Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: July 29th | MSNBC 1

Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: July 29th | MSNBC

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    1. Exactly – “politics” is relevant for a few short months every two-years, it was that moronic psychopath that kept hoping to throw is minions off with that ‘political nonsense!

    2. “How come they didn’t charge him in 2019?”

      Gee… I wonder what would have prevented the DOJ in 2019 from arresting a Trump appointee for working with a foreign government.

    3. @Twelvecarpileup; Have you been asleep, or in a coma, AG Barr was protecting the seditious, hostile administration.

  1. Rick Gates is such a disingenuous clown. Maybe if people closely associated with Trump stopped committing felonies, then the justice system would stop going after people closely associated with Trump.

    1. @Paul GodsReal Parker Did Q tell you that. He’s been right on so many occasions. Oh I’m scared. ROFL.

    2. Crooks don’t always know when they’re being crooks. For them a felony is not immoral, it’s that you were unlucky to get caught and someone else is always to blame, mostly “the system”. Gates is Immoral, he just doesn’t realize it.

  2. It ain’t the prosecutors. They want to do their job. The top of the DOJ (Barr/trump) stopped justice. It is time to restart it.

  3. “what about this, what about that” – every single time you confront someone whos been indicted/convicted , with the exception of michael cohen, whatboutism is the default. people should be trained to recognize this by now

  4. Whenever you ask a Republican about the crimes they commit, they ALWAYS divert, distract, their answer with but what about Ben Gazi, what about pizza gate, what about anything but what you asked them.

  5. Bill Barr is the one that should be investigate. He played a huge part on why many of these cases were never pursued.

    1. The OLC MEMO needs to be investigated or canceled to find the Truth. The timing of the Memo and it’s synchronized nature with the Barr-Trump link is highly suspect. It is center to the validity and the entitlement to encourage criminal behavior by a cult leader potus. If it smells it must be fishy!

  6. Turmb had allies when he was playing golf??? He looks more like a loner, playing with his balls, and cheating…

  7. He was not prosecuted in 2019 because Bill Barr was shielding him. That is obvious and it makes for a terrible argument, but what would you expect from Trumps men

    1. And why didn’t Ari push back on that? Why did he let lies and bs just sit there? I’m tired of it

  8. Lol rick gates .. “com on son !!!” Trumps mantra when u were working for him was ….”LOCK THEM UP” right …

  9. So, going after people who break the law should only happen when you want it to happen and to those you feel are deserving. Let’s ignore the pardon-fest that was the Trump admin…

  10. We have quite a few truly excellent minded women in Congress right now. I only wish that they were all as battle ready as this lovely person .

  11. The former guy along with everyone else thought he would do another 4 years…then we, as voters, pulled the rug out from under them! They are in panick mode

  12. The idea that Rick Gates gives a darn about perserving American interests rather than his own, is simply laughable.

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