Watch The 11th Hour With Brian Williams Highlights: January 13 | MSNBC 1

Watch The 11th Hour With Brian Williams Highlights: January 13 | MSNBC


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Watch The 11th Hour With Brian Williams Highlights: January 13 | MSNBC


  1. Liz Cheney is heroic to have cast her vote, resisting threats from ultra right wing groups and the calling for her resignation from cowardly Republicans. Steadfast Liz Cheney! Bravo!

    1. @Rick Ton I don’t support Trump. I thought she was talking about a different poster. I hope he rots in Gitmo.

  2. Thank you Congresswoman Cheney !
    America has never shyd away because of threat of violence, you have acted as a true American

    1. @Izziedora Dora
      Hahaha, to give credit she is the daughter of a powerful GOP.
      She does need to be afraid of the bully Trump

    1. Yes they are brave and I applaud them. But now they have to live in fear for themselves and their families. I hope they have been able to find a safe haven.

    2. @Andrea MENDENHALL – I really don’t understand the meaning of your comment. Over 10,000 LIES by a President of the USA is no JOKE but is a PATHETIC REALITY and the LIES that DJT told were not [Differences of Opinions] but flat, outright [LIES] which several organizations have reported and kept track of with positive proof of the LIES!!!

  3. If MAGA really believed that Antifa was responsible for the coup, they would call to crucify them. So much for ‘Murican’ patriotism.

    1. Antifa is white nationalist. They cant be in BLM and terrorist that stormed the White House. Antifa is part of them. If any of these people rhat said they heard them talking or breaking glass why didnt that big group atop them. This is B.S. antifa are same people.

    2. @Norma Colon : Antifa are AGAINST FASCISM. Therefore, they would never attempt a coup. That is a fascist tactic. The FBI has yet to identify 1 (one) member of the over 150 arrested, so far. Why can’t you accept facts, when there is so much video documentation?

  4. Doesnt pardoning a massive amount of criminals who’ve worked for you fall in line with obstruction of justice?

    1. Since it’s after a trial was legally conducted and concluded, it is open corruption an undoing of a completed legal process. Whatever it’s called, it is in dite need of reform or every institution we have will be actively dissembled.

    2. @A. Munoz I’m wrong only the Senate can conduct a trial and they haven’t conducted their trial yet all they did was vote to impeach and now it looks like that might get overturned because Pelosi did it illegally believe me I worked in White House news for years he has not yet been impeached only the Senate can impeach a president Congress can only move to impeach and it will only go to Senate if it gets enough votes and now it looks like some of the votes may not have been legal

    3. @Offskew Neither I nor the original commenter are referring to the current impeachment process whatsoever. We are referring to pardoning people such as Stone and Manafort. I am absolutely RIGHT about it constituting corruption and a petition signed by thousands of federal prosecutors, all of whom have profound familiarity with the law, said the same thing.

    1. That’s what we thought about W. We were wrong. We can always find someone who plumbs depths undreamt of… we’re good at it…..

    1. You are right, but America will come back better. We wil get through this together with our democracy preserved and getting better.

  5. Can you believe we have been on this rocket for four/30 years, although four years is usually a flash in the pan, yet 2016-2020 feels like thirty long years. Thank God it over.

  6. SHAME on the 197 Republicans who voted against the impeachment!!#shameonallofthem #chargecruz #chargehawley

    1. but this is all on tape, his words on the virus, the election he lost, asking to find 12,000 votes, so many failed chances in court to provide evidence, oh its all taped, they will haunt him, history has all the proof it needs

  7. Wrong: giving trump back his twitter gives him power to attack individuals who voted to hold him accountable.

  8. My goodness, why should people always identified with their party not their role for the success of the country.

    1. i think opposition is good, it offers a different perspective and while i was initially for ALL republicans being voted out of office, i change my mind. i think there are a few that would be an asset to have in our government.

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