Watch the full presser: PM Trudeau gives update on Canada's pandemic response 1

Watch the full presser: PM Trudeau gives update on Canada’s pandemic response


The prime minister briefs Canadians on the governments COVID-19 response, including CERB repayments, 2020 tax debt relief, vaccine shipments and new border restrictions.

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  1. How come that juice bag says one thing in English and then says another thing in French must think we were not bilingual. And everything he saying should’ve been done like it last year what a fool

  2. Trudeau has a new campaign slogan…… Canada will be destroyed by my doing, and the virus will take care of itself, just like the budget.

    1. From this I can guess that you know how many days are in a year but that you can’t remember that far back.

    1. Just a huge party is what I heard yaknow it’s nothing tho I’m sure they wore masks except I doubt they wear masks in heroine dens

  3. It’s against my Charter of Rights to deny me entry into my own country. Refuse! Take the fine and fight this nonsense in court.

    1. Did you not hear him clearly state that it’s against the law to stop Canadians from entering the country? What exactly would you be fighting in court?

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