Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: July 19th | MSNBC 1

Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: July 19th | MSNBC

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  1. The USA is in deep trouble. The grass isn’t green and the dead grass needs mowing throughout the
    USA’s political system for “JUSTICE to prevail.”

    1. Massive evidence out of AZ and Georgia. Congress needs to decertify Bidens electors as the proof is there.

    2. @Logan M, that is false. Trump lost in 2020, fair and square. In fact, he lost the popular vote twice. People came out in the millions to vote him out. He was/is a disgrace. He’s a terrible sore loser and never cared about the American people that he swore to protect. Instead, he stoked racial tension, encouraged violence, botched the pandemic and didn’t care if he lied about it and hid how severe COVID was or the importance of mask wearing. Pshhh! Why continue to follow him or defend him? Let him go, let it go, and be free.

  2. It seems we still always need to raise the sentencing comparison to a young black man who will get years, and have his life destroyed, for carrying a single joint. Who’s more of a threat to society?

    1. @reality no…the segment of the population who typically vote Democrat are for defunding the police. I guess you haven’t seen that Biden just called for increased police funding and has said he is certainly NOT for defunding the police.

      Don’t confuse voters for Democrat politicians. They are not the same group and do not believe in the same things.

    2. @Jim River lower sentences for crimes that do not harm anyone else? Um…if they don’t harm anyone else then it’s not a crime. You’re brainwashed. Get off the Kool Aid!

    3. @Michael W all of sudden. Yet on the campaign trail he was for defunding the police. It’s only now that they see how’s it’s done more harm that good. All of sudden democrats are against it. Truly pathetic and two faced

    4. You’re going too far using another example. Assume the same man with the same level of offence and the same kind of defence, everything being the same but he’s a black man. Would he get the same outcome? That’s the inequality and imbalance in the way judgements are administered in America.

    5. @Mide Leyi It’s not surprising that this defendant received an 8 month sentence when the guidelines range much higher. It is no secret that courts often treat defendants of different races differently! Just one example is the case of Crystal Mason (Black woman) in Texas who was sentenced to 5 years in prison for filling out a provisional ballot, which ended up not being counted, versus Bruce Bartman (White man) in PA. who knowingly registered his deceased mother and successfully voted on her behalf. He also perjured himself by declaring that his mother was alive, but he received probation!

      Ms. Mason didn’t know that she wasn’t eligible to vote until her period of probation ended, and: “The fact that she did not know she was legally ineligible to vote was irrelevant to her prosecution,” wrote Justice Wade Birdwell on the case.
      Wasn’t the decision by Robert Mueller to not proceed legally against the Americans, who met in NY with Russian officials in 2016 to seek election help, based in part on the fact that they were ignorant of the law?

    1. @Censorship Is real I believe the meaning of that particular passage was to not take more than what was needed. Pastors don’t need millions of dollars and lavish material possessions.

    2. @Jason Thompson US military budget in 2018: 649 billions which represent 36% of the world military budget. About education and health care???

    3. @laurent deteix No disrespect, but what are you saying and what does it have to do with what I said? Take your time and go into as much detail as you want.

    1. I think he knows what he is paid to know. Anyone can play a professor on a TV show but, a Scientist should never be so full of so much BS!

    2. @Censorship Is real Clearly you haven’t you seen the recent news of the floods in Germany, Belgium etc., the devastating, record breaking fires in the Pacific Northwest, the list go on and on. According to your little world, the recent, numerous people who died did not happen? Or you just think they don’t count? Or they are just catastrophic coincidences? You are in huge denial.

    3. @Censorship Is real do you try to be this disconnected from reality or is it a family trait

    1. Badbearwatch, I’d be very, very surprised if the IRS set it, they’re an administrative arm of government, surely? I would have thought it would be the federal government, assisted by legislators to implement policy. Unless it’s different over there to over here.

    2. And if you could explain to me precisely how a millionaire or billionaire pays zero tax, I’m all ears. Give me examples of how they do it.

    3. @rapunzel eh? that would harm the poor, tax the rich like they did in the 60s, any rate pre Reagan

  3. No one has a problem with the rich people spending their money;”Just Pay their FAIR Taxes “

    1. Stefan, anything at all? Absolutely anything pre-1980s, essentially? That’s a broad spread to choose from, and a long stretch, when times were very different than today.

    2. @TheDiamond2009 ok when was tax rates the highest. There was still business and rich
      How about 70 %

    3. @TheDiamond2009 you are aware from the 50s to.70s taxe rates were 70% guess we didn’t have rich then did we

    4. Stefan, that’s a pretty broad spread, the 1950s – 1970s, and a completely different age. So here’s the fundamental question: do you think you can replicate that era of the US, in terms of taxation and economics, in 2021, given the huge shifts and dynamics?

    5. And what impact do you think a 70% tax rate would have now, if implemented today?

      Are you talking about personal or corporate taxes, incidentally, just to be clear?

  4. What will be sad about all of this is , Everyone of these people who stormed the Capital will get jail time and the one who is guilty of hundreds and hundreds of crimes like Donald Trump will probably never spend a day in jail ! SAD

    1. What’s sad is non violent protestors who were let into the Capitol for a selfie are facing more serious charges than violent Antifa and BLM rioters.

    2. @Bryan Can you actually identify who Antifa is? Where is their website? Who are their leaders?
      Antifa is anyone who is anti-fascist. You won’t see anyone wearing a dinkie button that says Antifa.

    1. Massive evidence out of AZ and Georgia. Congress needs to decertify Bidens electors as the proof is there.

    1. Years not months, is right! 8 months is not enough for being on the grounds of the capital of that day, inside the building, inside the chambers! 24 months should be the very minimum sentence for the nonviolent. Some people better end up spending their life in the slammer. People were attacked and people died.

    2. Massive evidence out of AZ and Georgia. Congress needs to decertify Bidens electors as the proof is there.

  5. Trump:”Go to the Capitol, I will be with you…” then goes the other way and watches on tv with glee as his loyal followers ruin their lives for him.
    Does anyone still see Trump as some kind of leader? If you do then you have a strange idea of what leadership is..

    1. sorry – you have that partially wrong – he had pre-ordered several buckets of chicken and HAD TO GO AND EAT THEM BEFORE THE BIRD PARTS GOT COLD!

    2. @John W. Roth because of trump, I have lost the ability to eat KFC, , but I guess I’m healthier for it.
      Wish Trump and his enablers would go away

  6. Solve problems on Earth, as a priority over space travel. It’s really that simple. That does not preclude space travel.

    1. This stunt has nothing to do with r&d. It’s all about business. Remember Besos whinning about NASA contract SpaceX got a little while ago.
      That’s why they’re doing this.

    2. One little problem – dollar for dollar space research has done more to solve problems on Earth than anything else. There are massive direct benefits, never mind so many indirect benefits it is hard to know them all. Every medical imaging system in the world has it’s roots in space. Think about the computer you are using right now – it would not exist. At best, it would probably be like an mid 1990s machine. Before the space program, no one was putting any serious effort or money into miniaturizing those beast machines – if they needed more power – they built a bigger one. NASA spent billions to find ways to make small computers because they had to. by 1977 my High school got a couple of AMAZING machines for our computer programming class – 16K Commodore PETs. Before that, we had a terminal that connected to a PDP-11 Mainframe at a local college. We got limited time and it was all text entry and print outs – no screen. But now we had REAL computers with screens right in our own school, and we could even program video games on them!

      If you wear athletic shoes – the material in the midsole that provides the cushioning (EVA) was developed for the boots of space suits.

  7. 8 Months in jail for taking part into an insurrection is a joke… Even the maximum penalty is a joke compared to Real Democratic countries where you can get up to Life in prison for an insurrection. The USA doesn’t value it’s democracy and will thus lose it in the end.

  8. Eight months?!?!? He should have gotten 80 years in Guantanamo Bay Cuba prison, 25 years should have been the minimum. Don’t drop the soap!

    1. It is interesting isn’t it? Yesterday’s release from Guantanamo spent 17 years and was never even charged with a crime. This guy gets a sentence comparable to a misdemeanor.

  9. *When Is Trump Going To Start Paying The Legal Fees Of These Guys Out Of The $2.6Billion He Took From US In 4 years?*

    1. Doncha know? Trump NEVER pays his bills. Just ask the cities where he has held his rallies. None got paid. He makes people sue him for payment, and then part of the lawsuit’s settlement is a non disclosure agreement, to not give out any information about the settlement, so everyone just gives up and signs in order to get paid even part of what he owes them. It’s his standard operating procedure.

  10. Offender claimed it was “a protest that turned into a riot”. That rationale needs to be aggressively questioned. It was planned as a riotous act that turned into an act of insurrection.

    1. Massive evidence out of AZ and Georgia. Congress needs to decertify Bidens electors as the proof is there.

  11. The leniency of the sentence is unfortunately the “judge” choice of whitewashing remarkably dangerous actions.
    It throws away a big part of deterrence and almost insure it will happen again in the future.
    This is another example of the biases of the judges despite the fact that they swear to be impartial. On that count too, there is no “accountability” for partial, biased judges. Corruption still have a big say in the broken justice system.

  12. There is this WEIRD idea that when billionaires “waste money” on going to space… That they take all that money, pour it into the rocket, and release it in space. The money stays behind here, people.

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