1. Democrats: *impeach Trump*
    Republicans: “I think we should let the people decide.”
    Voters: *elect Biden*
    Republicans: Okay but we’re just gonna ignore that

    1. see my Playlist called soulwinning demonstration it explains how to receive eternal life with bible verses..

  2. I like how this “mundane” process would never be televised under “normal” circumstances. But because it’s Trump, we gotta show them everything.

    1. @MELPCSR Jr. The Dominion voting machines that were forensically audited in Antrim County MI were shown to have a 68% error rate. The AG and the secretary of state argued to have those facts sealed. Is that evidence to you?

    2. @joeyguarinot8 Maybe. Except that’s also nonsense. Georgia voted for Clinton in 1992, and Carter in 1984. Barry Goldwater was the historic time when they voted for a Republican president the first time, that happened in 1964. Before that they voted exclusively Democratic party presidential candidates going back to 1852.

    3. @MELPCSR Jr. Wisconsin Statute 12.13 defines election fraud as making “false statements to the municipal clerk, board of election commissioners, or any other election official whether or not under oath.” *Saying you’re indefinitely confined because of Covidis a false statement according to the Suoreme Court ruling* . That’s the definition of election fraud man. Please stop this. Ignoring the truth doesn’t make it a lie.

    4. @NotOfThisWorld567 well my common sense logic is if something has been hack , YOU MAKE A BETTER UNHACKABLE DEFENSE! 🙄 WHICH IS WHY THIS WAS THE SAFEST ELECTION PERIOD!.

    5. @NotOfThisWorld567 So since he was proven wrong by his own commission (they said there was no widespread fraud that would affect, not effect, an outcome) there is still fraud? When do you just trust everyone who has said counter to what you claim? You have to finally give up and admit that there is no such thing. Maybe if he was able to get enough right leaning people in the Supreme Court, that would help….oh wait he did. Maybe if he files lawsuits in states that have right leaning governments…oh wait he did. Maybe he should just wash rinse and repeat the process over and over and then everyone will just say here you go man

    1. @David Carter When the only other choice is Trump, Charlie Brown could have ran and won with the same results!!! People are tired of Trump and he’s more concerned with himself than everything else! Thank’s for everything Trump… Thanks for not stressing on people following CDC guidelines and downplaying Covid-19 and for all your amazing lies. YOU’RE FIRED!!!

  3. The fact that they have to show this live as if there’s a second election is evident of the times that we are in.

    1. Can someone please translate@Jack Henner for me? I don’t speak “stupid”. The votes announced that Biden is the winner. How long are you idiots going to be in denial, until 2024?

    2. @Fifer McGee yes, agreed. But the danger is far from over. 74 million Americans are willing to sacrifice peace and an entire political party to give an orange clown a throne…

    1. @Adrian The GR8 ,that will happen only if you can find Trump’s missing balls on the golf course so he can finally lock her up before packing up his junk.

    2. Yeah, she got 600K (I think more) people to become a registered voter before the elections. Considering the margins in Georgia, she was essential to Biden’s win.

    1. @Kevin Spaulding You are a man of a lot of expressions “buckle up”. You must be the type who easily convinces people of arguments. You should call up Rudy and let him know about buckling up. You are my newest crush “Buckle Up” Spaulding

    2. @Kathy Vill You better buckle up Kathy. I don’t think you are prepared for this man. This Kevin guy is a man of many words. Fear his critical thinking skills.

  4. Ms
    Abrams, thank u for everything u have done in Georgia. I am praying the run off will go in your favor. Blue BLUE ALL THE WAY.

    1. Did Joe Biden get authorization by Bernie Sanders and the socialist leftist squad before making these announcements ?

    2. @Jack Henner wow go to banned.video theres video of michigan police blocking the gop electors from going into the capital to vote for trump that is unlawful

    1. The marched in huge numbers 2 days ago, stabbed and openly beat down innocent people. A speaker at the event incited physical extinction of the president-elect.

  5. Put that “0” closer to his eyes on the picture. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🍾🍾🍾🤜🏾🤛🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    1. Yeah he’ll conveniently act like the ultimate power of voting is not in the hands of the electoral college afterall now

  6. Miss Abrams I want to personally thank you for your service and hard work in turning the state of Georgia blue ! 🙏🏾🙏🏾

    1. @Tammy Orton awesome. Whatever it is, they can take it down now. The future president doesn’t have to hide from his citizens.

    1. @Creola Waitforit I know. I was so angry that he didn’t even bother to show up to debate. Also don’t forget him and Loeffler invested in mask and vaccine companies after finding out COVID is deadly before everybody else. I don’t understand how politicians can have stock in the first place. We need to vote OSSOFF AND WARNOCK THIS YEAR.

    2. @M C bring America back to what? Paying other nations billions of our money with no return on it or letting millions of immigrants in? Thousands on their way right now, I say we put them in your town.

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