue.

      I am sorry if you and the other firmly believe that we must keep our mouths shut as we suffering from this outbreak and deep depression. 😬

    2. @smart knucklehead
      It’s rather trivial campaign hyperbole, and it has nothing to do with the subject under discussion .

    3. Yes, the Republicans have a problem:
      > everyone knows that there MUST BE consequences for those who would attempt to overthrow the US Government, otherwise what happened on January 6th will only prove to have been practice for those whose goal is to overthrow the US Government.

      But they have also come to realize that “those” includes US Representatives and US Senators and they know that 139 Republican Representatives and 8 Republican Senators voted to object to accepting the lawful vote for Joe Biden and thus provided aid and comfort to the insurrectionists that ransacked the US Capitol in an attempt to overthrow the rule of law and our great democratic republic.
      And as soon as they realized this, Republicans started moving to do what they have been doing for years now; – – – they are choosing party over country.
      SMH !

  3. These Republican Senators that will vote to acquit were just as likely to have been killed in the riot. Too bad.

    1. @jpdemer5 Unfortunately, you’re right! They all are a bunch of criminals. Too bad they didn’t get Cruz, Graham & Hawley though

    2. If only. Afterwards thoughts and prayers can be thrown their way. Unless it’s liberals. Than conservatives will be shouting about their rights being applied and/or threatened.

  4. Lindsey Graham, chicken little, hopefully they won’t vote him back in office, we don’t need that kind of people as our leaders in office

    1. I would like to know what DT or his handlers have on Graham. Maybe it could be used keep him quiet or force him to resign. And Trump’s lawyer is correct. Regardless of the outcome of the impeahcment, which good ol’ Lindsay has explained will in no way have a nonpartisan outcome, Trump should be arrested, tried in front of a jury and sent to prison for the rest f his life.

    2. @theeddorian Lindsay is afraid of the rabid MAGAts in his own state. They’ll turn on him in a heartbeat if he dares say a word against their Orange Lord.

    3. @jpdemer5 I don’t doubt that. What I am interested is that Lindsay made a an instantaneous about-face concerning Trump at the beginning of the first Trump term. Trump has links to Russian and Central Asian money, which means criminals, and to Putin specifically, a former agent of the KGB. One of the major activities of the KGB was to acquire “compromat” on foreign influential individuals. It’s highly likely that they held information on Trump, and could have passed along some useful facts about Lindsay to Trump. It only took one private conversation to convert Lindsay to a true believer.

    1. I’m tired of seeing the GOP senators …They seriously make my skin crawl.
      For money, these people would do anything…and I do mean anything at all. Including, but not limited to, destroying their own country, what it is based on and god knows how much suffering that trump would bring. Already several hundred thousand deaths can be directly attributed to the lack of sensible action in stopping/slowing down the virus. All the lost jobs , businesses and Deaths are trumps and his cults fault. No one else’s.

    1. He made it sound like the police are supposed to be for them only. And he kept saying “We love OUR police”…until his supporters bludgeoned a police officer to death.

    2. Trump dont about care about no one only himself, he dont care about the people died of covid that he lied about

    1. Best President ever. Everyone had a job and people got off Food Stamps. 15,000 pipe line workers joined the food line.

    2. @MKumar thePhrophet OMG! Your one that wears a tin foil hat! Move to another country if you don’t like our Democracy! Even George Washington was smarter than millions of people to protect us when they wrote up the Constitution of the U.S. Read it and read over and over again. And if you don’t understand it ask for someone to explain it to you. For heaven’s sake.

    3. @Diana – Your insane, For the last 4 years it was Trump was controlled by Putin. This week America, due to the cancelling the pipeline, just handed Putin 6 Billion dollars extra, with the price of oil going to 60 per barrel. This will continue while you pay extra in gas and oil. Russia’s main revenue is oil exports. Higher oil price mean more money for weapons and missiles. You will pay for it, Not me I am moving to Ukraine and selling my place in Florida. I will continue to work online and pay no taxes to Biden.

    4. @MKumar thePhrophet didn’t even read further than insane. Tin foil hat! Tin foil hat! You can’t fix STUPIDITY!!! Go away! Bully someone else!

    1. @Sue Zbell Some states are wising up (Hello, Georgia! Welcome, Arizona!) Some will remain mired in the 1950s (if not the 1850s) for quite a few more years. When Texas goes blue, it’s all over for the GOP’s national ambitions, and that’s where we’re going to see the worst sorts of GOP f*ckery in the coming years.

    2. It is up to YOU to make sure they do, you are the ones with the power to do so. …But I don’t think you understand that ??

  5. He’s going to continue fundraising, and bleed his supporters dry. And they will love it. Repukes will never put country over party. Never.

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