1. Without knowing who might run against him in a primary, I would have to agree. The difference is I do live in Ohio! Right now, he has my vote. Rob Portman doesn’t have a clue what run-of-the-mill Ohioans need. Never has, never will. Tim Ryan certainly appears to. I would be interested in hearing what people in his district think of him.

    2. @Outta Darkness Tim Ryan is, in my opinion, the real deal. I live in Columbus, not in his district, but I’ve always thought he was genuine.

    1. @Karin Simpson aka Peel Chris Matthews “retired” from MSNBC after allegations were made of inappropriate comments he made to a woman.

    2. @Karin Simpson aka Peel You took that well. I assumed that you meant Mathews, but probably I should have checked to see which Chris you were talking about.

    3. @Kermit T. Frog Yeah, I meant Chris Hayes. Mathews, now that I’m a bit more awake, I recall he disappeared quite awhile ago. I thought you were talking about Hayes, and I was thinking, “What???? I don’t believe that.” Ya gotta excuse me, I just woke up, lol…actually, it was time for Mathews to retire, imo…anyhow, nice chatting with you, Mr. Kermit! 🐸✌

  1. I think the Midwestern states need to focus on greene industry and agriculture. We can’t go back to the agroindustrial complex. Need to focus on sustainable methods…for all.

    1. …thanks for those words, the kids/students all ages are willing to begin vegetables. Rotate them with your neighbors, filter-desalinate water, heat is more intense now.

    2. Soil needs Regeneration, all-the-time. Erosion is serious.
      Please Pardon Errors Past Present Tense Typos Etcetera

    3. Be on the lookout for another bill to end factory farms, such as was introduced last year by Booker and Warren. The best thing would be to give power back to the family farms.

  2. No pass for the repubs, they got their 1.9 trillion tax cuts. It’s always tax cuts for the rich. No more

  3. Jordan should have been made to resign. How dare he deny those students their pain! Gross the only thing he has going for him is a big mouth. Obviously not when it counts!

    1. @Andrew Cass lol and Tucker Carlson, or god or whatever you idiots call him is speaking the truth? Wow, so dumb. So white.. so sad. But funny to point and laugh at. Lol

    2. Exactly. Which explains just why America will always be the most powerful nation on earth. 🤣🤣🤣 Hi Ann

    3. @Andrew Cass 🤣🤣🤣 ooooh, somebody’s triggered!!! Need a tampon to soak up those MAGAt tears? Of course, you already know where you CAN STICK IT.

  4. It’s pretty sad that on fox news, they refused to air the Lying in State of the officer who was killed in the maga riot.
    But what else is new for the channel that won’t talk about the 400,000 dead Americans from the worst global crisis in 80 years.

  5. Hey how bout a billionaire starts a factory in us gee it’s a no brainer how bout those billionaires pay an AMERICAN citizen gee is that possible?

  6. I’m working, I’m making a living, but I know a lot of people are going without and need this money to survive. Please help them

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