Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: August 24th | MSNBC 1

Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: August 24th | MSNBC


Watch highlights from Tuesday's The Beat with Ari Melber. The Beat airs weeknights at 6 p.m. on MSNBC.

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    1. @maria schultz : This is the first time Biden’s approval has fallen below 50%. Trump’s approval never broke 50% the whole time he was in office. Go learn something.

    2. @maria schultz
      You can’t be serious. Voter fraud…LOL, thanks for making me laugh. This is way to funny. LOL.
      Do you honestly believe there were any voter fraud in 2020’s election, then proof it…
      And when did Trump ever hit over 50% approval, in the 4 years he was President…enlighten me. But don’t forget, you are talking to someone who does research everything.
      Biden is our President for the next almost three and a half years. Live with it or don’t, it’s up to you. But voter fraud…LOL, I still can’t stop laughing. You made my day, thank you for that. Take care!

  1. We “Americans ” have a right to know if ANY members of congress played a part in the January insurrection! Collect them phone and text records! If any congressman broke the law…….Lock them up!

    1. @David Hale The Proud (little) Boys (and other white supremacist groups) infiltrated the BLM peaceful protests, vandalizing & looting (& in a few instances killed police officers) in an effort to have BLM blamed (in service to their end-game — race riots leading to a civil war.

    2. @Kay Stevens so proud boys and Black Lives Matter and Antifa were working together ? That’s amazing.
      Since one group loves this country and the flag and police. While the other two hate this country the flag and police.
      Your stupidity has no logic or common sense

    3. @David Hale When I bring up Republicans it is fact..
      As I said,the rest of the world managed peaceful protests..

  2. What about the cameras and the security card swipers. Stop b.s. and wasting time
    If someone is guilty trail them them punish them
    Who cares if they’re Republicans or Democrats. If ur guilty your guilty.

  3. A failed “COUP” that goes unpunished is just a training exercise. ENABLER: Jordan babbling/stumbling over his words as an infant displays it “ALL.”

    1. Where’s MSLSD’s coverage of radical

    2. @John Edward
      They believe whatever makes them happy. They believe a report (that they never really read) from the “fake news” and believe the FBI – even though the FBI has not officially said any of this – because they LIKE it!

  4. Please remember what happened to slow down the process: 1) there was the second impeachment of Don the Con, 2) Don the Con Blackmailed the GOP members to derail establishing the bipartisan Independent Commision, 3) Don the Con Blackmailed the GOP to prevent the establishment of a bipartisan Congressional Committee by insisting to place criminals like Jim Jordan on the Committee. And this is how we end up here.!!!

    1. They respond to the blackmail because the Republican Party is compromised by Russian mob money: from the state level to the national level.
      Igor Fruman just pleaded guilty to laundering Russian mob money to the Republicans.
      In the coming months, MANY Republicans will go to jail, at all levels, and the whole espionage scheme by Trump, Flynn, Stone, Pompeo, Manafort, Gates, Patten, Barrack and others is going to be exposed.

    1. @Timmy Truth Daily Reminder: Anyone adding ‘truth’ to their handle is obviously covering up the truth and deflecting.

    2. @Timmy Truth just a few things that make them the “party of right”. What do the current republicans stand for?

  5. There are cities full of empty houses all across places like Kansas, Mississippi. We have so much room for Afghans so these states, especially Kansas, should be high encouraged to open their doors. There are people in these places who would welcome them and help them settle. I am so happy that my country is settling these people here. It will not wipe off what the boomer administration did to Jews trying to escape Germany in the late 30s (see movie “Voyage of the Damned” for excellent context). That is who were then but this is how we are now. At a Federal Level, use some leverage in Kansas, the Dakotas, the South.

    1. Those empty houses are owned by people. If they’ve been seized for “back taxes” then they’re likely un-inhabitable, as in roof leaking for so long the structure is rotten, no water, no electricity, vermin and more.

    2. Getting those empty houses up to code and repaired would require far too much money and nobody is going to invest for the immigrants. I live in Kansas and rent is high even in high-crime areas. Lofty thinking but impossible.

  6. Jim Jordan those phone calls to the President are all recorded. Need some new pants ? Rico the Cheeto. Indict for Treason.

    1. They should publicly air all incriminating phone calls from January 6th. If the DOJ sold the rights to those calls, we might put a dent in our debt.

  7. As long as something becomes of it and any sitting member of congress found involved is held accountable.

  8. The Taliban rule by terrorizing the population and expecting different behavior from them is like expecting an ant colony to wear bibs when they invade your picnic.

  9. There seems to be a continual need for the US to invade and impose themselves upon countries; my hope is that Afghanistan (as Vietnam should have been) will be a cautionary tale for why we might want to rethink this going forward.

  10. IMO – not so much of “just” talking to ex-P, but the context & substance of the talk pertaining to the “coup” – so much words spinning around the Jan 6 truth speaks volumes. These GOPs are and should not be above the law and if found criminally liable needs to be lawfully dealt with.

  11. This all a good show? But if they’re really are going to be serious, I say put the death penalty on this betrayal of are government!

  12. “Military tries to avoid these kinds of difficulties……the Military draws multiple contingencies to plans”
    Yes, They do! Who was Top Brass at the Pentagon….one was Flynn’s brother either due to ideology to Trump/no scruples or nepotism or both!
    The common denominator with The Capitol Jan 6 and this overnight collapse in Afghanistan could be Trump Administration….after all their minds and actions were focused on taking the country back….waaaaay back!

  13. Coach Jim can’t seen to remember anything he has knowledge especially when young team players are involved

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