1. @Joe Dementia Fingers why are you arguing with me ,there guys on here that cutting trump up as well ,maybe it’s because your a coward

    2. @Joe Dementia Fingers did you see trump doing at speech and the scum bag calls biden sleepy Joe he couldn’t even speak right,there was someone on the other day saying he does drugs ,that’s why he wants all you fools to donate money

    3. @Joe Dementia Fingers can we debate how stupid you had to be to believe trump was anything other than a conman in the first place? And how much dumber you must be to believe so five years later?

    1. Trump has been giving the U.S the middle finger before even becoming President, that’s why Putin picked him. That FOOL is compromised him and most of the GOP in the Senate.

    2. @Terii Edwards True dat big time!!!! Still millions more of them. Sadly, stupid procreates stupid….

    3. He had to refund millions off that checkbox thing, but then he did that legal defense fund to do the refunds with.

    4. @Linda Pinda Belinda pois aí está Povos de Línguas e Nações . como era o Fundo que tem depositado em Estórias .era . Fundo From ou Fundo Chudow .ele avia Fraudado tudo . E fez essa Distorção .de valores . Onde foi parar as verbas 🏦💰 as contas Públicas .o que se tornou o Capitólio .e porque uniu o povo contra Trump .em . Pois as contas de certo era conta conjunta neste fundo TBM .

    5. Então Povos Línguas e Nações. Vamos Analisar .desde o Começo .onde tudo começou .foi em Julho de 2015 . ainda na Administration’s de Barak Obama. Foi com ele que começou .as Estórias contadas em Feicbook Tweet . Pois eu avia comprado o Computador . Nesta época. 🖥️O PC

  1. More the point, even the Barr department of justice felt there was too much there to cover up.

  2. When TUMP claps his tiny Winnie hands it reminds me of a seal..no hands just making the motions

    1. @jeff nomad – Or when he says, “people are saying” or “I’m hearing” or … well, anytime he opens his KFC hole.

    2. @DR Boze oh, yeah.. forgot about that one…& yes, his biggest tell is if his lips are moving, HE’S LYING

    3. @jeff nomad – I just encountered another of his tells. The bigliest tell. “If I have to be honest with you…”

  3. I’m surprised he hasn’t sold the brooklyn bridge to his supporters. We know what he’s doing. When is someone going to hold him accountable???????????

  4. Crazy man… sad he did this to his followers! Hope they wake up & realize how he burned them all!!

  5. Many may want a refund, but also, many don’t wish to be put on Trumps republican blacklist. It’s like asking the mob for a refund.

    1. Or perhaps they’re too embarrassed to ask for refund knowing they’ve been had and look like a complete fool.

    2. @Nancy Morrison – There’s NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. tRump supporters ARE *”COMPLETE FOOLS.”* In addition to THAT disgrace, the RNC still chooses tRump as their “primary candidate”. *Absolutely shameful. The Republicon party….the party of NO MORALS, VALUES OR ACCOUNTABILITY.*

  6. I wonder if OANN, Newsmax, Fox are reporting this or documentaries on squirrels or mr potato head these days.

    1. @muuuuuud este Trump safado fala descaradamente de teatro ele vem fazendo isso .a muito tempo .ele e sem vergonha bandidow . O que prova e o meu nome atual e a data da compra do PC 🖥️ ✍️o meu nome em Documento .e a Data .

    1. @Alex Hamilton and yet Don mccon is the only one under investigation imagine that and I wonder why oh that’s right he’s a con man oops for you

    2. @Peter Frank Hansen no doubt Peter how many companies has he left pulled in the bag when making his hotels and then offered them pennies in return as payment before going bankrupt yeah he’s a con artist

  7. They should have listened to Trump when he was reading his favorite poem “You knew I was a snake when you took me in”!

    1. @Msfruity44 😱 WOW!!! Unfortunately people like trump tend to stick together! No wonder she supports a POS like trump🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ hopefully that money she stole was stolen from her by trump donations 🤞🤞🤞

    2. Yeah I always found Trump reading that was so Ironic.
      Was it lost on Trump, or did he get the irony?

    3. @Msfruity44 eu alienado hakkkkkkk tu tem me not Alienado primeiro prova. Pois eu faço a sim só falo guando tenho certeza .e posso provar .e tu só fala merda .💩

    1. @Thomas Sanders nope, the more he 💩’s on them, they more they WORSHIP him.
      His pathetic brainwashed gaslighted cult members are like the battered wives who go back over & over to the one who exploits & abuses them.

    2. @jeff nomad Some battered folks do escape! We need to keep trying to wake folks up….and reality may help…

    3. @Elaine Burnett good luck… he’s for his insane cult members sooo brainwashed & gaslighted they refuse to listen to anything other than his lies.
      Ever hear of the Jonestown cult ???
      Jim Jones had nothing on Don the Con…his cult members happily guzzle the Kool Aid he feeds them.

    1. @Cliff Medina
      Surtses TT got you right Cliff.
      You are name calling like a child, do you have an arguement?

    2. Another failed trump endeavor that taxpayers had to pay for. Seriously…. how could Republicans confuse a guy who plays a successful businessman on television, for being a real one. The guy was a bad person before he even campaigned; so i don’t know how anyone would think he’d do well, even after such a failed administration.

    3. @Tacit Tern They are stupid. That is simply a fact. Drumpf supporters are incapable of assimilating anything which does not conform to their world view, read prejudices.

  8. “A business that gave business advice that went out of business. Embarrassing.” 😂😂😂💀 Never change your tone Ari!

  9. “Remember, when you are dead, you do not know you are dead. It is only painful for others. The same applies when you are stupid.”
    ― Ricky Gervais

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