1. Anybody still care about the JULIAN ASSANGE AND EDWARD SNOWDEN cases? SNOWDEN is in Russia for asylum.  JULIAN is in prison in the UK. His only crime was to inform the people of what the government was doing
      and Main stream media will never even mention it. You really believe they care to inform us about the truth??

  1. Sergeant Robert justin alford green at nellis AFB and renato Santiago Nelson where is naomi petteway my granddaughter.

    1. That’s the FaceBook mission statement you borrowed. Democracy and FaceBook are incompatible. Hedge Funds and GameStop. There are “good people” on the side of truth.

    1. @David Alexander; You’ll soon find out those filthy evangelist were a large part of this, tax exemption must end for these seditious cults.

    2. @Meek Inheritor have you aske why Obama took us from 2 to 7 wars? Or did you now an Inauguration day Biden send more troops to Syria? No of course. 😃
      Corporate media will make sure you stay a sleep 😴

    3. @Maria HerreraThank you for proving my point. You have nothing to say about January 6th? Just false equivalencies or deflecting to irrelevant points. Let’s focus on the crisis before us, not the one that hasn’t even occurred or may never amount to anything.

    1. How about: Humanity first…. Honesty, Decency, Integrity and Respect.
      (Qualities sadly lacking during the last 4 years of government).

    1. Really?!? Ya think?! No offense Patricia. Said in a comical way. Love you Lawrence. Such humbled character of dignified respectful commentary about a monstrous evil traitorous disaster for America, truth, facts and our vulnerable democracy.

    2. Welcome to the one party system.
      Democrat and Republican =1 party. No one is fighting for us. They only care for their donors needs.

    3. @Maria Herrera Oh please. You’re a part of the reason why so many people vote for the losers in most races–the third party candidates.

      Your statement simply is invalid. Most democrats legitimately try to work for the nation’s improvement. _(Well, at least they try harder than the Repubs.)_ But yes, each party does have its flaws, but you have to decide who’s best for… *you.*

      Merely doing nothing all because you think that no one wants to help you will, of course, do *absolutely nothing.* Research each party, look into their values and conclude who’ll work best for you and society.

  2. There are more than 9 million Americans out of work who were employed before the pandemic struck. There was a rise in the number of people who have been out of work for six months or more. Some haven’t drawn a paycheck since mid-March 2020. But most troubling is that the paltry gains occurred as 406,000 people left the workforce. This is why the headline unemployment rate fell 0.4 points to 6.3%, not because the job market actually improved. As usual, the BLS revised its job count for the previous two months, and that was not good news. For December the tally fell from a loss of 140,000 to a loss of 227,000, and in November from a gain of 336,000 to 264,000. In addition, regular benchmark adjustments revised the nonfarm employment level for March 2020 downward by 250,000. We need COVID relief now, not next month.


    1. What freedom? Biden signed an EO (one of over 40) banning speech that connects COVID with China, it’s point of origin.

  4. The world is still watching this tragedy, I have visited America many times and love the country, this is so so sad, America’s future is in the present. G.Edinburgh

    1. the world needs to monitor us very closely because what is in the light is not easily denied or manipulated

    2. @Sister Snake True, especially since the US is always monitoring other countries. Now it’s our turn to be put into the spotlight.

    1. Except Trump wasn’t Hitler. Are you that easily controlled? Biden’s already signed over 40 Executive Orders. One dedicated to protecting China and attacking your First Amendment in the process. Not that you’ll miss it. He’s also purging the military. 🤷‍♀️😂

    2. Actually once Hitler seized power, no one had any say. Originally there was a lot of furor, as Hitler was doing anything he pleased and people were concerned and questioned it, they were quickly reminded that they voted for the man – to make Germany great again.

    1. @S McDonald the one that does not know is a fool for a day. The one that does not learn is a fool for a life time.

    1. @faith nelson Welcome to the one party system.
      Democrat and Republican =1 party. No one is fighting for us. They only care for their donors needs.

  5. President Biden and the other Democrats are working hard, trying to take care of the American people. All the Republicans are doing is trying their best to obstruct them from helping us, while focusing on getting themselves elected again.

  6. When Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the houses of Parliament in England they did not sweep it under the carpet they held those responsible accountable . Whenever violence is used it is wrong but attacking the people’s house cannot be swept under carpet as if it never happened .

  7. The GOP doesn’t deserve to be “SERVING” in Congress! They don’t even respect those floors they stand on! Why are they even there indeed! But WE know better; MONEY & POWER!

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