1. You do know Ukraine used the same tactics as Putin during their election right?
      Banning news stations that ask questions.
      Putting opponents in jail.
      Not to mention being the most corrupt European country. Thats saying something when there is also Belarus and Turkey.

  1. “War is rich old men protecting their property by sending middle class and lower class young men off to die. It always has been.” – George Carlin

    1. You can really tell how badly CNN wants a war to break out.
      For news and leaders that speak about attempting deplomacy, they really dont try much do they?
      They are just escalating.

    2. Point to a poor person and 99.9% of the time I can point to specific decisions they made in their life that lead to their situation. I can also point to decisions they are currently making stopping them from getting out. The sad truth is that many people don’t have the motivation or drive to be rich.

    3. @888strummer Yup its not only the great distraction,but a way to say,Hey my Johnson is bigger than yours.
      Thankfully,we are moving into a matriarchal phase in our society….again.
      When family,community & dialog is queen.

  2. Beware of the Satan’s valued student! He does his evil job using his slaves’ hands, claiming that his own hands are clear


    1. @Iron and Zinc Putin had 125,000 troops from the get go! He never intended to just send them home. And Biden isn’t spreading propaganda nor is he the only NATO leader. The US and NATO were REQUESTED by E EUROPEAN NATO nations, the Baltics, Romania and Poland to be there for protection against Putin because they know he won’t stop at Ukraine. The US and NATO nations are aligned to support any one of them being attacked and it’s kept the peace in Europe for the last 70 years! You should be thankful for that; otherwise you’d be speaking Russian by now. Putin robs, oppresses and murders his own people! Btw, both Biden and Brandon won so that goofy slogan makes all of you look even dumber.

    2. @888strummer The original comment has nothing to do with what you are talking about, but rather the guy is wondering how did many Americans end up supporting Russia, and the answer is your nasty president who did an amazing job turning Americans against each other, and brainwashed them into thinking that all dictators around the world are nice people, while the real enemy are Americans who look different, think different, or were born in different places. I will never forget when that fu***r called the Egyptian fascist president El Sisi “my favorite dictator” F***en disgusting.

    1. @boom shakalaka that’s absurd, mate, nobody has been trying to take over the big power of Russia, but Putin has indeed been landgrabbing steadily since forever. Logic, logic everywhere.

    2. They are still hoping the carrot of no sanctions will pause Russia. The sanctions will hurt both sides Russia most, then Europe, and finally the US. If you think gasoline and natural gas prices were high get ready for the big increase.

    3. @boom shakalaka Do you really believe that stupid propaganda or are you just a troll making an income getting others killed?

    4. @boom shakalaka The US’s the national and Europe’s oil consumption has been declining for almost 20 years with the advent of BEV and fracking oil doesn’t have the influence it once had. Without that influence Russia wall have no method of coercion and go back to being the backwards state it has been through most of history.

  4. I really dont think calling them out on theyre blatant bollox is going to work. I think the dictator has already made his mind up

    1. It doesn’t necessarily have to stop him, it’s a good approach either way. If it stops him all the better, if it doesn’t it will at least make him look as bad as possible in the eyes of the world, having denied him even the slightest shred of a credible excuse to puth forth in defense of his his actions.

    2. @Paolo Curradini um im a lil confused paolo mate you do know who this guy is and more importantly not just what he can do… but what he has already done

    3. I’m from Russia. I’m not interested in politics. But when Germany attacked Russia, America helped Germany with weapons. America is always ready for war because no country in the world has ever used a nuclear weapon. America is far from Europe, but she defends the borders very far from her own country.

    4. @Louis Chen america also helped germany against Britain france and the rest of europe ford sued and was paied handsomely from having his factorys bombed in germany in ww2 and there has been at least 8 nations that have tested nukes and far more with i bet. Also france and the uk are far from america. im only talking about ww2 they eventually helped them out to. Nobody wants this brother

    5. the answer is very rough and without details. I just foresee that those countries where there is no American plunge gun will sooner or later be called terrorists

  5. lol…..how coincidental a separatist “news” crew was at the power station when it blew up! LMAO

    1. Ask Western news feeds why they started a report for an hour earlier than Boeing was shot down over Ukraine.

    2. @Green Sneakers & Ham I Am Understand . From the other end the planet is better visible. Run is not too late from Eastern Europe. For the US and NATO there comes a bad time. It will be worse than in Afghanistan. Airplanes will not be able to fly away.

    1. As soon as we declare the US the biggest terrorist on the planet, we can call everybody else anything you want.

    2. Yeah let’s call them murders they are fighting in a country that doesn’t belong to Russia . That they want to steel Ukrainian lands for Russia because they think it’s there’s. Make since

  6. Keep praying everyone 🙏 This might be the start of those times that are to come besides the pandemic, basically the rapture.

  7. Watching this, it is evident someone is overworking for a war in Europe. The irony is the aftermath when debates emerge of the lies and conspiracies that are happening now. I hope the world is watching and learning.

    1. You say now? The World have been watching and learning for a long time. Not just now. We are more than tired of the lies and, deceit.

  8. In an era of cyber attacks, drones, gps guided missiles and covert ops …… it seems a WW2 style tank invasion seems ridiculous.

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