Watch The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell Highlights: January 12 | MSNBC 1

Watch The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell Highlights: January 12 | MSNBC


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Watch The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell Highlights: January 12 | MSNBC


    1. Maybe – but Trump’s an increasingly toxic asset, and the Republicans are beginning to take hits from corporate donors. Mitch may be afraid of Trumps base – but he’s more afraid of losing money.

    2. McConnell is a political opportunist. He has neither principles nor scruples, and _certainly_ not loyalty – to Putin or anyone else. His only concern is maintaining power. He’s every bit as amoral as Drumpf, just smarter and less flamboyant.

  1. “There’s no doubt he is seeking a pardon,” a former GOP House member said about Giuliani. “He’s publicly groveling at the feet of Donald Trump … and licking his boots.” GOOD RIDDANCE! Hahaha

    1. I WOULDN’T doubt it…. after ALL….. when it’s ALL said and DONE….. they’re ALL COWARDS at heart !! Including the Republican LED Senate !!!

  2. Republicans are the First to have their president Impeached twice , – But most republicans want a COUP .

    1. @Ignatius Chua republicans would’nt have cared who died on that Wednesday as long it wasn’t trump the coup leader !

  3. Moscow Mitch: You really have to wait until he actually does it. They should not leave before voting to get rid of him. He now has time to pardon everybody and their uncle just because he can.

    1. @miss rayelyn You’re correct, McConnell’s only looking to 2022 with the hope of flipping the House and Senate.

    2. Don`t worry mate this is the end of them, just be patient enough and have a stomach for new pardons what coming in the next few days

  4. Trumps speech? I have a song…”Put it on the ground, spread it all around, it will help your garden GROW!!!”

  5. I don’t trust McConnell taking a stance on anything with regards to Trump. He’s flip flopped more than a struggling fish. The *_money_* is in jeopardy, that’s the only reason he’s even “leaking” this info.

    1. Trump is a “pathetic loser” … And will go down in history as such! This is an undeniable certitude!

  6. If Democrats don’t pursue charges against Republicans who acted in sedition against a legal election,
    it will be a form of collusion as Washington being the American Empire, not a government for the people.

  7. Republicans are changing minute by minute because they’re worried about their party and their political carrier.

  8. But Mitch won’t act until after the inauguration. The slime is hedging his bets. If the next coup succeeds he will switch sides in a flash.

    1. @Generalissimo Donald Trump – He’s legally an accessory to the murder of officer Sicknick. Ask your parole officer…

    2. @Lp78Ch There is an expression like this. “He got away with murder”, when the don’t really mean he got away with murder. So my use of the word is appropriate.

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