Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: August 23rd | MSNBC 1

Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: August 23rd | MSNBC


Watch highlights from Monday's The Beat with Ari Melber. The Beat airs weeknights at 6 p.m. on MSNBC.

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    1. maria schultz they’re all at it
      By definition they’re all lying toerags
      You confuse the people , you can do what you want
      That’s technology for you

    2. Back when nixon’s days the adults asked me my opinion. All that came out of my mouth were obscenities repeatedly *****

  1. Zuckerberg had a unique opportunity in the history of mankind to do something phenomenal, yet he chose to do something contrary, and phenomenally bad at that.

    1. @Texas Pride Who else would buy hillside ocean view property in Hawaii and build 20 foot walls around his compound blocking the view to everyone behind who has been there generationally. He cares about #1 only

    1. Maybe he should be ”pulled” down…
      But evry bussines uses face book
      even school districts use it…
      you all, allowed it, you all were part of it, you are all, to blame…

    2. @Texas Pride
      He sure does work that brow crunch and unnecessarily loud and forceful professor act on clarifying what definitions really mean…

    3. @Texas Pride yeah, see when he made that first comment, it was something he said without a lot of thought. He didn’t know and he didn’t care. In fact maybe he thought about how he could use it to his advantage. When he came to DC he just floated across the room. It was so funny because those old codgers like Grassley didn’t even have a FB account.

    4. The corruption of the congress allowed this kind of damage to happen, instead of figuring what’s best regulating these companies., they’re looking for the biggest secret donor. Or post congress gig.

  2. What amazes me is the energy and vehemence put forward by american people to denounce socialist and socialism. Yet, some of these same people cannot bring to the fore the necessary energy to be responsible citizens in the society within which they live. A grouping of self-serving narcissists does not a society make…

    1. @Jim Mack I totally agree, I equate this to participation trophies. When you never learn disappointment, life becomes a giant disappointment. I feel there are 2 problems in America that neither party want to fix. 1) lack of motivation in society and more importantly 2) lack of knowledge and information to opportunities being readily available. In the latter we fail society in every aspect. From education to community resources.

    2. @Texas Pride seems like Fernando (chief psychoanalysis) wanted to use his new word “gaslighting” and gets a little thick with the accusation “You’re not analyzing”. When that is xactly what he did….funny.

    3. @James Hutchins and least we forget that the highest , 10 to 20%, income earners, pay around 90% of the total taxes collected.
      Lots of people, 30%?, do not pay any , aside from sales tax.

    4. @Jim Mack your dreaming if they pay that…it has been exposed that those you quoted pay little to absolutely 0% income taxes.

    5. @James Hutchins well here we go James, this could be a large part of the fake news we here about. think and use the net. you come off with sad info, so i’ll try to help.
      many sites will verify and if you will check, nothing exact here, but my numbers are very close. In 2018, top 1% earners, paid 40.08% of the fed taxes. top 5% earners, pd 60.03% of the taxes. top 50 % pd 97.06% of the fed tax. oh…i am now guessing to myself, as to where you get your news.
      This could really help on many topics, as people have many differing opinions.

  3. There is a warning label on cigarettes that says: “This product can cause cancer…” There should be a similar warning on your Facebook page: “This is not real news. This is fake. This is BS. This is doctored photographs. Reading these stories will not make you smarter.”

    1. Its entertainment, unfortunately people have left the real world for this new internet world. Fact or fiction, true or false are now irrelevant. Perception is what the media plays on now. Whether it’s good for society or bad has become irrelevant. Money trumps all.

    2. They should put that warning on Fox, OAN, etc and any other organizations licensed under entertainment.

    3. The misinformation includes medical advice.
      Do they have a license for practicing medicine?Basically with people ending up poisoned with bovine and equestrian deworming meds for a virus, Hannity, Zuckerberg, fLucker Carlson should be covered in lawsuits.

  4. In today’s world, be it in using Facebook, or even just answering your phone, you gotta keep your BS detector dialed to eleven.

  5. How can we let billionaires get away with this with a smack on the hand!! Mark Zuckerberg needs to be punished!!

  6. Come on people, we need to somehow come together instead of the BS that that’s going on that’s dividing OUR COUNTRY!

  7. I know Mark, at first it was difficult for me to wrap my head around the concept of there being so many stupid people in our country, dumb enough to believe the absurd disinformation also

  8. Facebook is made up of matrices that feed people information they want to hear according to what they demonstrate their beliefs and biases to be.

    1. Putin is ex kgb,he knew he could blackmail dRumpf and others to divide us from within, just look at all the times dRumpf did something unexplainable that hurt American interests and lessened our standing on the world stage. 4 solid years of dRumpf doing things that in retrospect look like he was receiving orders from putin the whole time.

    1. Hannity and Tucker have HIGHEST VIEWERSHIP RATINGS of ALL Cable News…WAY HIGHER THAN LYING CNN and MSNBC…which you watch

    2. @Sun Dial not saying CNN doesn’t present questionable stories at times but let’s get real I’ve heard more facts from CNN than Fox,Fox isn’t a real media outlet so they don’t have to be completely held accountable for telling lies.
      It’s the stories of Fox News and outlets like Prauger that’s got the country in the state it’s in.

    3. @Frank Compagnone “at least a real journalist”
      Totally impossible… Faux does NOT deliver any news at all they are an Entertainment network only and NOT to be taken seriously.
      So that puts the lie spewing Sham-hannity in an awkward spot… he is NOT a journalist!

  9. Facebook has Done More to Undermine Democracy, Decency & Real Life Human Interaction than Anything I Can Think Of.

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