Watch The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell Highlights: February 8 | MSNBC 1

Watch The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell Highlights: February 8 | MSNBC


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Watch The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell Highlights: February 8 | MSNBC


    1. He’s old enough to remember him for the Eighties, I was telling people five years back this whole thing is going to be a total disaster, and he is not going to want to step down when he is supposed too.

  1. They had the idea and he validated it. He gave them the ok they needed. They thought they had his blessing.

    1. He always goes for plausible deniability but In his speech he instructs them saying fraud calls for extreme measures.

  2. Meanwhile, Republican Senators are ignoring prosecution presentations, reading and talking among themselves. This is their idea of a trial?

  3. It is related because the T rump call to Georgia goes to MOTIVE. IF this trial sways any part of the GOP public, it significantly harms Republicans to vote against conviction.


  4. The Loser waited hours before he told them to leave. Glad you never let the Loser get away with his thuggish behavior. Calling him out. Thank you Lawrence.

  5. If Trump knew about the plans to raid the Capitol Building before he gave the speech and refused to call the National Guards that is still impeachable.

  6. Republican party should convict trump. The world witnessed what he did. Not because he’s not the president now, he did it during his term.

  7. Encirclement: they may have had the idea in their minds. However after they heard their dear leader Donald J Trump. They became very excited to carry out their plan.

    1. ‘Very excited’ Tell that to the murdered Policeman, and the others who were killed, and those who were so upset they committed suicide….

    2. @Charles A Bravo for speaking up. 2 killed themselves. Why are they not doing a report about that?

      1 was murdered on site, an Officer.

      2 later died of their injuries.

      2 committed suicide because of their mental pressure.

      Hundreds injured.

      They let most of the intruders go, trying to put out the fires at hand, etc.

      Why are they not covering THAT, all of them, right?

      May they all RIP…

      The others?

      Nail them and
      Jail them!

      Every one of them.

      No apologies made.

      TX for your comment.

    3. Trump invited them to come to the Capitol on January 6th for a wild time… if there was any doubt as to what that wild time was to be – he directed them to the Capitol to stop the steal

  8. The bottom line’-If trump didn’t plan the January 6 we wouldn’t have all this chaos. Clearly shows he initiated it to stop the electoral votes.

  9. I don’t think they should bother with a trial, the evidence is clearly there, he should be placed in a prison cell right NOW….

    1. I agree with you 100%! Throw all of these thugs in prison with Trump and his family too. These fools wants a dictator ruling this country. I’m glad they are being tracked down and hopefully prosecuted. They did the crimes now it’s time to held accountable for their actions!

    1. Yes it is. But it’s complex issue still. As I see it, the internal matter will first be solved eventually in 2-3 years time. Which is not in opposition to your own comment per se.

  10. By this “LODGIC”, after the ” Germany” surrendered, May 7th,1945, the Nazi, war criminals ,couldn’t have been “TRIED” as war criminals.

    1. exactly, they were out of office, and their actions weren’t criminal in their jurisdiction at the time of those actions. Nuremburg was just Western Europe cancelling them because they were conservative.

  11. Does anyone remember these same Republicans one year ago arguing “let’s not proceed with the impeachment 9 months from election, let’s the voters decide “?
    Now the voters decided to kick Trump out, but Republicans didn’t accept the results. Now they accept the results but say let’s not impeach Trump because it’s too late?

  12. Everyone knows he is guilty of inciting this capital debacle, his sons know! His wife knows? His dumb flock knows and god knows too

  13. Inciting to punch someone in the face, inciting to believe in a stolen vote, inciting to go to the Capitol. And inciting Russia to look into the email, and inciting China to help him. Inciting disbelief in the media by accusing them to be false

  14. Why are they pretending this is a real trial when they all know republicans have NO desire to hold anyone on their side accountable.

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