Watch The 11th Hour With Brian Williams Highlights: March 25 | MSNBC 210325 1

Watch The 11th Hour With Brian Williams Highlights: March 25 | MSNBC 210325


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Watch The 11th Hour With Brian Williams Highlights: March 25 | MSNBC


  1. 7 white officials signing a bill to block Souls to the Polls – while the only black official is handcuffed and hauled to jail. GOP just stepped back a few decades. Any Republican should see this as the beginning of what your leeched onto.

    1. @Big Picture Thinking For someone with a Big Picture name, you sure are missing the point on this one. Why not suppress everything else. Limit 1 Starbucks per county. No water at the Dave Matthews Band concerts. No driving on Sundays. You can still walk everywhere and get your coffee – right?

    2. @Big Picture Thinking did you not hear the changes. Yes, we want authorized voters but they have reduced the number of voter polling places so people have to go to others which makes the lines longer and people in line for hours. Also, they reduced the number of days for early voting and did away with Sunday night which for some people, is their only day off because they work 2 and 3 jobs during the week? And to deny people a meal or water while standing in line for hours because they are determined to exercise their right to vote and have their voices heard is intentional and cruel.

      Remember, they don’t want to raise minimum wage to 15.00/hr which would mean 1 good paying job and give people more time with family and time to vote. The irony is that this law by republicans may also hinder people that want to vote for them.

      Setting the stage to harm, deny or hinder others is like “spitting in the wind”. They should look out! God is watching.

  2. Geez… the contrast from that disgrace that we had as a president to what we have now. Wow. With Biden, I know I can rest easy.

    1. So, Georgia Burning? Get William DeFoe, Gene Hackman; resurrect Gen. Wm Tecumseh Sherman. Let’s go on a li’l March. Have a li’l cookout. An’ this time… GET IT ALL, right down to the stinkin’ roots. Then head for Tara Lago. Enough of this obscenity.

    2. @James Spittle The middle class has been deliberately decimated over the last 50+ years, starting w St Reagan, continuing w the crime families of The Establishment Party. People are rightfully enraged. DJT tapped into that. Problem: he’s no saviour, just a diff wing of TEP. Plus a: conman; Russian asset; crook; a drug addict; and above all, a BUM. American Education indicators, on full display.

    3. @Robert Arthurs BETTER them that IGNORANT loud mouth do nothing but LIE, Steal, and CHEAT bucket of vomit donald tRomp.
      And his disgusting voice, always sniffing. And with do much money, you’d think he could do something with that yellow corn shuck on his head.
      And get a suit that fits that disgusting 300lb of FAT

    1. Really want CocaCola to announce they’ll be giving away free water to people BEFORE they get in line on election day to vote in every county in which they sell their products. Would be a great PR plan.

  3. Smh. The GOP just lit a fire under democrat voters and put a roadblock in front of republican voters who aren’t use to trying times.

  4. It’s all so shameful but they clearly lack shame. Well… Bible study is on Wednesdays Where there’s a will there’s a way. We are used to making a way outta no way. #soulstothepolls

  5. Oh well we have all kinds in this country….President Biden speaks English and slow so everyone can understand what he says….He is a good Presidant…not every is the same …..

  6. It’s time for “Good Trouble”! I for one would be proud to be arrested for assisting an elderly voter with a chair or some water!

    1. If you’re IN GEORGIA, get certified as a notary public. Then you can REALLY HELP if it comes to that, but I’m betting it won’t. LAWSUITS

    2. @Elaine Daprano Become a traveling notary. Notarize absentee ballots. It’s up to you what you charge or whether you charge (or not).

    3. @Brian Fergus It’s true. My sister is a traveling notary. She makes hella good money, but doesn’t charge for someone really in need who has no funds.

  7. NO President Biden don’t say that you miss your predecessor. Most of us are HAPPY it’s GONE.

  8. Thank You President Biden, YOU make Americans feel like life is getting on again…you have the American Workers Back!

  9. This country was being held hostage by a “business mob boss” type .what a mess Joe And Kamala have to clean up

  10. There will be.water.and food given out prior to anyone getting in line. Where there is a ” WILL” always.a way. You.just can,t.stop a stepper. Renegade 101st .

    1. I must this, God is.without.a.doubt in charge.and control. He is sitting high and.looking low. He see,s all. No matter.the stumbling.block,s placed.before us we shall vote. Renegade 101st. The “PUNK PERPETRATOR, S PARTY, ONCE KNOWN AS.THE GOP still at their racist.tactic,s. So what new in regards to suppressing the black vote,.same game different tactic,s. Renegade 101st.. Shall shall not sweat this, we will back packs if necessary before black people even get in line. There goes those stepper,s again that.can,t be stopped. KIMBROUGH OUT!!!

  11. The formal news conference? I’d prefer to call it the early bird dinner with soft serve for desert

  12. The USA = it’s illegal to give voters water and it’s fine to have assault weapons. The USA is really screwed up

  13. I’m very proud of president Biden and when his campaign emails me again, I’ll be there for him again. Also, I’ve donated to the ACLU so they can lead the fight in the courts against these repressive voting laws. And I’ll be doing it again and again. Joe is right, it doesn’t look like Republicans will even exist in 4 years as they demonstrate that they could care less about their constituents and only care about power.

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