1. Mr Lamb should have answered the question about not receiving a political benefit for passing infrastructure spending with a very simple “so?”, he should have just followed by saying “I don’t care about that, the roads need fixing and the water supply needs lead removed, politics have nothing to do with that, this is practical as is all infrastructure spending.”

    1. @Joshua Sweetvale
      It’s also what economists would say, Infrastructure spending was used to drag the US out of the Great recession.

  2. Love the Matt ‘Pizza’ Gaetz story… it’s so fun to watch a pious hypocritical loud mouth get exposed for being what he projects upon others 😁

  3. It’s way past time to do infrastructure. What a middle income job creator!!! Perfect for the economy & workers!!

    1. Yes I agree I’m surprised Trump didn’t jump on that and try and take credit for doing something

    1. he should be in indicted, tried and sent to prison. His pathetic deplorable behavior should be punished and asap

  4. what is it with Americans and scandal names? Watergates, Iran gates, Sewergates and now Matt Gaetz.

  5. opps, guess who’s going to be the new *’Keeper Of The Gaetz? ~ The Warden Of The Big House’*

    bye bye Matt, remember the golden rule, do NOT bend over to pick up that soap!

  6. I remember the wistful dream of a glassy mag-lev monorail across the Everglades and down to Key West. Smooth, silent and non invasive, what a glorious panorama that would give everyone of the Gulf and the precious tropical corner of the USA.

    1. @Elaine Daprano No. Quite the opposite in fact. The main point was to get tourist traffic off Hwy 1, parts of which were death traps. It would also remind us of the Flagler Railroad, as it would follow much of its route. This plan was developed by ecologists and planner to protect the Keys Habitat from the excesses of overland vehicles.

    2. @Elaine Daprano And it would have been a beautiful slim, unbtrusive construction with tiny and protected footprint on the world below. It would be as iconic as the SF Bay Bridge or The Empire State Building. The plan died through lack of funding. Maybe Mayor Pete will revive it.

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