Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: July 23rd | MSNBC 1

Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: July 23rd | MSNBC


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  1. Its rather refreshing and almost restores my faith in Humanity – that a Republikan actually seems to care about her Community!!!

    1. Most of the anti-vaxxers I come across are liberals who don’t trust big pharma or big bother, particularly since Trump was largely responsible for the vaccine. I support their right to choose.

    1. Also…for anyone interested…I’d like a nice shrimp fettucine for dinner tomorrow night. uber eats? I would type my address but I scared of crazies. Hit me up if you wanna order me some shrimp fettucine with a calamari appetitzer. 🙂

    2. So the virus knows who’s democrat and republican ?
      You think only republicans live in these states.
      Thanks for proving its political and not science driven.

    3. Most of the anti-vaxxers I come across are liberals who don’t trust big pharma or big bother, particularly since Trump was largely responsible for the vaccine. I support their right to choose.

    4. @peremptory expression oh I see the puppet is loop. Just repeating the same thing over and over.

  2. Well, now republicans are a dying breed both figuratively and literally. The more the merrier.

    1. @raymondwise Yup, mild sniffles. VERUS the 99 percent of hospitalized unvaccinated. And all deaths UNVACCINATED. What you are doing is selfish. This is a war. Thumpy called it that. In war, you have to make sacrifices. Like the draft.

      Using Marloardo’s own words, the government should declare we are at war with COVID 19, and mandate vaccination.

      And as with the draft you can:
      1. try to run away to Canada – don’t think you’ll get in
      2. Be a conscious objector – work in the hospitals as you have no fear.
      3. Hide and not be found – perfect for us too.

    1. @Bryan When you lie, it discredits the point you’re trying to make. As of July, 86% of Dems as opposed to 47% of republicans have had a least one shot and 6% of Dems say they will decline vaccination as opposed to 47% of republicans.

    1. @Jim Jim never voting for any rotten republican ever. Vote them all out before they take you right to vote away!!

    2. @John O I reserve my right to chose how I lie and die …….i dont know what political affiliation that would place me …..all men are created equal under god and then life happened and it placed you randomly …..i dont know about you but I never selected this body or geolocation so id say call it what you want but I wont call it ANYTHING other than RANDOM ……..
      Furthermore i cant take credit for this great nation nor will I accept responsibility for its past ……all I can do is make a moral judgement and stand firm with my posistion but not solid because I could always be wrong …..lastly I will take responsibility for My life My actions. My Honor my Humility ….cause at the end of the day I’m nothing more that a wacky cognitive concoction of my OWN EXPERENCES …..

    3. @Carlos Lara I strongly disagree, based on polls of GOP faithful. Something like 60 percent insist 2020 elections were rigged, and that Tramp is the rightful president, and that the 1/06/21 riots were “peaceful and gentle souls”. Malarkey. Until those numbers change, no one should be voting Red.

    1. @Bryan in all fairness, 45 is responsible for the deaths of thousands of people because of lack of action on covid.

    2. @Bryan Do you really think another president would not have stimulated vaccine development? You also forget that the American contribution to the development was part of many more contributions like from Europe. Maybe without any american contributions there would have been some delay. The vaccin would still have been developed.
      I don’t know about you, but I expect that another president would not have lied to the American people about the danger of Covid (Woodward tapes) and would have managed the crisis a lot better. Lots of lives could have been saved.

    3. @Bryan you’re absolutely right, all those countless hours trump stayed up, making calculations, mixing up different concoctions and potions. I really hate to say it, bc I’m a dem, so I constantly lie to distort reality until I make the world one that’s easier for me to accept, but this guy’s truly a stable genius…….

  3. Can a person who has suffered this and survived, or the family of someone who died due to misinformation sue a news show or one of their opinion hosts for their hurt or loss ?

    1. They could, but the person/organisation would claim 1st Amendment rights to freedom of speech.
      That right is not absolute though. You cannot yell “Fire!” in a crowded theatre when there’s no fire without legal consequences.

    2. @dke17 I’m not sure. Fox could be sued in a class-action case. There is certainly enough evidence they can gather and there are 600 000 families that could be part of it.

    3. @David Jennions I’m sure they could but Fox has deep pockets and can afford an army of Lawyers to stonewall it. IANAL, but it’s still winnable by the plaintiffs if they’ve got the stamina for it. It’d be an ultra marathon rather than a sprint.

    4. @dke17 Sure, but it gets the issue front and centre. And, also, prevents them from saying anything that would compromise their case. Thus job done. Surely a lawyer here can draft a letter in a day. I’m in advertising – I’ll happily spread the word for free and do all the creative work. And I don’t even live in America. I have to say that, but that’s how much this concerns everybody in the world.

  4. The Red states need to go into lockdown,it’s the next logical step!.Stay safe an take care,lookout for one another!!!

  5. Yes, I lived in Arkansas, my families got our shot. But now that people are sick again. I go to the store with my mask on and people are looking at me. I don’t care I just look at them right back.

    1. Why are you wearing your mask if you’re vaccinated? Doesn’t the vaccine work? Aren’t you saved?

    2. I am vaccinated and wear a mask. As long as so many are infected and variants are blooming, i will wear it.

    3. Yes I went in to get coffee today and I was wearing my mask and it was so embarrassing because I know I’m vaccinated and don’t need it but all the workers there are wearing their masks and it just seems like the polite thing to do so even though I risked everyone thinking that I was an anti-VAX er I still wore my mask proudly. I’m glad we are both doing this!!!!!

    4. @raymondwise No we’re not 100% saved and the masks are not 100% effective however you are 100% stupid

    5. @raymondwise Yes it work very well. But there are only 30% of us in our state that got the shot So better to keeps it save than sorry

  6. Since the vaccine efficacy results were published and they were approved, the pandemic has essentially become an exercise in natural selection on an intellectual level.

  7. “My body, my choice” for encouraging people to get a shot–DURING A GLOBAL PANDEMIC STILL RAGING.
    YET, every life is precious, especially if it’s not even developed in the womb.
    WTF?!?!?!? Republicans can’t see the hypocrisy to save their own lives!!

  8. Amongst all these comments I just wanna say congrats Ari For such a milestone I’ve enjoyed your show the last 3 years and will be watching for years to come.

  9. My question to Kay Ivey: since you’re just now telling people they should get the vaccine, are you just now realizing it’s importance?

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