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  1. People in authority should be held to a higher accountability standard…. Because the people trusted them with that authority…… So they are responsible for their actions…as we all are

    1. Preach how are only civillians supposed to be held liable for our actions but ppl who take a oath to protect are held unaccountable for there actions utterly ridiculous to even have to debate this issue.

    2. Unfortunately in anybody that’s in politics should never be your source of Truth you should go to the actual scientific information which is the CDC. Everybody needs to start being responsible for themself instead of using the wrong source is a scapegoat. I’m not disrespecting you but unfortunately anybody who has doubt about the virus or the vaccine is not getting the proper information you are either reading misinformation or disinformation and that won’t help you or anybody need to get the facts CDC and the world statistics

    1. herd immunity doesn’t work when the virus mutates into a new form… it’s a “new virus” which is why we get the flu vaccine yearly…

    2. Well, fewer unvaccinated people means we reach herd immunity that much sooner. I just feel so bad for the healthcare workers.

  2. The last section of Section 1 of the 14th Amendment DENIES States the authority to deny “equal protection under the law”.
    If “Qualified Immunity” ISN’T a total violation of “EQUAL protection under the law” what is it?

  3. Welcome to minority rule where roughly 30% get to choose how the other 70% live or die. It’s a ridiculous way to govern a nation.

    1. That’s why Republicans are dead set on suppressing as many Democratic votes as possible. They are well aware that they can’t win without cheating.

  4. As long as there are irresponsible people , we will never get ready of the virus. do not listen to the politicians

    1. Maybe it’s better to just learn to live with this virus, since the survival rate is so high. You know, like we do with literally millions of other viruses, since the dawn of time.
      Or you can focus our anger on the people who don’t want to join your cult. We all know where that leads.

  5. I have a retired badge and ALL should be held accountable! If they”police” are doing it wrong , give them monthly refresher courses until it’s burnt in there heads. We are trained properly but around others, Some forget the basics

    1. Thanks 4 serving and giving a point of view from a officers prospective. Its a shame its ppl vs the police it shouldnt have to be that way.

    1. Thank you from the Emergency Department overflow/surge unit!!! 👍🙏 Now get an unvaccinated friend or family member to join the fight for our lives!

    2. @Brenda Lester Because Trump is one of the racists that OP wants to be afraid again (and they have a good point).


  7. This is why elections matter. This is how legislation is “negotiated”. They stuff bills with items they know will be removed to give the illusion of compromise. Hopefully the Dems will take more seats in the mdterms and this can go though as a stand- alone bill. If more states change policing at that level the data of deterrance through no immunity should decrease these unnecessary violent events. No matter WHAT a person has done, everyone has the RIGHT to their day in court. I personally think all the legal fees should come out of the police union retirement funds as well. THAT’S how you get the “good cops” to toss out the “bad cops”- when they’ve got actual skin in the game re: retirement.

  8. Nothing new or strange about a booster. I can remember getting a polio booster in the early 1950s when they came out with an oral dose. I have had many typhoid fever booster shots , recommended every two years.

  9. I blame this on the massive miss information to people to the point that our options have become either get vaccinated and wear a mask; or wear a mask and get tested at least once a week. The mask is never out of the picture. We all have to smarten up.

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