Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: September 2nd | MSNBC 1

Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: September 2nd | MSNBC

Watch highlights from Thursday's The Beat with Ari Melber. The Beat airs weeknights at 6 p.m. on MSNBC.

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    1. @Joseph Fulton
      If they attempt a repeat of the first attack, then they should be met with lethal force because the second attempt is a clear intent to complete their criminal & traitorous actions.

    2. @George Bellerose your Exactly right and on 1/6 everyone that went through a busted window or door should have been shot. They got off easy on the first insurrection.

  1. They’re being given more justice than they gave those police officers who were trying to follow their oath of office or those congress persons trying to complete their constitutional duties. Narcissism tends to project a self centered view of justice and freedom…just us.

    1. America IS dealing with traitorous terrorists who are INSANE & TOTALLY CRIMINAL..
      Dialogue is proving absolutely useless. They are totally submerged in the conman Trump’s BIG LIE. No more talk….arrest, prosecute, & sentence to the FULLEST extent of the law.

    1. Sort of like those BLM and ANTIFA thugs who’ve looted and torched hundreds of millions in property damage much of which was Black owned businesses. In other more noteworthy news! What did you think about Pelosi preventing ‘the reading of the names’ of each of our 13 fallen heroes in Afghanistan? I guess we should add this latest ‘sickening act’ to Biden checking his watch as each of the caskets rolled by.

    2. MSNBC is doing their very best to ENCOURAGE another riot.
      The Left is still VERY disappointed that the body count on January 6th wasn’t in the hundreds.
      MAYBE they’ll leave the Capitol under staffed and wide open AGAIN!

    3. @SolidSteele They would definitely love to see another event that fills their narrative about Conservative White Males. Look for them to be staging events in order to deflect from their disasters.

  2. This is what happens when you elect a reality show psychopath after he loses an election by 3 million votes. America is a sad joke.

    1. @Gale Coldwell-Coldwell Banker Realty Nazis. But at least it’s only roughly half of you. I feel for you good folks..

    2. Saul.. you said it. Never could or ever will understand how that orange clown got elected.
      Argued against it,and I was called ignorant for not wanting tRump for president. Whose ignorant now??????

    3. All I can say is “thank God” for those dump trucks which showed up at 4am EST with all those ballots supporting Joe! Speaking of which? Did you see Joe the other day ‘checking his watch’ as the caskets of our fallen heroes rolled by? Guess he had a hot date huh? How about Nancy blocking a measure whereby the names of our 13 fallen heroes would be read aloud from Congress? How much is MSNBC paying you to troll for them?

    4. @greg j no bags of ballots showed up for anyone at 4 am. Those were bags of uncounted ballots put away for the night by poll workers. Get a grip on reality. And why not check your smart watch? If you’re president, any number of emergency situations can arise, that he may need to know about. Keep inventing stupid scenarios in your head. I don’t know about Pelosi prohibiting the reading of the names in the chamber. However, they did read them out loud at the ceremony honoring them.

  3. “What have you got to hide, why plead the 5th?” – Donald Trump.

    So we ask: “Mr Trump, what have you got to hide about your tax and finances? Why go to all these length to avoid releasing them if you have nothing to hide?”

    1. Do you like dwelling on Trump each day? What’s this say about your intelligence? Stop guzzling the BS and kool aid these Corporate Socialist stooges at MSNBC been shoving down your throat.

    2. @Damien Darko247 UM what? Come on Corporate Socialist Hack! Search that brain matter for some logic. Do you need a banana?

    3. @greg j Nobody likes to deal with the Orange Führer, but he kind of forces the situation by his constant appearances, rallies, lies, crimes, etc. We’ll be glad to stop as soon as he does

  4. Why isn’t Mccarthy and greene charged with threatening witnesses, tampering with witnesses, obstruction of a congressional inquiry

    1. This is obviosly not gonna stop NO ONE IS STOPPING THEM they are allowed to travel bypermufs fill stadiums with rallys unmasked NO OBE IS GOUNG TO STOP THEM. AMERICA IS DEAD. I DONT KNOW WHAT WE ARE NOW BUT ITS NOT AMERICA

    2. Because the system is flawed…. It has always been… I’m so glad that I never gave my soul, money, heart and mind to these fools.

  5. Time for law enforcement and the Democrats to get the big guns , DOJ where are you, all these top Congress men talking treason, I’m beyond despair .

    1. People are swiping their white supremacy card a lot lately. Notably the attack on black reporter covering Hurricane Ida. It was ridiculous but he swiped his card and knew he was going to jail.

    1. I think that our President should bring in the troops and have the roads blocked miles before the capital and every vehicle should be gone thru and every hotel room should be searched

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