Watch The 11th Hour With Brian Williams Highlights: July 19th | MSNBC 1

Watch The 11th Hour With Brian Williams Highlights: July 19th | MSNBC


Watch highlights from Monday's The 11th Hour With Brian Williams and get the latest news and commentary from Brian Williams weeknights on The 11th Hour.

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About The 11th Hour with Brian Williams: Brian Williams delivers the latest updates on evolving news stories and places the major political events of the day into context for viewers. Broadcast live from New York, Williams' show convenes a dynamic panel of guests to offer a forward-thinking look at the critical stories that are expected to drive the conversation the following morning. Williams has also anchored MSNBC's special coverage around key political events and major breaking news stories as they occur domestically and around the world.

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  1. You learn a lot in a dress rehearsal, America needs to be vigilant. The real play is yet to come and it will be a lot worse. God help you all.

    1. Yawn, failed Insurrectionists facing courts now. Failed Nazi lost ww2, failed trump lost the 2020 election, and failed Confederate flag losers of Civil War of almost 2 centuries ago.

    2. Milley’s words are a warning. “Reischtag moment” should be dropped in every opponents interview, podcast conversation, etc . We will not become a repeat of Hitlers history.

    3. @Covid is a Chinese Biological Attack Clearly not, surprised you asked. Obviously critical thinking has not been at the forefront of your education.

  2. Oh no! Did the president care about himself before his people??
    I cant believe its 2021 and we just learning about this.

    1. Biden sucks so let’s bring on this lisp whisper, and the health misinfo lisp whisper to keep everyone in line. No critical thought allowed.

    2. Iceberg: Please doNOT FORGET TO USE THE WORD “FORMER” when referring to this TREASONOUS LEFTOVER gagging stench ! ! !

    1. @taz 9 I buckle up every time I fly my airplane and I drive my car. I am not a butter cup, I am far from it. I am a hard and fast Democrat activist who also believes in the truth. For the last four years I have tried to find criminality within the Trump administration. I have met with staffers from that administration and had bought them drinks. I have tried to gain insight information on any crimes that Trump or his family have committed. I have met with independents who were part of that administration. In all cases I have come up with nothing. No inside information of crimes whatsoever. All we hear about our political allegations and nothing more.
      We need to get Trump behind us and stop looking in the rearview mirror because we have major problems coming down the road that Joe and his administration has to deal with and we must help him in order to make him the best president ever. We need to stop looking in the rearview mirror at Trump and begin looking out the front and drive our car to victory.

    2. @T. R. Campbell According to the indictment, from 2005 through this year, the Trump Organization and Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg cheated tax authorities by conspiring to pay senior executives off the books by way of lucrative fringe benefits and other means. So you’re saying, even though Trump signed a most are all of the checks, that he is not guilty of any criminal activity? Buckle up.

    3. @taz 9 I know, I read the indictment and this is not unexpected. Trump has so badly damaged the corrupt and entrenched political class that we see all of these vendettas now taking shape.
      Throughout the entire time that Trump was domiciled in New York City he survived tax audits. New York City has a policy of auditing all wealthy people who are domicile there which is why a lot of people are fleeing that corrupt city.
      We will have to see now if this will move to a trial phase. A lot of times a corrupt AG will file an indictment and then leave it hang over the defendant without selling a trial date. That way the defendant is left out there dangling and unable to prove his/her innocence.
      Compensating individuals through fringe benefits is not illegal. Union workers have benefited from this for years because companies provide tax free benefit such as health insurance, deferred compensation, and various other programs. Let’s see if this goes to trial and let’s see if there is enough evidence for a conviction.
      Reference your last sentence he is innocent until proven guilty. All of these people including the Trump organization and CFO are innocent until proven guilty. The big question now is do we want to hold Joe and his inner circle to the same standards that we are holding Trump and his circle of supporters. We are already hearing rumblings of ethics violations surrounding Joe’s brother and sister along with his son. There are ethics violations surrounding Kamala‘s niece. Are there going to be criminal violence against them? Let’s wait and see.

    4. @T. R. Campbell I think all criminals should be held to account. As I’m sure you know, there is a huge disparity between the wealthy and middle to lower class people. The wealthy have found ways to pocket most of the profits in America, without regard to the needs of other individuals. This is the bigger picture that I look at. I truly dislike the double standards for people of color and the poor versus the wealthy. Liberty and justice for all.

    1. @Ellen Rose Gaynor Oh, the ladies are worried about their world reputation! Everybody care!

    2. Joey whispers 😂yeah right Joey bribes got how many votes?81 million? Hmm think about that! Yeah and grandpa murdered by Planndemic! Put the real winner of election back in! ALL INVOLVED in the real insurrection against humanity and United States of America which is the Fraud Election Planndemic used to muzzle truth and destroy grandma and grandpa!! Oh He’ll NO! REPENT mercy is better than destroying yourselves for a Lie! We all know! Media REPENT REPENT mercy is better than destroying yourselves!

    3. @Covid is a Chinese Biological Attack yes and thinking something doesn’t make it so😜…the facts are against you on this one

    4. @Do-Bee Brothers You’re getting boring repeating the same line over and over !!! What are you ? A parrot ??? 🤪

  3. Pence was scared to leave the Capital because he thought his own security team had been compromised by Trump’s hangmen. He wasn’t being brave.

    1. Cape; You are a LIAR. REMOVE THE LETTER “C” from your name. I was never a fan of Pence but the Bravery and American Patriotism Pence showed that Jan. 6th deserves a MEDAL OF HONOR !

  4. He didn’t “melt away”, he was waiting for the insurrectionists to succeed and he also knew that Antifa and BLM were not the rioters. If he believed that, he would have called in the National Guard himself.

    1. @Danny Danielson Of course President Biden got that much votes ! It’s because we were so eager to vote the former guy out. The message was : “YOU’RE FIRED !!!” FIRED !!!

    2. You all don’t know, the government is full of criminals and traitors? Trump is honest and the other honest ones want him.

    1. @Margaux Stewart
      If they had resigned it would have severed the cabinet loyalty to the commander in chief. I don’t recall anyone saying that they would have retired, just that they would remove themselves from the cabinet. In other words, it would have left Trumps Cabinet mostly bare or empty.

    2. @TheInvisibleSwordsman 1 The incompetent folks he would put in would not know where anything was since no one would tell them.

    3. I think it would only work for a short time as everyone Trump turned to down the line would quit if ordered to do illegal acts. But as word got out the military would not obey illegal orders. If you could imagine the troops hearing their superiors quit rather than obey illegal and unconstitutional orders.

    4. I’m sure there was more to the military’s plan than just walking out.
      They aren’t going to tell US about it for obvious reasons.

    1. @Bull Rider I don’t think he can operate the cellophane that must be removed, let alone fold the tabs on the box, for proper browning.

    2. @Brian Jennings yes l didn’t think for one moment you did, just having fun on trump expensive. I believe you all the way.

    3. All they gotta do is build a Trump sized microwave and put a sign on it calling it ” TRUMP TANNING ” and he’ll walk right in , then press Start. Meanwhile, the timer has been preset for 1 hr. End of Trump and end of story. His ashes can be spread over the beautiful blue water of a flushing gold toilet.

  5. How did “Pence didn’t trust his secret service” change to “he was courageous to stay” in one day?

  6. When will the traitor and serious ex-president be investigated, arrested, tried, convicted and locked away? This attack on our Constitution and rule of law can not go unanswered! We the citizens must be prepared to defend from the Trump thugs.

    1. Someone wants war.
      Don’t worry msnbc loves you.
      They are just 1 more story away from a conviction. Watch closely and Dearly as their ratings improve as they bash Trump over Ratings. Irony yeah

    2. @Drought Tolerant Listen up..there is no provision in the constitution that could make that way for that to happen legally…so are you advocating for something illegal?

  7. Always interpret the opposite of what Psychopath Trump says: “I alone can fix it”. Translation : “I alone will sabotage American democracy with Vladimir Putin’s blessing”.

    1. @Duramax Dad go have another cup of the Trump Cult Kool-Aid. And be sure to write Trump another check, as he told you to do!

  8. So now the fly attracting lap dog is “courageous”? Unbelievable. These people want the American public to believe what? “He didn’t trust his secret service. That’s why he didn’t go with them.” Remember that???

    1. @Elaine Burnett You should look at the recent efforts to suppress voting rights in America. Your democracy is dying. You are losing your freedoms now. Your elected congress who took an oath are now turning a blind eye to the events of 1/6. Your country is in trouble.

    2. As a Veteran myself, I can ASSURE you that there are very honorable men and women in our Armed Forces that will remain loyal to theirs oaths to defend the Constitution and the American people. Those 2 elements are the key points in our oaths to defend this country, the Constitution and the People, NOT A DICTATOR!! The US. military will never turn their back on the people they have sworn with our very lives to protect!!! Never! Id be more worried about your local Police before that happens….

    3. @Stylz G Dynamite thank you for your service. My brother served in Vietnam and I know the kind of person he was. There are so many loyal, decent people in the US, especially those who served to help defend our country and constitution.

    4. @ꦬfetusꦯ no , they are “attempting” to have 1/6 be nothing and a blind eye turned to it, but its not working. Nobody is going to forget that day all of a sudden, IDC what you say. Many TRUE Americans see that day as ultimate betrayal and you honestly think we will forget that? Keep dreaming bruh….

  9. With all the knowledge out there about trump, how can so many Americans still follow this poor excuse for a human?

    1. His followers are not watching or listening to any of these MSM programs. Trump convinced them long ago it’s fake news and they are buried in the LIE and all the conspiracies surrounding it

  10. The only way we’re going stop all this insane , is to stay focused and get ready to stand in line and vote in 2021-2024.

    1. @Bull Rider They sure try hard as is evident every day, the past 4 years have been a nightmare and we do not need a repeat.

  11. General Milley saved America. This Brave, Intelligent HERO DESERVES “THE MEDAL OF HONOR” ! ! !

    1. He is an honorable man, but he didn’t save America. The threat is ongoing and still present. Democracy in America is dying.

    2. @ꦬfetusꦯ As military man my self he’s doing his job and that’s to protect America, it’s our jod to protect democracy by voteing. And our democracy is at risk of people trying to destroy it that’s true but it will never happen.

    3. @Bull Rider Thank you. I will never trust the words of anyone too eager to declare democracy dead…I suspect an attempt to get into my head and spread fear and hopelessness….that is not acceptable….

    4. @Elaine Burnett I use the word focus a lot. We can’t get caught up in the whirlwind , that’s what they want. Remember America is our home, we have to stand and protect her for our children and down the line Stay focused, 2022-2024 vote for democracy

  12. Trump went before cameras in the Rose Garden to declare himself “your president of law and order” but also “an ally of all peaceful protesters,” even as peaceful protesters just a block away and clergy members on the church patio were routed by smoke and flash grenades and some form of chemical spray deployed by shield-bearing riot officers and mounted police. Earlier, he berated “weak” governors and lectured them to “dominate” the demonstrators, the president emerged from the White House, followed by aides and Secret Service agents as he made his way to the church, where he posed holding up a Bible that his daughter Ivanka pulled out of her $1,540 Max Mara bag. When asked by reporters if it was his Bible, Trump said it was “a Bible.” The Bible is not a prop. A church is not a photo op. Religion is not a political tool. And God is not a plaything “Not only was this manipulative, it was desecration.” Trump used a church building and the Holy Bible for partisan political purposes. Critics were aghast at the use of force against Americans who posed no visible threat at the time, all to facilitate what was a photo opportunity featuring all white faces. Some used words like “fascist” and “dictator”
    When he reached St. John’s, President Trump made no pretense of any intent other than posing for photographs — he held up the Bible carried by his daughter, then gathered a few top advisers next to him in a line. “Using the Bible as a prop while talking about sending in the military, bragging about how your country is the greatest in the world, and publicly mocking people on a daily basis, is pretty much the opposite of all Jesus stood for He made no remarks and then, having accomplished his purpose, headed back to the White House, passing in front of a wall with new graffiti saying, “F–k Trump.”

    Trump used the Bible and St. John’s Church as a backdrop for a message that is “antithetical to the teachings of Jesus and everything that our church stands for,” Bishop Mariann Budde said “He did not pray when he came to St. John’s,” Budde said “In no way do we support the President’s incendiary response to a wounded, grieving nation”
    Critics hammered Trump for the St. John’s visit because police used smoke canisters, pepper spray and shields on protesters in Lafayette Park, clearing a path for the president to walk to the historic church. Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, said she was outraged by the use of force to get people out of the way for a photo op. Trump defended his visit to the church, saying he did not ask law enforcement officials to clear out Lafayette Park in advance. “I didn’t say, oh, move them out – I didn’t know who was there,” he said.

    Two days after the incident, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said that AG William Barr had, in fact, given the order to clear Lafayette Square.
    Barr, however, has denied this. “I’m not involved in giving tactical commands like that,” the attorney general told the Associated Press

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