Watch The 11th Hour With Brian Williams Highlights: February 4 | MSNBC 1

Watch The 11th Hour With Brian Williams Highlights: February 4 | MSNBC


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Watch The 11th Hour With Brian Williams Highlights: February 4 | MSNBC


    1. @mark Evans would you say that Hitler lived rent-free in the heads of all of Europe and North America, North Africa and a whole bunch of islands in a whole bunch of waters?

      Detox from five years of poison crime and lunacy being perpetrated on us is going to take a little longer than overnight. Sorry you’re having so much trouble dealing with it. You should get some help for that

    1. Haven’t voted for the lousy republican party since the nixon era. I am an independent democratic person by choice for the rest of my life!

    2. Never voted for anything but a Democrat never would vote for that Republican party before and certainly not after all of this, these complete elected official cowards, only 10 stood up and voted their conscience against Trump and a shift here and there in the matter against Greene. The rest either agree and are too afraid to say so in which case who cares what they think because they are cowards not interested in the truth, not interested in freedom for all citizens not interested in free and fair elections and absolutely in the wrong job because they have no interest whatsoever in the preservation of our flag supposed to stand for

  1. MTG is like the person that gets too drunk at a sporting event.. some boo, some cheer when she is taken away to the drunk tank.. if only she was just drunk and not a fn loon that keeps being crazy long after she sobers up


    1. Roberto Rodriguez : I don’t think the people on the Keystone pipeline think so, and neither do all their suppliers, and all the businesses around the area do either. Not to mention the states that will lose the tax money. Also, all the girls who will now have to play against transgender males. THAT is the most assinine thing Biden could have done.

    2. @V : SO, the fact that democrats are supposed to be pro union, and them eliminated thousands of union jobs doesn’t bother you ? And there will be more to come when he bans fracking after he said he wouldn’t. Also, if you had a daughter. How would YOU feel if she had to play against a transgender male ? Do you think that’s a fair playing field ?

  2. Perfect, stripped of committee positions.But stays in to continue to make Republicans look bad,stupid, Etc.Love it.

  3. Just like Trump, she forgets there is evidence of her saying and/or writing these things and the fact she has said these things before being elected does not excuse them – it only proves how cunning she has become. Thank you to the house, slowly sanity is returning to government.

    1. Exactly! Too many people keep laying it all at trumps feet, which is partially true but they have been morally bankrupt since Reagan & his BIG LIE about trickle down economics.

    2. @Tina Beana So true! I lived in California when Reagan was governor. He was a terrible governor, and an even worse president. Things have been going steadily downhill for the average working-class American, and the Republican party ditching it’s morality and “law and order” and “fiscal responsibility” stance since Reagan’s presidency. Trump just brought it all out into the open for everyone to see.

  4. She allowed herself to believe that crap. No one else allowed her. It’s every persons responsibility to use good judgement. She failed.

    1. She’s a fraud, a grifter like Toxic Trump and so many other GOP clowns. Marginalized Greene is one of those who exploit other’s people’s fears, gullibility, and the willful ignorance of the fascist Republican cult to elevate herself. She’s not a true believer; she got busted, her scam exposed, and now is just trying to BS her way through so she keep her grift and the money train going. It’s much worse than what you suggest. Otherwise, your assessment is totally accurate for many of those Republicans that she manipulates, who ironically and hypocritically espouse “personal responsibility.”

    2. Janie K Carney @ Marjorie QAnon Greene is just speaking her true Rotten RACIST feelings. Now she’s LYING and want us to believe she’s changed. Overnight! just to hold onto that Senate seat.
      Trust me that RACIST WITCH has not changed

    3. That is why she should ne removed. She is not the only Republican that has for the past four years gone along with ALL of it. Shame on them. Hopefuly History will be well written and names of all who condoned this half witted Conspiracy and their votes recorded as to what side of History they chose to be on!

  5. just let them!! they lost the house senate and white house with the direction! LET THEM TEAR EACHOTHER APART

  6. Marjorie Taylor Greene deserves all three options: banished from committee seats, censure, and expulsion from Congress. She is unfit to hold high office…or any public office.

  7. Greene has “washed” her social media accounts of all “difficult” posts. She’s forgotten the Wayback Machines!! ALL HER PAST POSTS are right there, as pristine and incriminating, as when she wrote them. You can’t change the past, Mz Greene. “Words are like riderless horses…”! Sylvia Plath.

  8. “I was allowed to believe” should be something coming out of a first grader’s mouth to justify her actions with her parents or teacher. Coming from a 46 years old and so-called a lawmaker is ridiculous.

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