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Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: July 26th | MSNBC


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  1. Yes. We can all make decisions about our own health. The key is, others are making decisions about MY health. Unvaccinated, who refuse masks and refuse social distance impact my health decisions in ways they get all put out about their own. Ok for them to infect me. Not ok for me to protect them.

    1. @Censorship Is real lol… no, you readily accept the word of nonmedical politicians who hope for your death from covid, politicians I might add, who have already had their vaccination. And, yes. I would take thr word of medical scientists over trump, who encouraged us all to inject bleach, told us this was just the flu and would be over in a month. The evidence is before your eyes.

    2. @Censorship Is real covid is working on that. 99%+ of those hospitalized now are unvaccinated. Many are now begging for the vaccine which they are now unable to get until their bodies are clear of covid for a given time.
      750,000 people have now been vaccinated in one 24 hour period. Some are waking up to reality.

    3. Well said. The ignorance of anti vaxers is responsible for keeping the Can/Am border closed and both countries have by now lost billions of dollars in trade. The unvaccinated are overwhelming hospitals in certain areas again in the States, and especially in the South. The unvaccinated don’t care one bit that the health care workers have once again been put at risk to save the lives of people who are in hospitals by the ridiculous choice they made not to be vaccinated. Vaccinated people can get and transmit Covid, we just rarely die from it anymore . Nobody ever said it would stop us from getting the disease. But that’s why we wear masks, to protect others as much as ourselves. Masking and vaccines go hand in hand. Removing mask mandates too early has proven to be a mistake. There will be a large surge of virus in the fall where it will gain speed and strength. We already know the Delta variant is fast and infects many more people and does it in a hurry compared to the Alpha , way back when. The next mutation could wipe out scores of people including a few who are vaccinated if they have underlying health issues. The thought of what is going to happen to America in the fall and winter is scary indeed. I am so glad to be Canadian. We may have our faults and be thought of as country bumpkins but we are light years ahead of America in common sense and we had politicians, both Federal and Provincial, who took swift action in the beginning to contain the virus. The politicians willingly took a step back and allowed Public Health experts to dictate what was going to happen to help stop the spread of virus. Trump wanted nothing to do with Public health or the scientists. Big mistake. In my Province, 72.35% of people aged12 and older have had their first shot and 54.88% of them are fully vaccinated. We still have a ways to go but the economy is opening up to almost full capacity with restrictions on how many people can be in attendance in one place like arenas and stadiums, most are at 50% capacity now. Dancing in bars and clubs is still not allowed but oh well, people can dance outside. Rarely anyone mentions the millions of people in poor countries who are suffering horribly and how they are burning their dead in huge piles because there are so many of them. It is truly shameful. Maybe if America had to do that they would have their vision restored, maybe something would ping inside their numb brains. It is being said that this is now a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Stay safe.

  2. Australia has so many problems with the vaccine strollout. We have people screaming for Pfizer and can’t get it

    1. If only we could swap out you folks for about 30 million of our idiots – you could get your vaccines and your presence here would go a long way toward ACTUALLY Making America Great Again!

    2. Yes our rollout in Oz has been slow but we had 182 new cases today…Compare that to Americas avg of 50k

  3. Hey maybe the USA is rich in material things and money but poor in education and common sense. The USA really needs to improve the education and health system

    1. Most people are $1K away from disaster – the rich have been stealing from the middle and lower classes for 40 years. The US is the only first world country and even other countries less wealthy with no universal health care and subsidized higher ed. It was a good country for the middle classes for about 35 years. 1945 to 1980. That is not a long time to develop a decent society and it shows.

  4. You don’t want vaccine! then give it Countries that do want it. After that we can ALL sit back and continue LAUGHING at you.

    1. Once the pandemic subsides, do come for a visit. I recommend the barbecue.
      Love & Kisses from Hogtown, Florida.

    2. @g0679 what decent human would want to visit that pit of ignorance & inbreeding? Armpit of America

  5. The unvaccinated people are going to have pay the cost
    Either they are going to deal with massive hospital costs.
    Or the cost of a funeral…

  6. There’s a lot of third world countries where people can’t get vaccinated bcoz of lack.of vaccines ,whereas here in America there are vaccines available and some people are ignorant enough not to get vaccinated . Save your life and other peoples lives .

  7. Isaac Asimov stated it perfectly – there are a lot of Americans believe that democracy means their ignorance is as good as our knowledge.

  8. Make an announcement that those who refuse their vaccine, we will be sending their doses to countries that really want it. Vaccine rates will surely rise.

    1. Better yet….mandate the vaccine on airplanes, hotels, events, work places, restaurants….watch how fast these fools run to get it when they are banned from everything in society. Been saying this for a year.

    1. The only way I contact COVID is if the corporations who make up the Military Industrial Complex’s control of US Government via Mitch McConnell & the GOP infect me! Pretty much germ & chemical warfare! & Remember kids, Biden appointed a women to the United Nations. Golly is a ban on germ & chemical warfare at play all by design… ya betchaya!

    2. @Patricia Schoemaker the only way you contact covid is by not wearing a mask, hanging with the unvaccinated or remaining unvaccinated. Covid is a viral disease.

  9. We’ve seen this before. Nothing new. Vast majority of republicans r afraid of seatbelts, again, in retrospect.

    1. @Daniel Scott Those are the same people who talk about herd immunity, but apparently their idea of herd immunity is that Democrats and everyone else should risk dying to bring herd immunity and they will be fine?

    2. @Emily Xiong dont depend on republicans to fix something, the want a rich country not needing any social programs, health insurance or welfare, so they prefer the poor to die , and they have been preaching against vaccines but if they turn around now it is just because they see elections coming , its all about money , not for the best of the people but the best of the party.

  10. I know that cult leaders are often sociopaths, what’s different about our current situation is most of the followers are sociopaths.

    1. Look at what’s happening, BOTH vaccinated AND the UN vaccinated are contracting and dying from covid so, what is one to do again?

    2. @Terri Quinn Get the vaccine and wear a mask when you can’t social distance. Even if you are totally vaccinated. That’s what one should do. New variants are popping up.

    3. @Lucia Delia actually, I can’t be vaccinated right now. Sorry doctors orders not that he needed to order me not to. I don’t run to do every little thing someone with a suit, tie and mic tells me to do. I just continue to social distance, wear all my different styles of masks I wear and wash my hands a lot both soap and water and hand sanitizer often.

  11. Tell them they CAN’T have a vaccine and they will demand to have one.
    It never seems to occur to these people that all their ‘Heroes’ have been vaccinated, including Trump?

    1. you sir are a creative thinker – how much you want to bet that would work – i am pretty sure it would or better yet – let it be known that black people are surviving better because they got vaccinated- and look out the guns will be out – for getting vaccinated

  12. People who don’t get vaccinated, and don’t wear masks, are like drunk drivers. They might get home ok…or they might wipe out an entire family.

    1. @Cindy Abraham Just because You, do not understand an abstract statement doesn’t make “the statement” Stupid.

    2. @Steve Stelly those vaccinated people still live by other people, no matter how far they are. They don’t live in a vacuum.

    1. @Sue Ann Smith I hope George was being sarcastic. Do you remember the “Chatty Cathy”doll, pull the string, get a limited response. She was brighter than Donald.

    1. Or the Government could mandate that you have to wear a parachute to skydive, and they will be all gone by the end of summer.

  13. trumps one iron rule!”Logic is an enemy and truth is a menace”whare ever he goes!he spreads hate;fear; against any human;any group! a nightmare from the past!like his goose stepping heros before him!

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