Watch The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell Highlights: December 2 | MSNBC 1

Watch The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell Highlights: December 2 | MSNBC


Watch The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell weeknights at 10 p.m. ET on MSNBC.

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Watch The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell Highlights: December 2 | MSNBC


    1. @John N.
      Meet me in person in San Fran and I’ll be able to serve *you* the next *serving of crow!* You think you’re the first person to say that? I’ve been told because of my inflection, I’m clearly not an American. Come to SF and get *your* fill of *crow.* My uncle lives in San Mateo…. can he come too? Can I also take you to my high school? I’m Caucasian and was born in California. My mom PA and my dad OK. Would you like crow under glass?

    2. @meetpoorfor crowinsfo Maybe if I knew the passage I would get it. Help me out here. What’s the passage? John 3:16? It’s my favorite.

    3. @John N.
      I’m thrilled to find out what you think of me! Wooooot! And I certainly understand you have no confidence that your wild guess is correct. What a pity!
      (Why *did* the chicken cross the road?)
      You dismiss me because you’re afraid you’d make a giant fool out of yourself!
      Well, yes, that’s true.. And now you see I mean what I say with my handle…..
      so you won’t….unh uh.

    1. Just be happy its Lawrence coz you could’ve gotten 4 Trumps.You know how hard it was dealing with one Trump?

  1. I wonder what keeps t’rump awake at night more: the $730 million in loans he owes next year or the lock on Ivanka’s underwear drawer that he can’t open.

  2. Lawrence is one of my favourite people on MSNBC. He slams tRump hard & once stupid Donald tried to sue Lawrence! I refused Donalds frivolous case.

  3. Has McConnell cried one tear for all the Americans who have died? Has McConnell cried just a half of a tear for all the Americans who are suffering due to his game he is playing? How does this guy keep being elected?

  4. That was a good speech. Still too late. The good Republicans denounced trumpism long ago. Rats jumping ship are still rats.

    1. @John N. I know you true believers will still adore your dear leader. I’m talking about leadership that sees the writing on the wall, trying to wash off the taint. You guys are already calling them traitors. Even FOX is commie to Trumpists now. Enjoy OANN and Pantry and Qanon.

    2. @John N. No denial then. I’m glad you agree with my points. This must be a hard time for you. Did you believe the president was going to sweep 49 or 50 states?

  5. Amazing. This proves to me that there are a ton of wonderful people who are not being seen ‘out there’. It’s hard when the creeps are so easy to see.

  6. I absolutely LOVE Katie Porter! I hope President Biden will find a place for her in our government! She’s smart, got guts and truly a beautiful soul!

  7. Lawrence O’Donnell is a great American and top notch journalist second to none. He’s beaten tRump in court as most do easily.

  8. Mitch McConnell is as narcissistic as DT. He doesn’t care about America. He cares about power and himself.

  9. mnuchin, and his boss, trump, and their cohorts, wants that money for their pockets before they leave government plain and simple! that is why he cannot answer The Lady Senator straight.

  10. We need another 200 Katie-like Representatives.
    Or we should Clone her(w/her permission), so we have more Capt Americas defending Democracy.

    1. and Mitch never cry to black guy Loiuse who died and fighting for democracy a black guy who fight
      since he was young and still hoping until he died in his deceases and old age ! so if Mitch die I don’t
      feel sorry for him !

  11. This video’s streaming graphics need to be fixed. As for #MoscowMitch, he’s the reason why the American Government is broken.

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